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Hi! I'm Mikomi and this is my profile!! Please tell me if there is something wrong and I will try to change it!! Please read my stories too!!

Age: OK like I'm going to tell u my real age...Uh NO! but I will tell you my vampiric age which is 2,037!!=/\_/\=

Hair color: Brownish, black. It changes every season!

Eye color: Brown

Height: I don't know but I'm taller that my mum! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Hobbies: Reading, writing stories, hanging with friends, watching anime, playing on the computer, listening to BoA, and DBSK, I also love to read mangas, some yaoi and normal mangas, no yuri's though thts nasty! XP yaoi is so hot!!

11/02/10 7:35 pm

Me: OMG it has been like a year since I updated this!!!

Sesshy: Yes it has, what have you been doing all this time? :He glares at me:

Me: Alot of things, moving, looking for a job, graduating from high school, just alot of things!

Kags: Wow that is alot for you Mikomi. How did you manage it all?

Me: pocky...alot of it and my plushies...

Inu: Yes thats all she had...don't mind that you had us to talk to.

Me: Shut up Inu I'll get Kagome to sit you.

Sesshy: I would love that if you did.

Me: We know you would but your gonna have to deal with it not happening. Anyways my readers I will be posting as soon as I get them done, have fun reading the new chapter!!!

11/09/10 2:39 pm

Dear readers, thank you for reviewing my vampire story, i will be updating it as soon as i am finished with it, at this point in time though i am currently without internet once again but when i get to a place that has internet i shall put it up, i am also currently working on the second chapter to the silver kiss after book, it is difficult but i am trying, if there is any parodies anyone would like the main parodies i can do is vampires, inuyasha, final fantasy, fruit basket, and a little of bleach, but those are what me and my bestfriend are best at rpg. so should anyone like to read something funny we plan on them doing let me know in a pm. thank you and have a great day.

11/23/10 4:11 pm

Hello readers!!!

Ok to start off I am going to redo the whole inuyasha story that was my first post! So please wait for me to load it up so it can be fixed!! I have improved in writting and I shal fix all my errors!!!! so please read on my readers and keep them coming!! Oh and one more thing, if any of you have an idea of how Seth and Brit go on in my story meeting me new vampire husband? Please send me a pm because Y am stuck at either making a graduation thing for them graduating or I should skip it an have her change already. So please leave a pm an I hope to get it done!! Thanks bunches!!!!

3/16/11 1:53 AM

Me: -Snoring sort of loud layin on my comp passed out from trying to fix things and write-

Kag: This is why we don't alow her to stay up so late...

Sessy: Who let her work on her comp anyway? She just got it back from the comp store and is now working it more then before.

Inu: -whisling while moving away-

Sango: Nice try Inuyasha! -grabs him before he gets the chance to run-

Sesshy: You little whelp you did this? you know she might have to babysit tomorrow! I will deal with you tomorrow, I am not in the mood to deal with your idiotcy. -He picks me up and i growl in my sleep but goes back to sleep and nuzzles into Sesshy mumbling bout something with monkeys and food-

6/24/12 1:53 pm

Me: Well...its been a really long time since I came on here last...

Inu: No duh, where were you wench?

Sesshy: -Sesshy growls at Inu and cuddles me- shut it welp.

Me: My ex of one year has been beating me, so finally after being tired of him I called the cops...

-everyone gasps and hugs me tightly-

Me: C...can't...breath...!!! (new chapter being worked on, no worries)

2/19/13 1:30 pm

Me: well hello everyone! I know it has been agest and I am sorry but I have stopped making chapters and let a fellow writer and friend beta read them since I noticed alot of fails in them, but if you can send newer ideas, or a new name for the female charater in "Meeting my new Vampire husband?" to be sorta elvish i would appreciate it and i will put a note in the story for you for the one I choose. have a great day!!!!!

signed yours truly,


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