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Author has written 4 stories for Last Exile, Gundam UC, and Bastion.

I often revisit FanFiction.Net, if only to re-read the reviews left on my stories by the other authors and visitors to the site. The stories I have here are very personal, and represent what I feel is some of the most emotionally moving writing that I've done (which isn't much, and isn't very good, so please don't set any lofty expectations for my writing). As it is with many anime fans, I always finished a series feeling a very close attachment to the characters, as if over the course of the show they had become personal friends of mine - whom I didn't want to leave. These stories were my way of "keeping in contact," so to speak - and they are also insights into the defining character traits that make my selected protagonists so unique even amongst the many copy-cat anime series that pop up every year.

I originally had posted four stories to FanFiction.Net. Of those four, I have removed one (a serial story set in UC Gundam, which was a futile attempt at becoming a "professional" fanfiction writer), uploaded a revised version of another (note in the story description), and left two as they are. Of the three remaining stories, two are set in Last Exile, and one in UC Gundam. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them. With such strong characters, the stories wrote themselves. I was simply the conduit through which that process occurred.

I've Decided: A story based off of Last Exile. "I've Decided" is at once a glimpse into Mullin Shetland's tortured past as well as a dedication to his romance with the Disith warrior Dunya. As the two grow closer and closer, Mullin finds himself troubled by past failures and his family's dysfunction. Unable to move forward, he struggles to make the final step and confess his love to her. As of December 23, 2009, I fixed the, "The End" portion of the story.

Revenge: A story based off of Last Exile, "Revenge" chronicles Alex Rowe's final moments as he strangles Maestro Delphine to death. In the process the story flashes back to events in the past, when Euris still lived, along with their bright vision of the sky. As of December 23, 2009, I've uploaded an edited version of "Revenge," that fixes the many problems I originally had with the flow of the story (problems that were due to poor choices in grammatical structure and vocabulary). Alex was my favorite character in Last Exile. In fact, this story is about why he is my favorite character. Alex is an unredeemed, unrepentant anti-hero - and that is what makes him so intriguing. Unlike most anti-heroes, Alex never eventually rises to the occasion and saves the day, or undergoes a change in moral character to become more of a stock "hero." He remains an anti-hero throughout Last Exile, to the very end. "Revenge," is truly a story about why he became an anti-hero in the first place, and why his last living moments in the show are such a brilliant culmination to his character's life.

Those beside us / Those behind us: The year is Universal Century 0079. The forces of the Federation and the Duchy of Zeon have reached stalemate. However, the frontlines are in a perpetual state of conflict. In order to preserve the integrity of the lines and to ensure that the Zeon forces do not break through, the Federation has begun to organize units comprised of tanks and customized mobile suits to give advance warning of enemy offensives. These elite observer teams have come to be known as “Shadow Teams” or “moles.” Unlike conventional forces, these teams do not adhere to strict military protocol, which often fosters a unique environment. From this climate comes many tales, often of heroism, but equally as often of grim reality. This is one such story.

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