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Author has written 6 stories for Final Fantasy VII, Yu Yu Hakusho, Sailor Moon, and Lord of the Rings.

Edited: 03/06/12

Name: Marty

Age/Gender: 25/Female

Occupation: Employment seeker.

I'm a graduate of Truman State University. Major - Psychology; Minor - Justice Systems

Cons I Attend (usually): Anime STL (for info go to ) and Natsucon in STL. ( ). I always have an artist table. I go by Foxfire Art Studios.

Other Projects That Distract Me: Random original stories, sculpey figures and figurines, cross-stitch stuff, and my ongoing attempt to write a webcomic.

The Webcomic - I've had this idea prancing about in my head for about three or more years and it wasn't until I went to Mookie's panel on writing unique heroes and memorable villains that I got new inspiration for it. I got addicted to webcomics when I was in high school and I've wanted to do one of my own for just as long. I have a joke webcomic that I play with, but it's more for fun and comedy than story. Something to play with. However, this one that I'm working on has what I want. A real story line. I've been working on the ideas, creating a timeline of events for the scripts, and I've started to flesh out the characters. I plan to do scripts and layouts before I draw them, too. My drawing skills aren't the best, but I want to do this myself and I feel it's the only way I can tell this story. Besides, I don't really play well with others when it comes to collaboration. I'm a control freak when it comes to my creative work. No idea when or if this will ever get up on a site. I'm determined to have the entire plot written out before I create the comics. I also have a second story in mind to go along with it.

I may or may not eventually put more stuff here. I'm lazy that way. =D

2012 Conventions: These are the cons I will be attending this year.

- Natsucon. St. Louis, MO. - This is the only con I'm attending this year. I'll have my own table because the combined merchandise that Jacque and I create has grown beyond what a single table can hold. The dates haven't been announced yet, but they say it'll be in August again.

The question of the screenname: SolusLupa Kouken.

First off. It's a mix of Latin and Japanese. Break it up into three words and you get this:
-Solus: (Latin) Alone, only, the only.
-Lupa (Feminine form of Lupus): (Latin) Wolf
-Kouken: 1.) efficacy, effect. - 2.) guardianship, guardian. - 3.) watching with detachment. - 4.) contribution, services.
I used definition 2 with that one. Though in the end all four definitions fit me. >>;;

Technically I was going for the phrase Lone Wolf Guardian, but I found that in plain english was boring. Someday I may change it, but SLK has become part of me in a way. It's the best way to describe myself. Alone, qualities of a wolf, and protective. Sometimes I do have the 'watching with detachment' part down. I made this name before I even created the character Kouken of Aoitsuki Yurai.

Shortened Version: SoLuKo

I doubt this will ever appear. XD However, you can figure out some of my interests from the rest of my profile.

Finished Works:

~Adventures in Babysitting Chibi Demons - My first and probably only PG fic ever. It was just this cute little crazy thing I created after a high dosage of sugar and caffeine... And many jokes about turning people into chibis. Sorta a time capsule of how I used to write Shinzui all those years ago.

Stuff Under Construction:

~Aoitsuki Yurai - Sorta finished now. Ideas and story are being revamped, but it may be a while before I post it. I will explain more under the sequel.

3/6/12 - Yeah, again, haven't been able to stick to a schedule. I keep rereading and picking at chapters 11-13 because I'm blocked on 14. The past couple years have sorta been chaotic and not very good for inspiration. However, I'm getting a lot of time to myself for the next couple weeks, so I'll try to get chapters 11-13 finished and up. I'll admit part of it is fear because things are really getting dramatic in these next few chapters (and people seem to react badly to that), but that's sorta part of what this story is. It's a drama. It's a romance. It's an adventure. In a sense, it's also my therapy. While I believe I can keep it as a therapeutic tool, I need to let it evolve beyond that role. These characters have stories to tell and I want to tell them. It's great if people like it and all, but in the end, this is for me. I write for myself and my characters, who want their voices heard. Sure, I want to inspire people and entertain those who read my stories, but what writer doesn't? However, that is not WHY I write. I love writing. That's why I do it. Now I just need to stop being a jerk and let myself do what I love.

Chapter 10 of the new version is up!

~Fallen Angel - Final Fantasy 7 - It is a story of forgiveness and redemption. This is my favorite baby. The first version really sucked, but I finally get to work with a character who knows a lot of certain things, but is clueless with some very simple names... Such as nicknames. She's fun.

02/04/10 - I HAVE FINALLY COME UP WITH A REAL PLOT! WHOO! It's entirely different from before, too. Lots of original concepts rather than mooching off of what the game gave me. Sephiroth will still be coming back of course, but I'm afraid Aeris no longer gets a resurrection. I decided that bringing back one obviously dead person is enough. She'll still be around, but not physically. Since I started writing this story in 2003, I'm ignoring all the events of Advent Children and any official stories that were written as sequels to the game. There are a few small details from Advent Children that I will include, such as certain characters still being alive and the heroes wearing those dark pink ribbons in remembrance of Aeris. I've taken some liberties with the history (though the original people I insert into the game storyline are more like side notes in the margins. Sort of an "Oh yeah, that person was there." type of thing) and I'm cutting ties with my From Mercenaries to Guardans story. No more shameless self-promotion. =D I'm rewriting that story anyway. XD Technically, I've gotten to chapter 4 so far, but only two chapters are actually finished. I have a lot of scenes written down and a time line plotted out, but getting them to flow has become a challenge because my brain refuses to write in a linear fashion. I have given Rhiannon a new and a complete overhaul.

~Kuraikako - 8 chapters up, but this is now on an indefinite hiatus. I may never work on it again. For two years I used the character of Shinzui on a Yu Yu Hakusho RP forum with other RPers. We started hanging out in the RKT chat room and started RPing with our characters. The stories and memories I built with Blade, Shi, Shuu, Sporky, Flare, and everyone else who played a large role in the RPs... I have them saved and I can never have that time back. They've all moved on with their lives and I'm happy to hear that some of them have found happiness. Shinzui will never be the same character and I will never be the same. I'm not sure if I can ever write stories about her again. It was a special time and a lot of things happened. My idea and perception of who Shinzui is completely changed. If I ever do start writing her stories again. They will be revamped and different from what I originally intended. Needless to say if I ever write these stories again I will be dedicating my work and my inspiration to those I spent two years creating stories and adventures with. =D I love them all and hope good fortune and happiness bless their lives.

~~6/28/09 - Okay. I know I said indefinite hiatus for my YYH stories, but well... Shinzui won't be quiet. She wants her stories properly told. Sounds crazy, but that's how I view my characters. They sort of wander around my head and tell me their stories... And sometimes shout at me. After rereading some of the prologue stories I wrote for the soul purpose of having her stories straight... Shinzui bothering me again. The prologue stories will never be posted because they involve too much of the plot from the YYH anime and posting them would result in plagiarism because I had to use dialogue right from the series for some scenes. Besides, I don't want to share them in a non-memory format. I am currently rereading the stories and revamping the ideas. All chapters will be completely rewritten, but they will still contain the original basic plot. I'm taking some stuff out, adding some things in, and over all... I just want to improve the writing that's there. I especially want to establish a better relationship between Kurama and Shinzui. It doesn't make much sense. Neither does Hiei and Ryuka, which will give me problems, but I'll figure out why they like each other eventually. XD Needless to say, I need to lay this one to rest and these characters will not rest until their stories are told properly. Many things will change, but the basic plot will still be the same. The pairings are the same, too. I will also cut down on the clothing descriptions. I need to let go of trying to control exactly how my readers would imagine things. XD Some of the originals will undergo some minor makeovers as well. Mostly to improve and shorten descriptions so my readers can get to the friggin' story without going though paragraphs of description. =D My descriptive tendencies are the reason why I've been leaning toward comics as a new storytelling medium. -~On Hiatus until Aoitsuki Yurai is finished~

~Two Worlds Linked - Title will change when I have more inspiration. Haven't worked on this or given it a thought in a long time. I will keep it on the site, but I'm not sure if I'll work on it anymore. I've kind of lost interest. If I do get inspiration, I will be rewriting it. I don't like the original plot anymore. The things that will stick are the characters, how Legolas enters the modern world, and some of the weirdness that surrounds Robin. This one is on an indefinite hiatus for now. I've revamped a bit, but not much of an outlook on finishing this any time soon. XD I know how it begins and how it ends. That's it. Don't have much in between stuff yet. ~On Hiatus~

~Kaigen no Senshi - I have worked on this a bit. I've essentially finished the first chapter and will be revamping the prologue. I'm just borrowing the concept of Sailor Moon. It involves the universe, but it will be on a planet I created, all characters I created, etc. Mostly original save for the fact that these people are senshi. Some canon characters appear in the prologue, but they are only mentioned by name after that. So far this seems to be a story about growth. shrug it'll evolve. ~On Hiatus~

Future Workings from the Slacker:
~Forgotten Prophecy - Temp title. - Essentially this is the Final Fantasy 9 fanfic I've been working on. I have about three chapters done and the third is a whopper. I think it's about 12 or 13 pages. >>;;; I'm taking some liberties in the idea that the map is not a complete one of the globe, so I've added a continent that has been completely cut off from the others because they are self sufficient. There has been some contact between it and the other continents, but not much. A different sort of magic dwells there, but it is also a place plagued by wars and broken into regions. I haven't really written out the full plot, but it takes place about five or six years after Zidane and the team saved the planet. w00t. I've created three and a half chapters of this so far. Yeah... The title won't stay because I hate using prophecies now. XD I will use them when I need them, but I prefer to avoid them. ~Intermittent Work~

~ The Dragon and The Maiden - Temp Title - Yu Yu Hakusho Fanfic - I've written a few little snippets and scenes for this, but it's going to be Ryuka's story. Ever since I started to rewrite Aoitsuki Yurai, I've become more interested in Ryuka and I want to tell her story. This would encompass her past as well as events from the Aoitsuki Yurai saga and afterward. I might do it in parts. For example: birth, childhood, etc. I haven't decided yet, but I know that I really want this to be a story where she is the main character and she finally gets to meet her sister. There are still many possibilities for the plot of this story, but either way, it'll reveal a lot about Ryuka's past. ~When inspiration strikes me~

~ Unnamed Stories of Aoitsuki Yurai - Okay, my plan is to have five stories total in this saga:

First - Aoitsuki Yurai

Second - Kuraikako

Third - Mainly about Inu, her past, her family, and what she passed on to Shinzui.

Fourth - One last issue to be resolved and it has unwittingly been the core of the problems that keep cropping up.

Fifth - The last story will bring everything to a close. All loose ends will be tied up. There will be an epilogue.

While only two have titles, all five have plots...sorta. Working on the plots as I write the first one really helps me figure out what I want to happen in each of the stories. I've also been able to develop several of my characters. Most of the stories have gone in a completely different direction, but I like them. =D Writing a series is harder than I thought because I have to pay close attention to everything I write and make sure that in the end, everything has been resolved. So far only one thing will remain unresolved because it involves only Ryuka and it'll be the basis of her story. For now, we'll just have to see where things go. ~When inspiration strikes me~

~The Five - Lord of the Rings fanfic. Happens after the fact. Takes place in the modern world and middle earth. Namely where the elves are. There are 9, 7, and 3 rings. Then there's the one ring. An odd number has been skipped. 5. I've come up with the concept that somehow these five were lost and ended up in the modern world. The rings aren't as powerful as the others, but they are magical. They've been given to five different families and have been passed down the line. Now the most recent generation has them and they somehow meet. They learn the power of the words on the rings and get thrown into an adventure. I have some of the story written, but no distinctive chapters. Just ideas I've fiddled with. Canon characters are mentioned by name, except Legolas does show up. However I am NOT making any romantic pairings with him. I've decided that he's gotten married and has a son. I'm going to deal with canon characters as little as possible. ~On Hold~

Current Status:
I have some inspiration, but it's scattered. I've mostly been focusing on my art and school. Eventually, I will try to focus my efforts and get some work done. I've become less against fanfics lately because I realize that they are what I can actually post. I am not very keen about posting my original stuff because it's hard to protect originals when you post them online. I'm keeping everything up because that gives me an original date. Any thieves out there will have dates AFTER mine and then they are doomed. All my writings are my babies fanfiction or original. I am one protective and vicious mama. Anyone who dares to steal my writings will be subjected to much torment. I am schooled in the ways to make someone's life a living hell. These are my babies. I will protect them. Yes, I am a bit of a crazy person. =D

Updates on writings are scattered through out the stories that are involved.

Catch ya' on the flipside, mates

~Shin / SoLuKo~

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