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Yo! I'm a new member here. And yeah... Anyway...! Here's stuff 'bout me. Not any PERSONAL stuff though!

Fav. Mangas:

~The Prince of Tennis

~Fruits Basket



~Azumanga Daioh


~Mysterious Play (Not the original one)


~And a WHOLE heck of a lot more!

MySpace: http:///fuji_and_eijis_girl
RPG Site: http:///

Fav. Animes:

~Fruits Basket (I love it. I don't know why, but that's like onw of the only things tha'll make me cry...)



~Mysterious Play (The ORIGINAL one!)

~Gundam SEED (Yay, ATHRUN! Yay, Kira! I like Athrun... sweatdrop)

~Gundam SEED Destiny (Sadly, I have not seen it except for the first episode! But it was it Japanese and no subtitles... But I was so proud of myself!)

~Ruoni Kenshin (I own the first two DVDs)

~Gundam Wing! (I own them all! Even the movie!)


And a WHOLE heck of a lot more! I wish I could see The Prince of Tennis! But it hasn't come out where I live!

Fav. Games:

~All the Final Fantasy games (I own them all, 'cept for X through XII! 'Cause I don't own a freakin' PS2!)

~Chorno Cross

~Chrono Trigger

And anyother anime games, basically!

Fav. Songs:

~'Find the Way' from "Gundam SEED"

~'White Reflection' from "Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz"

~'I Wanna' Go To a Place' from "Gundam SEED Destiny"

~'I So Wanted' from "Gundam SEED Destiny"

~'Dearest' from "Inuyasha"

~'Catch You, Catch Me' from "Card Captor Sakura"

~'Groovy' from "Card Captor Sakura

~'Life Goes On' from "Gundam SEED Destiny"

~'Pride' from "Gundam SEED Destiny"

~'Melodies of Life' from "Final Fantasy IX (9)"

~'1000 Words' from "Final Fantasy X-2 (10-2)"

And WAY TO MANY MORE to name! But they're all from animes that I like. I like a lot of songs from The Prince of Tennis, but I forgot the names... Sadly...

And here's some OBVIOUS info!

Gender: Female (Oh my gosh! I had NO idea! sarcastic)

Country: Why do you want to know? (Like I'd tell you anyway!)

Anyway... I'm bored again... I think I'll start on my first story! It's gonna be a Prince of Tennis fic! YAY! Starts singing as she runs away to go start story WHOO-HOO! Alright... I feel stupid... I just typed a WHOLE freckin' BUNCH on here, and then I checked it out in Html mode. But 'Stupid ME' I forgot to save it first before hand... And I tryed going back to the previous page, I went back succecfully, but it was all gone! bangs head against wall YOU-! STUPID-! FLIPPIN'-! IDIIIIIOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTT! Ok, I'm done... But yeah... I'm mad... I can't start my stories until my freckin' three day whichamicallit is UP! And I already have THREE, count um', THREE stories already thought up in my mind! And I REALLY need to start then! Luckly, I can start then tomorrow after school... School... I used to actually like school... When I was good at math and science... NOW I TOTALLY SUCK! Woah! I almost put 'suke' for 'suck'! Ok... Bored again... stomach growls NYAH! I'm so hungry...! And you know what ELSE sucks! My tonsils are SWOOLEN AGAIN! I had mononucleosis at the end of the year last year... And it totally sucked! I get to celebrate my birthday for a WHOLE MONTH! WHOO- HOO! Alright... NOW I'm done... NOW I'm SERIOUSLY done! I swear! See ya peoples!

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