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Eh, felt like putting this here more to remind myself of what I've done. You can take a look at it, too.

December 9, 2012: I took out the intro to my profile, changed some general information, took out the Emily the Strange theme I kind of had going on, took out some points that used to be bother me about fanfiction but not anymore, and updated my fanfiction section. I feel really bad that I haven't updated my sequel in so long. There's a reason for it. I was suddenly (it did seem to come on so suddenly) plagued with severe self-esteem issues that I could not bring myself to post the rest. Although, looking at my updates, I can see that I was feeling afraid to even a year before I actually posted the first chapter. Am I feeling better now? Not sure. I don't know why I fear reviews so much, even the good ones. Maybe I'm just not meant to be a writer...

November 25, 2008: Changed status for Goth on the Planet. Looking at my last update, you can totally tell I meant to upload it last year. Lame. Anyway, it's the sixteenth anniversary of the most awesomest thing to happen to me ever. YAAAAAAAAY *arm flail* (The most awesomest thing being Aladdin going to theaters, by the way.)

September 12, 2007: Okay, I've decided to post the sequel, hopefully soon. I just have a very intense fear of rejection, that's why I'm kind of afraid to put it up. But, I've decided to seriously not care too much what people think about the story this time. There was just the one reviewer who obviously hated my story and Paulina that bothered me. I still can't understand why he cared to read it and review every single chapter. Seriously, my only reviewer to review every single chapter didn't even like it. If I can convince him to just not read the story and save me the anxiety, then I'd feel better. So, uh...I took some stuff out of my general information section and added one extra line about how college sucks. Oh, wait. I also took out a point to know beforehand. I really need to stop poisoning the well so much, you know? I'm far too critical of myself.

June 19, 2007: I don't know if I want to post the sequel to Luckiest Girl anymore. I'm kind of afraid to. Paulina isn't as bashed as she used to be, and since that was the only reason I wrote a Paulina fic in the first place, I don't know if I want to summon the courage to read reviews again. If there was a way to disable reviews altogether, I would definitely pick that option. Anyway, I think all I did was take out some quotes.

General Information

Name: Kayla

Aliases: imekitty, Empress Kitty

Gender: Female

Birthday: August 1

Interests: Writing, web surfing, reading, piano, singing, watching T.V., video games, contemplating, language learning, linguistics


I have a BA in linguistics and am currently working on getting my MA in TESOL. My foreign language is Japanese, so I hope to teach English in Japan when I get my MA.


I have a dream of being a real, published writer (not as a career, just on the side). Writing fanfiction helps me develop my skills of keeping characters in character since I'm working with characters that belong to someone else, not me.

Okay, and now for stuff about what I dislike in and about fanfiction. There's no point for a 'like' section because the two sections would just be an inverse repeat of each other.

What I dislike in and about fanfiction:

Bad Summaries: "There are no dull subjects. There are only dull writers." -H.L. Mencken I judge a story based on the summary most of the time. Not so much what the summary says, but how it says it. If it's well-written, there's a better chance that I'll read it because I know that the story will be well-written. If there's no summary, just someone saying "i suck at summaries just read," then no, I'm not going to read it.

Bad Grammar: Minor or general mistakes don't bother me. I know that many people aren't very good with grammar. As long as it's tolerable, it's okay. If it's really annoying, specifically long sections with no paragraph breaks, then no. Just no.

"No flames! Be nice! My first fic!": There's no point in you writing if you're not going to accept all kinds of reviews. I do understand that some people just write for their own enjoyment and just want to entertain others with no dream of ever developing their writing skills, but still, accept all reviews. That way, you'll know if you're actually entertaining people and if you should maybe write more. While flames are awful, you should still be willing to accept them.

"I need 10 reviews, or no update!": Don't hold your fic hostage. Honestly, I'm certainly not going to review if you say this no matter how much I want you to update. Update because you want to, not because you want recognition.

Annoying reviews: If all you want to say is "update soon," then don't say anything. It's not really helpful at all. If you want to review, say what you really feel. You don't even have to point out what you didn't like if you're not comfortable with that. You can leave those comments to people who are brave enough. Just at least point out some things you like and how it made you feel.

Flames: Reviews should be constructive. They shouldn't hurt someone's feelings. Don't say that someone is a terrible writer and that they should just quit or that you hate the plot or whatever. Comments like that are of no worth whatsoever.

"I know it's bad...": Don't say things like this. It just sounds like you want someone to say, "No, it's not bad! It's good! You are an awesome writer!" If you know it's bad, why upload it? Don't review your own story is what I'm trying to say.

Original characters with starring roles: I don't mind original characters. They are often important in certain plots. However, I don't want to read a whole story centered on one. With fanfiction, I want to read about canon characters. If you want to make up your own characters, then write your own original story. I don't care if they're the kids of canon characters or just happen to meet the canon characters in the street, I still don't want to read a whole story centered on them. They should only be created to advance the plot, and that's it. It's okay if the original character has a major role as long as a canon character has the starring role. This doesn't count for parodies, though. Parodies are different.

Writers with no clue: Seriously, there are writers that just don't know what they're doing. They put in things that don't make sense or are unbelievably out of character. A writer will do this for his favorite character because it's what he wants his character to do, and he doesn't think about what the character would actually do. A writer like this doesn't want the character to do anything wrong, he wants the character to be the misunderstood victim or whatever. He doesn't take time to realize that the character doesn't belong to him and that he can't just decide what a character does unless he can truly justify it. A writer like this may also put in events that just don't make sense with what's going on, or he'll put in too much drama.

Reviewers with no clue: I can't stand reviewers that think they know what they're talking about when they don't. They point out things that they claim don't make sense or are out of character or whatever. It's fine when it's actually true, but I often see reviews that point out things or bring up questions that only need to be thought about to understand. For the most part, a very good writer is an expert on human nature. Understand that just because things don't make sense to you doesn't mean that you are right and the writer is wrong. There is a point for a good writer when he gets "lost" in a story, when the characters start doing things on their own,when all the writer is doing is recording everything for them. In this sense, good writers will never have someone act of character or have something not make sense because they are so connected with their stories. If you are only a reviewer and not a writer, of course you will not understand this, but it is true, and it does happen, and while you think you know, you probably are the one that is wrong. Just actually think about it first if something doesn't seem right to you. If you truly just cannot come up with any way at all or any clues in the story to justify it, then mention it, but not in an insulting or belittling way.

With that said, get lost. (But know escape.)

Danny Phantom Fanfiction

Alright, I'm dedicating a whole section to Danny Phantom fanfiction. Not the show, just what fans think about it and put into their writing.

Since I'm only writing Danny Phantom fiction, I'm sure that you're probably a Danny Phantom fan. So, here's some stuff that I like about the show so that you know what to possibly expect in my fics...

Favorite Characters: Danny, Sam, Jazz, Paulina, and Ember

Favorite Pairings-To be honest, I don't have any that I actually support since I am an incredibly open-minded person. However, I do have some that I particularly like: Danny/Paulina, Danny/Star, Danny/Sam, Tucker/Valerie, Kwan/Star, Dash/Star, and Jack/Maddie

Other Pairings-These are a couple of pairings that I don't exactly like, but I don't mind them too much and will even entertain the thought of just to amuse myself: Danny/Danielle(on Danielle's side, not Danny's), Gregor/Sam(or Elliot, I don't know what is more appropriate to call him), and Danny/Jazz(on Jazz's side, not Danny's. This is what happens when I delve too much into Jazz's character...)

Favorite Episodes-Parental Bonding, My Brother's Keeper, Fanning the Flames, 13, Lucky in Love, Control Freaks, The Ultimate Enemy, Micro Management, Double Cross My Heart

Most Attractive Characters-You're wondering why I'm adding this? Just so you know how I feel about certain characters in my stories ahead of time. They are ranked in order. Females: Paulina, Jazz, Sam, Ember, Star, Desiree, Maddie, Valerie / Males: Danny, Vlad, Gregor(Elliot), Dash, Tucker, Kwan

This is a weird fandom to be part of. The whole ghost thing can be very confusing, and things happen in the show that really don't make sense or contradict things that have happened before. So, I'm including a list of what I don't like about Danny Phantom fanfiction just so you'll know what to expect in my stories or why I might decide to skip a story you've written. I'm not putting anyone down or trying to convert people to my thinking. I'm just throwing it out there. You can try to argue whatever you want, but unless you have a bloody good argument, you will not change my mind.

What I dislike in and about Danny Phantom fanfiction:

Danny is half-dead: There is a distinct difference between "being dead" and "being a ghost." Putting aside the fact that it's impossible to be half-ghost in the first place, being half-dead doesn't make any sense. To be dead means full cessation of vital functions. For them to "half stop" would simply kill him entirely. To be a ghost (in general terms) means one is separated from his body as a sort of memory of the life that was. To be dead is to lose everything, no consciousness, nothing. Obviously, there's still some consciousness in a ghost, so to say a ghost is dead is incorrect. The body of the ghost is dead, sure, but the ghost is not. To look at it from a different view, in the Danny Phantom universe, ghosts just seem to be supernatural creatures. If all of those ghosts were really dead, meaning their organs and all other functions have been stopped, there's no way they could get physically hurt, age, or reproduce. Since Danny's ghost side breathes, gets hurt, and ages as shown in TUE, then that means that it is not dead. There are no signs at all that show that Danny is "half-dead" in any way, only signs that show he is "all alive."

Sam is nicer than Paulina: This is so not true. Sam is actually pretty mean. While it's true she only seeks revenge or makes nasty retorts when provoked, she is far more intense, often putting things down simply because it's popular. When Danny's pants dropped in front of Paulina, Paulina was actually pretty good-natured about it. She didn't criticize or make fun of Danny. She actually made light of the situation. Sam was the first to throw an insult, and it's only natural that Paulina would want to get her back, just as Sam likes her revenge. (Sam did apologize to Paulina for calling her shallow, but it was only the second episode, and so the writers were probably still developing her personality because it almost seems out of place.) I'm not saying Paulina is nicer than Sam; I'm just saying they're pretty even. They're a foil, opposites in almost every way. Sam is not just a helpless victim of Paulina nor is Paulina some cold-hearted witch. Paulina may be stuck-up and think that she's better than everyone, but guess what? Sam is exactly the same. She feels she has to press her views on everyone because she thinks she's right, she hates everything that everyone else loves simply because she feels that whatever everyone likes must not be any good, because she thinks her taste is best. I would actually prefer to be friends with Paulina because of her charming, bubbly personality and love for life. I couldn't stand being around Sam for very long.

Danny and Sam are meant for each other: I think Danny and Sam would get into a lot of stupid fights if they were ever married. It's true that opposites attract, but in a case like this, they're just too opposite. Sam would get mad at Danny every time he even mentions liking something popular, and Danny would get irritated with Sam always trying to change his views. Just because they're best friends and the two main characters on the show doesn't automatically mean that they're a match made in heaven. They have different needs, and they don't compliment each other enough to fulfill those needs of the other. They could probably date and have a good time, but spending the rest of their lives together? Probably not. Danny/Valerie and Danny/Paulina are, honestly, more probable to survive.

"Your wall now perishing": This appears to be a pretty popular misinterpretation of a line in Ember's song that often appears in fanfiction, and so it bothers me. Come on, people, what does this even mean? Use common sense! Yeah, it sounds like that if you listen to it with that line in mind. That's why misheard lyrics go so far. I don't know what it is exactly. It could be "you're wrong, now there's a shame" or "you're wrong, now bear the shame," but it's definitely not "your wall now perishing." I love mondegreens, though, don't get me wrong.

The name "Dani" (or "Danni"): The name itself doesn't bother me, but to call Danielle this doesn't work in fanfiction. It gets really confusing, especially if you want to read it out loud or have someone read it out loud to you. I don't know what she'll be called in future episodes, and if she is called "Dani," I'll have to take this down, but until then, this makes it easier for readers. It's a rule of writing to never have two characters with the same or even similar names unless it somehow serves the plot. In this case, no, the names being the same doesn't serve the plot.

The name "Thurston": Sam's dad is named "Jeremy." Says so in the credits. Yes, there is an episode where Jack calls him "Thurston," but as many people have pointed out, this could be a reference to the wealthy character on "Gilligan's Island." Dash gives Danny nicknames all the time, but we all know they're not his real name, right? (Well, "Danny" isn't his real name either...)

Danny's, Danielle's and Vlad's body temperatures are lower than normal: I suppose this is plausible, but I've seen some stories where their body temperatures are ridiculously low. I mean, wow, they would never be able to get cleared by doctors when they have check-ups, and for that matter, they wouldn't be able to be intimate with, well, anyone except maybe other ghosts. Not only that, but they'd be dead anyway. Yeah, they're half-ghost, but they still need warmth to keep their human sides healthy. The lowest body temperature I can tolerate is 95 degrees Fahrenheit (35 degrees Celsius), but even that is pushing it. I remember a story that stated their body temperatures were 60 degrees F. The human body, in general, pretty much shuts down and, well, dies after 86 degrees F. Even a body at 95 degrees (and as high as 96.8) suffers from constant shivering, numb hands, and constricting blood vessels, but I'm willing to tolerate that temperature for the half-ghosts if you insist on having their body temperatures be lower than normal (though I'd go with 97 degrees).

My Fanfiction

Meow. These are my fanfics. Yup. They're all Danny Phantom stories.

Most of my stories are character plots simply because they are what I am best at. Human nature and thinking greatly interests me, so I get into that a lot. You should most definitely have an open mind when reading any of my stories.

My stories deal with realism. I'm not tied to the show. I am aware that characters do things in my story that would never, ever happen in the show. That does not mean I'm making things out of character. The show is for kids, after all. The characters in the show often act just to be funny. So, I base character actions on real human emotions, not cartoon ones.

About reviews, I must be honest. I dread reviews. I hate reviews. Seeing that I have a new review gives me a sickening feeling. I do realize that reviews are good so that I know that I'm doing okay, but I will never ask for reviews. I don't care if you review. You do not ever have to review any of my stories if you happen to read one. I'm not too worried about how well my fanfics do because I don't expect anyone here to like them. (With Danny Phantom fans, what can I expect?) I'm not telling you not to review; I'm just saying that I won't be sad if you don't.

Muses? No, I work alone.

Complete: Driving-Danny has just gotten his permit, so Maddie takes him out to drive. One-shot.

Complete: Celestial Soda Pop-Danielle comes back and wants to spend an afternoon with Danny. One-shot. Inspired by the New Age music from Ray Lynch.

Complete: The Luckiest Girl in the World-To learn more about the ghost boy, Paulina makes a wish one night to switch places with Sam. A well-meaning ghost decides to grant her that wish...

In progress: Goth on the Planet-Sam wants to find out what happened between her and Paulina. By twisting her words around, Delphine gets Sam to wish to switch places with Paulina. (Sequel to Luckiest Girl) (STATUS: 1 chapter uploaded, 11 chapters completed approx. 25 chapters total)

Upcoming: Sam in Wonderland-Sam wakes up in a world of darkness, and the only way she can escape is if she kills whoever is responsible for her being there. (STATUS: 0 chapters uploaded, 2 chapters completed, approx. ? chapters total)

Upcoming: Sam the Strange-One odd, dark night, Sam meets a girl a lot like herself named Emily. One-shot. (I kind of think Sam and Emily Strange would get along somewhat. I mean, Emily is much more reserved, eerier,and not quite as hypocritical as Sam, but I still think they'd have a lot in common. And, yes, I'm aware that that last sentence wasn't very parallel.)

Upcoming: I Dream of Danny-AU Sam finds a thermos and releases a half-ghost named Danny. Grateful to her for setting him free, he decides to stay with her, much to Sam's annoyance. (Originally, Sam was the "genie," but I couldn't get the ghost elements to work as well. You can't really have Danny Phantom fanfiction without ghosts!)

Upcoming: Do I Know You?-After a ghost fight, Danny gets a serious concussion and develops prosopagnosia, a disorder where the ability to recognize faces is impaired. (I'll have to think of a better summary.)

Upcoming: The Oh of Pleasure-When Sam leaves Danny, he can't take his mind off of her.When it appears that she will never return, he realizes how much he needs her. One-shot. Inspired by the New Age music from Ray Lynch. (STATUS: 0 words uploaded, approx. 4450 words completed, approx. 7000 words total)

Upcoming: Falling in the Garden-Sam is horribly ill. She hears voices that tempt her, telling her to just collapse. One-shot. Inspired by the New Age music from Ray Lynch.

Upcoming: Your Feeling Shoulders-One night, in a childrens' park, Danny Phantom appears to Paulina and makes a confession. One-shot. Inspired by the New Age music from Ray Lynch.

Upcoming: Rhythm in the Pews-Sam convinces Danny to take ballroom dancing lessons with her. They find a quiet place where they can practice alone. One-shot. Inspired by the New Age music from Ray Lynch.

Upcoming: A Song (Played on a Solo Saxophone)-Danny writes a song for the girl that he's in love with. How will Sam feel about this? One-shot. Inspired by the New Age music from Ray Lynch. (Originally Kathleen's Song)

Upcoming: Pastorale-Jazz isn't feeling well. Her little brother tries to cheer her up. One-shot. Inspired by the New Age music from Ray Lynch. (STATUS: 0 words uploaded, approx. 2000 words completed, approx. 3500 words total)

Upcoming: Tiny Geometries-Skulker chases Danny until the half-ghost finally collapses in Vlad's arms. What happens to him after that? One-shot. Inspired by the New Age music from Ray Lynch.

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