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Author has written 13 stories for Digimon, Voltron: Legendary Defender, Cyberchase, and Harry Potter.

Recovering from codependency is one of the scariest and tough experiences a person goes through. Questions such as who am I? What do I like? What do I dislike? Why do I like certain things? These become important questions. Anyone who reads this is probably wondering why I keep redoing this profile. Let's just say, I've been hurt. I've been used and gaslit by people that meant the world to me. I would have died for them in a heartbeat. So my profile has become like an online journal where I can be anonymous and personal at the same time. Being independent as opposed to codependent makes you lose a lot of people, but I believe the right ones will stick. This profile today is the true me. Fearless, unafraid of what people think of my opinions.

I am a Muslim girl, 32 years of age, Divorced and very close to my faith. I've never actually disclosed these things but a special friend of mine encouraged me to be okay with disclosing my faith. However, please don't use your faith to hurt others. Please don't say you promote peace and forgiveness and hurt those who trust you. If you are from a religion that believes in God, would he really support you in abusing others? Just wanted to put that out there but let's get to less morbid topics, right? I will also only be mentioning favourite characters on the shows I've fallen in love with enough to write them, so my main fandoms as well as favourite pairings.

So, here goes nothing. I have seen quite a few different shows, however they are not all my fandoms. Here are the shows or movies I have watched or books I have read:


Harry Potter

Sailor Moon

Winx Club

Yes! Pretty Cure 5


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Voltron (VLD & Defender of the Universe)


Just Add Magic

H2O: Just Add Water

Twilight (Movies Only)

Favourite characters (Top 3):

Digimon Adventure 01-

Sora (ISFJ) - I did not appreciate her nearly enough as a child and she faded so much into the background but now I love how deep she is and how flawed she is. I love despite being the bearer of love, she had to learn to love everyone. I know that sounds weird, right? But Sora was very selfish in her love. Tai was her best friend and she loved him so she left everyone else to find him. But we see her grow and become selfless. She understands when Matt needs to leave - she sacrifices herself to save T.K. and Kari. It's not just about the familiar (Tai) anymore. It's about everyone.

Joe (ISTJ) - Another brilliant character and probably one of the most underrated characters in the series. He reacts to the digital world like a lot of us would. I know I would freak out if I was in another world because change can be complicated. But he also grew - he turned from the coward and worrywart to someone who truly began thinking of the greater good.

T.K. (INFP) - While I loved his journey, he holds a special meaning to me for another reason. I was first introduced to Digimon while I was visiting Pakistan. It was coming on Cartoon Network and my grandma had come to sit with me and instantly fell in love with the cute kid. We'd talk, laugh, have a blast watching Digimon together. Her love for T.K. was so innocent and adorable and even though she has sadly passed, T.K. will keep a thread of hope between us.

Digimon Zero Two -

Davis (ENFJ) - Probably the most underrated gogglehead, outside of Tagiru. He's brash, a bit of an idiot, has worse friendship skills than Matt at first because he has no confidence in himself but he ends up being one of the most well developed characters. People often compare him to Tai but I feel he's very similar to Matt - in the sense he doesn't feel friendship is something that's real and concrete, I feel you right now, Davis, it can be quite wishy-washy and unreliable in today's world, especially but his character development and watching him grow into an amazing leader was wonderful to watch.

Ken (INFJ) - I know he's a common favourite but his story is really well written and it was interesting to see a redemption arc so well done - it was the first redemption arc I saw because I didn't grow up on Zuko and it was written amazingly well. Going from the Digimon Emperor who we all hated to the sweet Ken who would sacrifice himself to save the digital world.

Kari (INFJ) - I've always loved Kari and while the dub of 02 did her dirty and episode 22 does not exist because it was unneeded, she's a really great character and I loved seeing her codependency on Tai and struggling to handle things without him. I always felt she was a little over clingy to Tai in 01 and it was nice to see that be addressed. It will also be a common theme in my stories as well.

Honorable mention to BlackWarGreymon! He is awesome and the first introduction to dark is not always evil.

Digimon Tamers - I will come back to this. It's been years since I've watched this season and my memory is not great.

Digimon Frontier-

Zoe (ISFJ) - I feel she's more than she's reduced to in Fanfiction. Ok, so she's not as tough as Rika or Mimi and she can be a damsel in distress sometimes but what's wrong with that? Why do all girls have to be physically tough? Zoe has a heart of gold, she can't see others in pain and she's willing to go the extra mile for all of them even when the others don't agree with her.

Koji - I will be honest. Whilst I have nothing against our goggleheads, in most seasons, I have a special fondness of the lone wolf. This season is no different and the whole twins' plotline made him even more interesting for me because of how he grew in the season. Also, honestly, thinking about it, he is a lot like my all time favourite character, Keith. I have a type, I guess. (Keith: She really does). Hush, Keith! Wait your turn. (Keith: I was just saying.). Ignore him guys, he likes to stay with me and be too honest.

Koichi - He's a really interesting character. He's like Ken but somehow more interesting because he was not controlled by anything other than his own loneliness and his story arc with Koji was written beautifully. He has a darker arc like Ken but it is interesting to see it play out and I am so happy he survived in the end.

Digimon Savers & Digimon Xros Wars/Fusion- I want to be fair and give these another rewatch soon, hopefully in 2024 if life treats me well enough.

Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters -

Haru - He is my favourite gogglehead, tied with Davis and maybe slightly above because he saved my life. He saved me from an abusive relationship and gave me the courage to fight. He is a very personal character to me because he was scared and shy just like I am but he found the courage to fight and try so I know one day, I will too.

Rei - Toxic family members are a thing, Rei. Having a similar Dad to this character (Keith: No, he's worse). Keith, he didn't abandon me as a kid. (Keith: Abandoning you would have been kinder). Oh, Keith. Ok back to Rei but I understand what it is like to have trust issues because your own family members are toxic but he still managed to remain a kind person despite all of that.

Astra - Following your dreams is hard especially when you want to make your loved ones happy. His love for his father but also for his dreams came to a beautiful medium as he managed to find a way to balance both of these and it was done in a fun way but in a way that touched my heart. And at the same time, made me laugh too!

Voltron: Legendary Defender -

Keith - Keith is my favourite character across all fandoms because like me, he had trouble making friends and a troubled childhood but came out stronger in the end. He is amazing and so complex because he struggles with social awkwardness and being rough around the edges. He has to learn to be the leader of Voltron.

Shiro - While not liking him as the leader of Voltron, I do like him as a character. Being kind when you're suffering yourself is not easy but he is an inspirational character because he continues to do good. He's like a better Iroh because he's never conquered planets or hurt anyone except when it was to survive.

Allura - Lol, I have a thing for the tragic characters, I know. But how many of you would continue to fight willingly if your entire planet and people were gone? I know I would be reluctant to find a reason to keep going. Princess Allura did not even hesitate to take that step even though she knew she may never get Altea or her family back.

Honorable mention to Hunk. He was honestly a brilliant character too and the fact that he can literally get along with anyone is a true feat. He needs to teach me that because I can't tolerate people most of the time. Also, cooking. I love cooking, granted I like cooking from different cultures but I feel like Hunk and I would really enjoy cooking together.

Avatar: The Last Airbender -

Zuko - This character is the reason I continued Avatar and the reason I love the show still. I liked Katara and Sokka but Zuko kept me interested because I wanted to see where his story would turn out and how it would progress. As an abused child myself, the character was inspiration as sometimes you can lose your path when all your relationships are toxic, but as long as even one person believes in you, you can find where you really belong.

Katara - She won me over when she challenged Pakku to the fight and fought against his way of thinking. Yes, she lost I know but it made me believe there was more to her than sweet and cuddly and bickering with her brother. She only grew better from there - being the one to give Zuko a chance first and even offering to heal his scar was amazing to me. It was nice to see a girl taking on both traditional female roles but still being so strong.

Iroh - This was hard to pick because Avatar besides Aang had some really good characters but Iroh won out because there were times we needed to be reminded of the things that are really important. The little things. A nice meal. A warm bed. A good cup of tea. People who love you unconditionally even if there's less of them. This character is an inspiration and I am honestly glad Zuko has him.

Honorable mention to Sokka, particularly the live action version of him but also the animated version. He was a good character but I loved how the live action handled him as being Katara's protector because I feel the OG show didn't do enough of that - though some moments were sweet, like I can't turn my back on you. Either way, he is a great character but the live action gave him more respect than Bryke ever did with how much they reduced him to comedy.

Least Favourite Characters:

Michael (Digimon Zero Two): I don't know. I just don't like him. He seemed almost too sugary-nice and he is the son of a Hollywood star. I know, no real reason, I just don't like him. He just rubs me the wrong way.

J.P. (Digimon Frontier): Ok, this is a character I hated a few years ago and even now, he's not one of my favourites but I don't hate him. But out of the gang, he is my least favourite, like dude, you don't look up a girl's skirt, that's just...also, the fact that everyone thought he was the one to peep on Zoe in the beach episode, I don't know.

Hideaki (Digimon Xros Hunters): He just seems like a very bad influence on Tagiru, encouraging him to steal and be greedy and stuff.

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