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I hate having profiles, because I hate giving away info about myself. Especially online. I'm female and a bookworm. And my stories will tell you anything else you really need to know. A story reflects the writer to the point that it is sometimes the most intimate part of them. Fanfiction also gives you a window into other writings and how you connect with them and their writers. And a story isn't great, until you feel the characters enough to becoming them. Enough to write more about them. Unless it has touched you in some way, to inspire you.

I have a great passion for music and stories, and love Broadway. And fanfiction as helped me develop me writing abilities, so that one day I will have my own novel.


Whiter Shade of Pale- Fairy tales have always been a big part of my childhood, not necessarily the Disney kind, but the Grimm kind as well. They tell you life is hard, good often wins, but not always, and everyone has shit. ABC's Once Upon a Time has given me a new obsession and a new playing field. Snow White went from one of my least favorite of the main fairy tales, to one of my favorites, in part due to the writers portrayal of a new, more complex version of the story. Snow isn't just a little girl who is too beautiful for her own safety, or whose kindness is enduring through multiple attempts on her life, she has character, good and bad. Angsty and yet optimistic. Grounded and yet, unstable. And with a villain who is just as complex. Whiter Shade of Pale is my season one summer break attempt to show off all the characters possibilities for evil and yet also good, each trying to be better then before. And the darker twists that this story provides, seems more and more plausible with each passing episode of season 2. Redemption and Mayhem abound!

Thank you ABC for Emma and Henry, new fairy tale characters to love, and for not going too Disney, and making this about lost love, curses, heart ripping, and the ultimate chess game. As well as love found, curses broken and happiness yet to be discovered.

Trifecta So I am writing a Yugioh fic now.I hadn't seen these episodes or manga pages since my brief high school obsession with anime. But I was watching a few on hulu for old times sake and I thought, this would be the perfect story to write a redemption fic about. So much good material to work with from the canon. Which mostly came from the manga, not the 4kids version that I grew up with. This came to me in a dream just as the other two stories did, and I had to flesh it out, to get it out of my system. My youngest sister is pushing me along to completion, so it might actually get done.

The Three Brothers isn't just a bar, it is where three people who could have been close friends had things been different, come together to lament what they lost, reflect on lessons learned and help each other put their broken pieces back together. Ryo, Marik and Yugi star in a post canon trip through the pasts, their uncertain presents and ultimately their futures. Other Yugioh characters ( an a few brief OC's ) will make appearances to fuel the plot and close their stories as well. Friendship fic! No YAOI! It doesn't suit any of their characters to be in relationships with each other. Nor would they be in intimate or sexual relationships with versions of themselves. Creepy!

Old, finished or lost causes...

Revenge and Redemption is about Anthony Hope from Sweeney Todd, one of the more recent musicals I have seen. I wrote this story as continuation, because I feel he is written off because of naivety, stupidity, or both. I hope (haha) to show another side to him.There might be some Johanna in it too, I feel she is disregarded for similar reasons, and people aren't sure what to do with her, as well. I am not sure exactly where I am headed with the whole story, but it isn't the destination that counts but the journey, right? Well, Sweeney Todd might disagree with me. But then Hell is hot i am sure.

To seek revenge may lead to Hell:-incomplete well this is a dream turned journey for me. As indicated by my pen name, I have a special connection to stories involving the road to redemption of some nature. So it seemed natural to write a story about one of my favorite musicals, about a character who seeks revenge to his destruction and make it about his road to redemption, Sweeney Todd style. (And no by that I don't mean throat slitting.) I started writing this after an interesting dream about the afterlife for Sweeney having seen the production recently. Of course recently now was several years ago, but this story despite the long lapses in writing, just won't die in my mind, and begs for a conclusion. To every end is a new beginning, even in Hell.

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