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First off, thank you for being interested enough in me to come see who I am. Unfortunately, I don't really think you need to know much about me but the fact that I tend to get fairly busy and don't update regularly at all. Updating regularly isn't the point of fanfiction, though. The point is that to write stories about characters who are someone else's entirely, and that is the only reason you're remotely interested in me. Not that I blame you, but clearly you would like to know more about my stories than me. With that in mind, enjoy the list of insanity:

And Death Was Framed: (Previously De'Meurta) Finally completed! This story introduces an original character, Aubrieanna, who I've been developing for well over 3 years. As anyone who reads will soon see, my writing style and character development has improved throughout the years that I've been working on this story, so I appoligize for the somewhat-sloppy first chapters. Regardless, the plot is a rather detailed non-romance set during the Marauder Era. While this story is done, tails of Aubrieanna are planned to continue in

Adopting Death: I've finally started it! This story will be a bit more funny and light hearted than its predecessor. Expect better grammer (Darn you Mrs. Fox), better defined characters, and a deeper story.

I Am Afraid of Dr. Suess: Just a Sirius-centered one-shot. I've been told that it's quite funny.

Little Things That Brighten Up My Day: To be honest, this isn't my favorite, because it is cute and fluffy and stars James, but if James and Lily fluff is your thing, read on. I thought about continuing this, but don't get your hopes up.

Some Quotes From My Zany Life:

"Who is normal? What is normal? Define normal?"
-Corinne and Me in HLA.

"Uh oh, this sounds suspiciously like learning."
-Me, in HLA again

"What would you do if your boyfriend dumped you for your brother!"
"Poison him with rat poision. Wait, no, I mean handle it like a mature and resposible adult."
-Me and my group, role playing in (you guessed it) HLA.

"Hurry up Sarah! I need a hand to get my hand because my hands are full."
-Me, in Band

"Just because I'm winning by 110 points doesn't mean you get to hit me with a hammer.
-My sister

"You cut off his head!"
"Really? where?"
-My family (It was a video game)

"That... didn't sound so good."
-Brittany and Me, about every five minutes

"Pigdog... Here Pigdog..."
-Me calling my grandma's dog.

"Don't make fun of Sarah's butt, it's all in her jeans."
-Me, making a pun (jeans/genes)

"This snow is not cool."
"Actually Sarah, it kind of is."
-Me and Sarah

"If you bite me, I will bite back you spawn of Satan."
-Me (refering to my piano teachers cat)

"I'm really hungry for a milkshake. And buffalo chicken. And waffles."
-Sarah (and she did actually eat a milkshake, buffalo chicken, and french toast for BREAKFAST)

"Yeah, well maybe you exsist."
-The Lamest Comeback EVER"

"Is whipped cream flamable?"

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