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Grade: Eigth Grade

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Height: 5'5

Attractive? I don't think so, but I shouldn't focus on outer beauty anyway. Besides, it's not for me to judge.

Social? On the contrary, no. I prefer to be a loner unless the friends are close to me.


How good are the stories? I honestly don't know. I write them and post them when I get inspiration. I try not to abuse CAPSLOCK or the SHIFT key, but if I do then I'm sorry. Also, if the stories burn your eyes out of the sockets, I'll pay the medical bill. My apologies if they're not satisfactory.

Are you being sarchastic? No, I'm completely serious.

If you're a Sue-sporker, then why do you have some stories favorited?Because at times, I enjoy reading stories that were critisized by Avatarsues so I can see how I can make my stories better.

That's really rude, why would you say that?I don't find it rude. I just like seeing what other people do wrong.

Are there specific fandoms that are exceptions to this rule? Yes, anything Kingdom Hearts.

Why? Because the people (that I've seen) who write Kingdom Hearts stories are good. I'm not trying to say that I think I'M good, because that's not what I'm saying. I'm nothing more than an amateur trying to become better.

I'm sorry if you find anything here, the stories, my profile, etc. offending. Please pardon my absence over the last three months. Hopefully, if you are willing to accept my apology we can get along fine. Since I usually screw things up,

I'll just say sorry now.

I'm sorry for whatever I will do/ have done to offend you or your friends.

Have a nice day!

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