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Hey, y'all! If you know me, chances are I've reviewed one of your stories before (and given you a complimentary piece of pie!). Well that's me, Ravenna Shadowfire at your service! -bows-

As you can no doubt see, I've been here since around the beginning of February '06. Well, I sorta lost interest in fanfiction.net (temporarily, or course!), but I decided to come back around the beginning of March.

In other words, I'm still kinda new here, so don't be too hard on me, please.

About reviewing fanfiction: I usually am not that descriptive when it comes to reviewing fanfiction, sadly (I'm not all that good with big words and the whatnot), but usually, a "normal" review from me would be something like, "I love your story! Maybe you should do -insert something here- to make it a little better. Please continue (if the story is not complete yet)! -gives you a piece of pie-" Yep, that's what most reviews are like from me, so don't expect too much.

About writing fanfiction: I love writing fanfiction as much as reviewing it. Usually, I just write whatever comes to mind. I know I only have one story written so far, but I am starting to come up with something new along the lines of chao (from the Sonic games and series). Also, I almost never quit writing stories unless they are completed. I hate the sight of unfinished fanfiction that looks like it will never be completed. It's so, menacing...-shifty eyes-

More about me: Well, let's see...I'm thirteen years old and in 7th grade. My REAL name is Shannon (not gonna say last name). My main hobbies are writing fanfiction, reading books, playing video games, playing piano,drawing, and exercising (I don't wanna get fat,y'know!). I have dark, chocolate brown, almost black hair and bright, emerald-green eyes. I am 5'7", and I weight about 110 lbs. I've been playing piano for about 8 years now, and I hope that I'll benefit from it someday. I hope that I get some of my fics actually published, though I highly doubt that would ever happen. It would be a total dream come true for me though!

My Sonic fancharacter: Well,I can't say much about her, except that her name is Ravenna Shadowfire (which is how Igot my pen name), her nickname is Raven, she's Sonic's sister (I'm not trying to diss Sonic Underground here, if you even know what I'm talking about), and she's obviously a hedgehog. I'll get her profile up soon.

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