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Ahh, you've stumbled your way into dieselwriter's profile. Let her answer the questions that are on everyone's minds:

Who is dieselwriter?

Dieselwriter is not a figment of your imagination. Her actual name is Jes and she is a 26 year-old (emphasis on OLD) who has recently made the move to Kansas. She is working her way through Pharmacy School, so she basically has no experience in professional story-telling, apart from all the crap she has made up in English classes.

What does dieselwriter like to do?

Dieselwriter is a girl of many talents. She loves the television, and she loves reading (especially Harry Potter). She plays soccer and runs, and she really just likes to hang out with her friends. She does not like homework, but she works past it. She loves the Japanese language, and also enjoys reading, especially murder mysteries. She likes to help people and wants to become a great pharmacist one day.

She has no idea how writing fanfiction will help her with that. ;)

What does dieselwriter like to write?

On the whole, dieselwriter likes to write about Harry Potter, although she has been known to dabble around in other worlds. She has started writing recently for Criminal Minds, and those stories can be found under the pen name fuzzy oranges.

Specifically, dieselwriter likes to write about Ron Weasley. She is an avid Ron fan, so she likes to read, write, and breathe all that is Ron.

What does dieselwriter ship?

Ron/Hermione. Need she say more? Fine, she likes Harry/Ginny too. Actually anything with solid canonical evidence makes her a happy camper.

But her crack ship is Draco Malfoy/Giant Squid, and believes Scorpius Malfoy resembles a young Davy Jones, tentacle face and all. XD

What does dieselwriter love?

Dieselwriter loves Ron. As if you couldn't have guessed that already. The third book is currently tied with the seventh as being her favorite in the series, and she really loves chocolate. And reviews. :P

What does dieselwriter hate?

Dieselwriter truly hates Ron-bashers. Go figure. Yes, she knows Ron is great, but sometimes when compared to 'always right and perfect' Hermione and 'the leader and saviour' Harry, Ron's star seems lackluster. Dieselwriter understands his potential, however, and devotes her free writing time and her creativity to helping him shine.

Also, dieselwriter does not enjoy the Harry Potter movies. Notice the word 'hate' was left off, mainly because she still goes to see them, but she is not a fan of the writers who portray Ron in such a foul way. She loves book-Ron so much more than movie-Ron. Mind you, she does like Rupert Grint, she just hates the way the directors and writers portray him onscreen. It is very un-Ronish.

That being said, she also hates Draco for being a git, 6th-book Ginny, and the fact that all the Potter books are now finished. :(

Does dieselwriter always refer to herself in the third person?

No. I just thought it'd be fun.

Anything else?

If you see a writer by the name of akaccino leaving oddly-worded reviews, that's because she's my sister. I highly recommend you check out her stories.

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