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10 things I like:

1. My car. It's red, it's little, and it gets 38 MPG.

2. Phantom of the Opera. Erik + Christine = soulmates.

3. Music of any genre, 'cept rap, but that's not music anyways. Hey, it's no small coincidence that "rap" and "crap" rhyme!

4. Animals. I have a million of them, and wish I had a million more.

5. Hanging out with my friends. Being able to be your random self is always a good thing.

6. Writing. Even though I never have enough time for it, I love it, especially when things click, you know?

7. Reading. Just as I also listen to any type of music, I also read any time of book. The classics, trashy romances, fantasy novels, non-fiction historicals, poetry, blogs, biographies. Anything.

8. Scotland. Men. In. Kilts. Need I say more?

9. Ireland. Eire gra mo chride, you're the dear old land to me.

10. Europe in general, actually.

10 Things I Abhorr:

1. Algebra. Don't forget your alge-bra like I do. Not a good thing, let me tell you.

2. Cops. I hate the cops in my town, actually. They're, ahem, counterintuitive. (read: stupid)

3. My hair when it's dirty or in my face (FYI, three feet of hair is ALOT of hair)

4. Being broke, and not making enough per hour, and then having to give half of my measly paychecks to the bloody government. No taxation without PROPER representation! Our founding fathers are rolling in their respective graves. Alas! I shall climb off my soapbox now, though.

5. Potty training younger brothers. 'Nuff said.

6. Typos. They makke ne loik ven more stupd than I al ready am./../..

7. Getting yelled at, by the world in general. The critisim doesn't bother me-just the loud volume of their protests.

8. Being mad, and then not being able to vent my anger. My Celtic blood always gets the best (or worst, depending on how you look at it) of me.

9. Having everyone tell me that I need to slow down--apparently, I drive, talk, write, play the piano, and walk way too fast. Drat.

10. Snotty, proud, cliche-ish, boring, untalkative, or otherwise rude people. I smack them over the head. With a cricket paddle.

10 people that are currently living in my closet:

1. Jamie Fraser

2. Cadvan

3. Terry Sheridan

4. The Stranger

5. Marcus Annan

6. Captain Jack Sparrow

7. Aragorn

8. Pippin

9. Erik

10. Andre Marek

Ten is a good number, don't you think? I could think of many more, but I wouldn't want my wardrobe getting too crowded, you know.

I'm Irish, thus I'm fiesty. According to my friends, I'm a pain in the arse. Sometimes. They're probably right. Ah, well. Can't make everyone love you all the time, huh?

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