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A few words regarding my "master work" are probably in order, especially since it's nearing its end as of the writing of this profile. I've been writing original fiction for the better part of two decades now, but I've also developed the habit of, upon reading a book or watching a movie whose story I find lacking, of trying to sort out how I could have done better. Nearly six years ago, I picked up a copy of KOTOR on a lark, being a flight- and sub-sim nut who had never before played an RPG. (In fact, in my mind, RPG will always mean rocket-propelled grenade, but that's beside the point.) I was impressed with the game, but thought the story too full of cliches and cheap plot devices, and set myself the challenge of improving upon it. Toward that end, I wrote the first lines of The Last Year (although it didn't have a title then) in the summer of '05, and have worked on it on and off ever since. So, why has it taken so long? Firstly, I've also been working on a couple of other projects in that time (one went nowhere, and the other is still underway as of now), and so there were several long periods in which I didn't touch The Last Year at all. Secondly, I have a maddening habit of re-writing my stories ad nauseum. In this case, I re-wrote some chapters four or five times over, then ultimately decided to completely start over from the beginning (although I did at least retain most major plot elements) and spent a solid year re-writing the entire story from front to back, only to go back yet again and re-write parts of that. So, in case anybody's been wondering, the ending of the story was actually decided upon about four years ago, and while it has been revised since then, the essential form remains the same.

And, yes, the story did also develop into something of a philosophical and political parable along the way. I'm pleasantly surprised, by the way, that nobody here has yet called me a Fascist, since I'm most certainly not one, but most people seem to have little idea of what Fascism actually is. One reviewer a while back did suggest that I'm a libertarian or a supporter of the Tea Party movement, which is probably the first time that anybody has ever done so. I've nothing against libertarians, and heartily prefer them to socialists, but I'm fairly certain that I don't qualify as one myself.

As to Deralsbanif, I've only been working on that for about five years, since in the very first draft of the story, Revan's culture didn't play nearly so large a role. It, too, has undergone more revisions than I can keep track of, to the point that there actually exists a sort of "Old Derals" from which it could be said the present form evolved, although, sadly, most of my material on this was lost, and all that remains is a general sketch of the grammar and phonology. I have to say that I'm honestly a tad surprised to see that at least a few people think Derals similar to Tolkien's elvish languages of either Quenya (for real?) or Sindarin (I can at least somewhat understand this one). While I am admittedly a fan of Tolkien, I quite deliberately worked to ensure that I wasn't copying his work, and consequently, I'm fairly certain that in neither phonology nor grammar does Deralsbanif bear anything more than a superficial and coincidental similarity to either of those languages, particularly when spoken. I do confess that Irish (a.k.a. Gaelic, a.k.a. Gaeilge) has, perhaps inevitably, influenced the sound of Derals, since it's the only language besides English that I speak with anything resembling fluency, but so have German, Old English (probably a result of watching the BBC series Merlin), and Magyar, if to a lesser degree. The grammar, on the other hand, started off vaguely similar to Japanese, but has since evolved into something completely different.

P.S. While I'm certain that I made Revan's motives for going to war with the Republic far more than amply clear, it's apparently somewhat necessary to unequivocally state that they have nothing whatsoever to do with the True Sith, and that the True Sith do not exist in my version of events. Call me mad, but the umpteenth return of the Sith in yet another form doesn't strike me as especially creative, and I thought my ideas infinitely more original and, moreover, poignant.

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