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Author has written 10 stories for Danny Phantom.

For checking out my profile, I thank you. :) And do message me if you like what I have written! I love to chat with people about writing or Danny Phantom, and so many wonderful reviewers and authors here have inspired many of the great ideas that I have featured in my fics. You are all my muses!

General Information

First, yes, the picture you see here is indeed me...looking all ghostly...'cause I'm a Phantom.

Name: Kayla (Feel free to call me this. I love my name!)

Aliases: imekitty, Empress Kitty (if you ever see these usernames elsewhere, they are almost always me!)

I have a BA in Linguistics, an MA in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), and work primarily as an ESL writing teacher. I enjoy teaching the art of academic writing to my students, but my true love is creative writing. I of course have many original works of fiction (one being a novel to be published soon, finally!), but fanfiction has always been fun for me since I am quite the geek with many fandoms.

What I am doing with Danny Phantom fanfiction now:

I'm setting out to be the most prolific Danny/Paulina writer ever. :b Although I probably have already achieved that, let's be real...

I have started the rewrite of "Luckiest Girl." I have about a thousand words so far. Nothing, I know.

I am currently uploading a series of one-shots called "Undressed." Since this isn't a very heavy/complicated idea, I don't feel the need to write out all the scenarios far in advance like I do with my other fanfiction. As people vote for different scenarios, I write them.

I am continuing my one-shot "Disparaged," but I don't know how good it will be since I'm writing it somewhat blindly. :b I have a vague idea for the climax and ending, so at least that's something. I think I might be meandering a little, though. Meh.

I am currently uploading a fic narrated by Maddie called "The End of Danny." This is actually what "Disparaged" was written to be part of. It is focused on Danny's dark transition to becoming his ultimate enemy and Maddie's obsession with his ghost half.

I am currently uploading a short Danny/Paulina fic titled "Shadow Dancing."

I have finished another Danny/Paulina fic that is rated M. I'll upload the non-explicit part of it sometime after I finish uploading "Shadow Dancing."

I have finished a Jack/Maddie fic. I'll upload it on their anniversary (which is also my own parents' anniversary, haha). Wait, except I'm going to be in DIDNEY WORL that day. Argh.

My Danny Phantom headcanon:

Like any writer, I've created a world for my fanfiction that abides by specific rules that are not necessarily canon but are based on observations I've made and theories I've developed. You'll see these rules inform all of my fanfiction in some way.

Danny's ghostly obsession: He might be only half ghost, but he too has a ghostly obsession that is stronger when he is transformed but sometimes affects him in human form. He is obsessed with eliminating his pain, especially emotional but also physical. (I explore this specifically in "The End of Danny," but traces of it can be seen in other fics like "Disparaged" or even the Spectra chapter of "Undressed.")

Vlad's ghostly obsession: Vlad is obsessed with obtaining the perfect life, the perfect status, the perfect family, the perfect wife, and to have his greatness recognized, especially by Maddie. (I also explore this in "The End of Danny.")

No perspiration in ghost form: Danny (and Vlad and other ghosts) does not sweat when transformed. His internal temperature is also very cold in ghost form.

Generally normal vitals when human: Danny (and Vlad) has mostly normal vitals when human. A few abnormalities and traces of ectoplasm in his blood which is why Danny avoids seeing a doctor, but not enough to cause too much alarm.

Half-ghost does not equal half-dead: Danny (and Vlad) is half-ghost, but he is not in any way dead. Being a ghost is distinctly different from being dead. Danny still has working organs and physiological systems even when transformed. He can still be killed. When he does die, he won't become "full" ghost but will pass on to whatever existence is beyond the ghost realm like any other human (and ghost who is killed).

Ectoplasmic blasts induce nausea: Being directly hit with an ectoplasmic blast results in debilitating nausea and increased temperature. Effects are more or less the same for humans and ghosts, but humans are more likely to be killed or seriously injured.

Clockwork does not know if God is real or not: Clockwork has omnipotence only regarding the Ghost Zone and its inhabitants. He does not know if there is an afterlife beyond the Ghost Zone, does not know if there is a final resting place for the souls of humans or ghosts who have been killed or have finally overcome their obsessions allowing them to move on.

Danny is Maddie's favorite: Maddie loves both of her children dearly, but Danny is secretly her favorite.

About my fanfiction:

I only write Danny Phantom fics. I just think it lends itself the best to fanfiction out of all of my fandoms. The characters are so much fun to work with, and there is so much that the show never had a chance to get into because it was cancelled far too soon. My fanfics are all character stories, focused more on development and revelations rather than action. I love really getting into the characters' heads, making them tick, getting them out of their comfort zones, doing things with them that no one has done before. The show didn't do that nearly enough, I think. It was more focused on action. That's not a bad thing, but I would've loved to see more inward character stuff. That said, I recognize that it is a cartoon for an intended audience that is younger than me, so any serious character development would not have been appreciated by younger viewers. Even when Danny Phantom first aired, I was still a couple years older than the intended age group.

My venture into Danny Phantom fanfiction began with my love for Paulina. From her very first episode, and especially since "Lucky in Love," I adored her. I loved her design, her voice, her antics. I loved her interactions with Danny. I of course recognized that she was a very manipulative person, certainly not very nice, but she was also so cute and bubbly. Everyone else in the fandom (back in early 2006) really hated her, though. I felt like I was all alone in my love for her, all alone in my love for the Danny/Paulina pairing. I went through all of the fanfics up until that time (literally, all of them) looking for other Danny/Paulina fics. I remember finding one, but it was not a favorable story. As I recall, it involved Danny and Paulina dating, but she cheated on him or something and drove him back to Sam. That was literally it at the time. I wanted more! But I knew I'd have to get it going myself. So, I started planning the first ever Danny/Paulina fanfic (i.e. "The Luckiest Girl in the World"). I don't remember how my final idea came about exactly (Paulina wishing to switch places with Sam). All I know is that it was inspired by an episode from the Aladdin TV series (my favorite fandom, but Danny Phantom is a close second). It was over ten years ago now, so I couldn't say how the idea fully formed anymore. I remember the episodes that were airing at the time, the previews for Reality Trip around that time, how excited I was to get my writing out there and hopefully convert others to the idea of Danny/Paulina. It was a somewhat rocky experience at times that affected me in more ways than anyone might imagine, negatively and positively, but overall, I am pleased with what I accomplished with the fic. Even after rereading it after so many years, I'm not embarrassed by it. I took some liberties with all of the characters, even Danny, but I don't think the liberties were too out of character.

My fanfics will never be very long (i.e. probably never more than fifty thousand words). I would rather reserve that kind of energy and time for my original fiction. However, I do really love writing fanfiction, so even if they're somewhat short, they will still be packed with a lot.

My thoughts on reviews:

I will never beg for reviews. Just seeing follows, favorites, or even just views is enough validation for me. I don't want anyone to ever feel obligated to review my work because I am happy to write just for the sake of writing. However, if you do choose to review any of my stories, please feel free to say what is in your heart. If you feel strong about something, say so, good or bad! I am grateful for your attention no matter what.

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