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Name: you can just call me mandi

Age: 19

B-day: Feb. 19

More about me: Lets see i am the oldest out of my siblings and the youngest is my baby sis who is 1 years old and my other sis is 17 and my only brother is 12. Yea I am currently in highschool and am a senior will graduate in June. Lets see i am shy and quiet until i get to know you then i am a little talkative. Yea i've been in track for three year already still improving day by day.

Anime I love



Cardcaptor Sakura


Gakuen Alice

sugar sugar rune

D.N. Angel

Shaman King

Wedding Peach

Mermaid Melody

Shugo Chara

Fav. couples

sasuke and sakura (I just love this couple)

gaara and hinata (this couple is cute and i can't help but love this)

ino and shikamaru

tenten and neji

naruto and hinata (i like this couple but not as much as gaahina)

inuyasha and kagome

sango and miroku

sakura and syaoran

Natsume and Mikan

Ruka and Hotaru

Hitomi and Van

Momoko and Yousuke

These are videos I made when i got bored or on my free time (inukag-hate that i love you) (naruto girls-homegurlz) (sasusaku-hate that i love you) (gaahina- i want to be your lady)

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The Fall by TheQuietAwakening reviews
He fell into darkness with seemingly no way out, he fell into a love that could never be. What does Draco do when he is sent to kill the one person he vowed to keep safe? AU Sixth Year Dramione - Finished!
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