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Life experiences tend to change us. Some experiences make us braver while some make us weary. Not to make it too personal but if you want to know a bit more about my personality, I am a mix of Shinkai Haru and Katsura Rei from Digimon Universe. I have Haru's personality as in I try to be kind to everyone but more trust issues than Rei so I'm weary of people and struggle to always see the best in them, like Haru does. That said, I am mostly now a writer for Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters as it is my favourite season now. I have regained my love for the Adventure-verse, Tri ruined it but the reboot and Kizuna brought it back. I'll put a ranking here.

1. Digimon Universe Appli Monsters - This season to me had nearly everything. Well-written and developed characters, I literally don't have a least favourite character in this season, an interesting plot and a good mix of comedy and serious stuff. It wasn't too dark but it wasn't full-on comedy. It had a good dose of both which I loved and was a very good balance. Also, Rei is the best Digimon lone wolf. I stan that.

2. Digimon Zero Two - *ducks all the tomatoes being thrown at me for daring to put 02 above 01* I do have my reasons though. I love 01 and will forever be grateful to it for introducing us all to Digimon. That said, 02 was better written and had better concepts. Whether 02 is your preferred season or not, can you deny that the BlackWargreymon arc was truly one of the best-written arcs of all of Digimon? This digimon was created for destruction and he questioned why. He had more of a heart than one would expect from a digimon. This was long before Yuujin but their arcs are so similar, not to mention that BlackWargreymon was the original and it was done brilliantly. I will agree the whole Oikawa arc was written poorly - that said, 02 didn't have set definitions of good and evil. In 01, good was good/pure/precious (the 01 chosen and their allies) and bad was horrible/devil/ruthless (the Dark Masters, Myotismon). There were no real shades of grey. People aren't pure good or pure evil, they all have shades of grey. Also, the digimon and human bonds felt a bit more natural.

3. Digimon Adventure 01 - Okay, you can't not put the reason for which we all love Digimon today in the top 5 cause that is just weird. We wouldn't know Tamers or Appmon or Savers or anything without this season. Also, the characters were incredibly well-written and Matt is one of the best written lone wolves. Joe is also one of the most real characters and even kid me knew that. Mimi was really fun and I loved how she went from the spoilt princess to someone who genuinely thought about everyone. Sora...okay, her arc was a little bland but I did like her personality - I just liked Mimi a little bit more. The digimon did not have too much personality but I did like their loyalty / friendship towards their partners. Also, Gatomon is cute.

4. Digimon Tamers - I did not appreciate this season at all as a child. It felt too dark and mature for me at the time and while I have certain issues with it, I feel it had very well-written characters and delved into some amazing psychological themes which I really enjoyed personally. I feel like Impmon and Jeri should have eventually become partners or protecting her should have become her responsibility but that's a separate rant for another time. Impmon is really my main issue with Tamers - how he was handled rather because I did enjoy the character development we got for Jeri due to it and all. I also feel like I need a rewatch if I want to move it up the rank.

5. Digimon Savers - I'm probably going to get shot by every Digimon fan because most people won't even give this season a fair chance. But a boy growing up in the digital world? Digimon genocide? Masaru staying back in the digital world to protect it. This season introduced so many new interesting concepts. Masaru and Agumon's friendship was a delight to watch and I feel like people don't give this season nearly enough credit.

6. Digimon Xros Hunters - I love being a weirdo sometimes, but despite the fact that this season was mostly light-hearted fun, I really liked it. It made me laugh and I loved the dynamic between Taiki, Tagiru and Yuu. Normally, I analyse deep reasons for liking seasons but this one was just really fun so I had to give it a proper ranking.

7. Digimon Frontier - Okay so I love Takuya. Koji and Koichi were really cool characters and Tommy had amazing character development. I liked J.P. once he stopped obsessing over Zoe. Zoe? Well, I liked her personality and her kindness but I have to say she is the weakest Digimon girl. She lost her first digimon fight and had to be saved. Okay, I know what you're thinking, so did Kari. Yeah, maybe. But Kari gave herself up because she couldn't stand Myotismon hurting everyone. Yeah, it was stupid but she was eight. Kari tried to rescue the Scubamon even when she was scared. She faced Andromon head-on. The only one Zoe challenged was Ranamon and she ended up losing anyway. I also enjoyed the whole digital world history stuff a lot and its a personal headcanon that the Frontier team were the original Chosen before Tai's team.

8. Digimon Xros Wars - I started out loving this season and it had some good stories and good writing, while it was light-hearted at least. However, the Death Generals arc at least how the beginning of it was handled - I didn't like it. It was weird because it's not like this season is bad at dark-writing (Lucemon episodes anyone?) but they just couldn't in the Death Generals arc. The tension - the feeling that everything was doomed but Taiki having this never-ending optimism just wasn't there anymore. This is why this is ranked so low.

9. Digimon Adventure Tri - Okay, so this is excluding the Stage Play but where do I start? Bad writing, bad characterisation or too many ideas meshed into one. Dark-Gennai was a good idea that was poorly executed. Meiko had potential. The 02 kids were treated horribly. Lots of things wrong with this one. Honestly...I could go on forever. Jou's arc for one, nice to see but not needed - it made Jou back-track a lot.

Okay, so now that my ranking of seasons is done, here is my Top 10 favourite characters of all the Digimon seasons. I will try to limit to 1 (at most 2) per season.

1. Rei Katsura (Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters): I love Appmon to bits but I admit the entry of this character in episode 3 is what kept me watching and episode 9 when he has a proper entry or well, lead-in to it is when I truly become hooked to the series. Every series has a loner character and Appmon is no different. But Rei is the best written one. Being forced into a parenting role at age 10, this character has serious issues but despite all this, manages to remain a good person and becomes even better once he meets Haru and the others. Favourite character ever in the entire franchise because his development is amazing.

2. Haru Shinkai (Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters): Okay, I call myself a mix of Haru and Rei, this is why. I love reading, I love rambling about my favourite characters. I am also an introvert who likes to support my friends but never sees myself as the leader or protagonist even though my friends say I am. Haru was an amazing character. Starting out not wanting to fight to becoming stronger as each episode went on, to me, he was the Usagi Tsukino of Appmon. He truly developed into the leader/protagonist.

3. Mimi Tachikawa (Digimon Adventure/02/Tri/Kizuna/reboot): Mimi is the one character that no matter how much Tri screwed up was still brilliant in whatever version you put her in. She's outspoken, sincere and in all round one of my favourite Digimon characters. She's sensitive and I can feel her fear and pain when Piedmon threatens to kill them all and the way she literally brings a whole army to help is just all-round awesome.

4. Davis Motomiya (Digimon Adventure 02/Kizuna): Picking only one character from each season makes it hard but I love Davis. He's so optimistic and always sees the best in any given situation. To be honest, I fell in love with Davis in Digimon 02, Episode 8 when he was willing to sacrifice himself to save all his friends. Man, if anyone deserves the Digimental of Friendship, it's this kid, cause that took a lot of bravery. Also, can I mention he literally gathered his courage to armour-digivolve Veemon because Kari was hurt? He did it to protect her because he realised no one else could.

5. Kari Kamiya (Digimon Adventure/02/Tri/Kizuna): Kari was my favourite from her first debut in episode 21 when I saw it. It is hard to pick only 1 or maximum 2 from each of the seasons, but I'm glad I had enough space to pick two for Adventure 02 verse because Kari is amazing. People always say she got weaker in 02 but did she? She confronted Andromon head-on, refusing to give up on trying to get through to him and was totally channeling her big brother there. I love Kari.

6. Jeri Katou (Digimon Tamers): I love how strong she was and started off, just wanting to be kind to everyone but her darker past came to the surface and how she was able to get through it. Truly, one of the strongest Digimon females in the entire Digimon franchise because of how much she went through and how she came out stronger.

7. Koji Minamoto and Koichi Kimura (Digimon Frontier): Okay, I realise this is technically cheating but I can't pick one over the other because their stories are so connected together. I love how both felt lost in their own ways, there was something that pulled Koji to the digital world and he was lost when he got there. Koichi literally died, trying to find Koji so enough said. I love their story and their bond with one another. They were the best thing that happened to Frontier. I use them and another sibling bond (from a Pakistani show) to base Dai and Yuki's bond off in Call of Destiny.

8. Keenan Crier (Digimon Data Squad): Okay, so being lazy, I didn't actually know Ikuto's Japanese last name, so I'm going to use Keenan. I love the idea of a child being brought up by a digimon and growing up in the digital world. The idea was pure genius in my opinion, especially since Ikuto definitely considered Yukidarumon as his mother so I love that.

9. Tagiru Akashi (Digimon Hunters): Okay, I love this kid and I know most hate him so I'm weird but I watched Hunters in a bad time and this kid made me smile with his never-ending optimism, drive to do almost anything and his innocence made me happy. I do think he developed because he did not mind being one-upped by Ryouma, because the universe was being hurt.

10. Taiki Kudou (Digimon Xros Wars): ...I don't like this season so it was easy enough to pick but I think Taiki is too perfect but even so, I like how he was able to reach Baalmon and Dorulumon and I did like him in the first arc, they just kind of ruined him afterwards. I don't have as much to say about him, but I suppose from Xros Wars, he is my favourite.

Okay, so now for pairings, I am going to go season-wise, in chronological order by character. I will list two pairings for each character. The normal font one will be the one I will always write in my stories. The italicised one will be a pairing I like for that character and can write maybe sometime in the future but am definitely open to reading it.

Digimon Adventure 1999 verse continuity - This includes 02 and Kizuna, maybe Tri, depending on the pairing.

Tai Kamiya -

Tai/Mimi - This is the pairing I love and will always write in my own stories. I loved their interactions in the Princess Mimi episode and he always seems to look out for her, she can just take a bit better care of herself than Sora can.

Tai/Izzy: I do not mind this male/male couple at all and prefer it to Taito. *has Wargreymon's shield up against tomatoes* Tai could lose his temper with Izzy at times but he always made up for it and they were much closer in 02.

Matt Ishida -

Matt/Sora - Admittedly, I did begin shipping this due to the fact that they got married. However, rewatching 01 made me actually see moments between them, the biggest being that Matt helped Sora through the Cave of Darkness and how he knew when she needed to cry. This is the pairing I always write in my stories.

Matt/Joe - Being older, I am much more open to male/male pairings but I don't like just going for the obvious tropes. I like this pairing mainly because I feel like Joe brings out a nicer side in Matt. Matt apologising to Joe for being a jerk was super sweet to me.

Mimi Tachikawa -

Mimi/Tai - I like their interaction together and despite my dislike of Tri, I loved Mimi arriving at Tai's house to pick him and Kari up.

Mimi/Joe - I love this pairing and am even open to writing a one-shot about it. This is the first pairing I ever shipped as a child before I even knew what couples were. So, naturally, this has a special place in my heart. I am always open to reading a good Joumi fanfic.

Sora Takenouchi -

Sora/Matt: My preferred pairing and it’s only increased since watching Kizuna but even in 01, I loved the understanding they had with one another and while they’ve only had a few moments in my rewatch, I still love them together.

Sora/Joe: Lol, Joe is a ladies man in Amy’s world, but I can’t help it. He had really nice chemistry with Sora in the Bakemon episode where she was able to give him confidence and he ended up supporting her. I can read this and even write upon request.

Joe Kido -

Joe/Momoe: Okay, this has no real evidence but I believe they went on a date in one of the Drama CDs, so I guess because it's canon, I ship it. I have a lot of respect for the Digimon writers, so I rarely ever go against canon.

Joe/Mimi: Mini-Amy has all the rights in the world and mini-Amy shipped this before knowing what the heck romance was, this will always be a favourite in my heart and I will read stories with this ship in a heart-beat.

Izzy Izumi -

Izzy/Touko (OFC): Touko is a character who isn't a DigiDestined but ends up getting involved when the fights in Fade Away come to Earth. Admittedly, I haven't developed their relationship much as of yet but she attends the same University as Kari in Japan, albeit is a more senior student.

Izzy/Tai: I'm quite fond of this pair and now this is a same sex pairing that I can see working because it is obvious the two are very close.

Davis Motomiya -

Davis/Kari: I cannot get over the fact that Davis showed courage in a situation where he was confused and lost but did so anyway because Kari was hurt. It was Flamedramon who ended up saving Kari but the fact that she was the reason for Davis's courage makes me ship this so much.

Davis/Ken: This gogglehead / loner pair however I can see as a ship. I like to think of their love as brotherly but I can easily see why people would ship this and am open to writing it and reading it as a change.

Ken Ichijouji -

Ken/Yolei: Okay, so admittedly I did not see much for them at first but there are small moments and also Yolei was the second one to forgive Ken completely. She even encouraged him that she would wait but hope he would join their team soon. Plus, they have a very similar dynamic to Davis/Ken.

Ken/Davis: Davis was the first person to reach out to Ken and you can see Ken considers Davis as someone very important to him. They are definitely best friends and do have the potential to become more.

T.K. Takaishi -

T.K. / Noriko: I rather enjoyed writing the two of them and although I have changed a lot in terms of T.K., I still find them cute together, they relate to their issues with the darkness and T.K. provides a little hope in her life.

T.K./Mimi: I actually quite like this pairing. They had a nice friendship in 01 and got along pretty well, even in 02. We didn't see much interaction with them in Tri but I just like the idea of them together.

Cody Hida -

Cody/Rosa: I read this in a story once and really liked the idea of it so this is my main pairing plus Rosa is so happy-go-lucky and they'd be cute together.

Joe/Cody: I know this pairing is weird but if you age Cody up, I really like the dynamic the two share in 02, something which makes Tri even more disappointing but oh well.

Kari Kamiya -

Kari/Davis: I've gushed a bit about this pairing above but the best thing about it? We actually see stuff from Kari's end too. When the 02 DigiDestined are tailing the Dark Spore kids and one of the parents shuts the door in Davis's face, he becomes a bit disheartened and apologises. Kari quite firmly interjects that it's not Davis's fault and she sounds so passionate about that that Gatomon has to calm her down.

Kari/Yolei: I loved their bonding in general but I love how Yolei and Kari never give up on each other. Kari stayed behind with Yolei when Hawkmon was hurt and Yolei refused to give up on Kari when she was scared of the darkness.

Yolei Inoue -

Yolei/Ken: I feel Ken needs someone similar to Davis and Yolei needs someone similar to Kari because those dynamics complement one another and I really like them to be honest. These two make a good couple, even though I put them through a lot in Call of Destiny.

Yolei/Kari: I love this pairing. I love how they support each other in the Dark Ocean and how supportive Kari is to Yolei even before they become Jogress Partners and all.

Digimon Adventure 2020 Reboot

Tai Kamiya -

Tai/Matt: As an adult whose more open to seeing same sex pairings, to me, this give me a major romantic possible vibe in the reboot, more than they ever did in the original. This may change but so far, I ship them.

Tai/Mimi: I would ship this as much as I did in the original, but I don't like Mimi as much as I loved her in the OG version. It feels like they made her weaker, but still they have some nice moments.

Matt Ishida -

Matt/Tai: I really like them in the reboot a lot. They have a lot of chemistry to be honest.

Matt/Sora: They have a lot of cute moments in this as well but I like Taito more lol.

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