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my name's ek...

I'm a 22-year-old, struggling with embracing adulthood.


i know i ask perfection from a quite imperfect world, and fool enough to think that's what i'll find...(122709)

i will write one more story, for those who enjoy my little scribbles.

i will also try to finish reveries of grandeur, if those who follow it see fit.

my finished works:

the takari drabbles: the original intention of this was to mark the 8 final weeks i had left in san francisco. that didn't work out as expected, since i just finished it 10 months later. anyways, it's short, sweet, and sappy at times, and comical at other times. the last chapter was just to conclude it, but i think i'm satisfied with it. perhaps i can write a story about what occured in between drabble 7 and 8, but that will have to be in the unforeseen future.

the goggles: my first fic... ever. one day, i found out that i wrote a lot better than i drew. airgo, i began to write. i know, my grammar is terrible outside my stories. i gotta save the good stuff for my legitimate work. anyways, it's about taichi's struggle and his memories of daisuke.

i'm still not over you: taichi was just so inspiring, so i wrote this based on the fact that the only way to love someone the most is to wish for all their dreams and hopes and aspirations to come true, even if he himself couldn't fulfill them. yes, to me, taichi embodies the hopeless romantic. there's proof. that one episode in 02? yah, he is. anyways, i read over it, and i really like the last chapters. that's when i found my niche.

i'll never say goodbye: i wrote this in the doctor's office. the old, sick people thought that lugging around this huge laptop and furiously typing nonsense was crazy. well, look who's laughing. not me, obviously. i love old people. by the by, this was my first one-shot, and it revolves around the tumultous relationship of koushiro and mimi. a fun couple, though not one of my favorites. still, i really like the story. it's a songfic, inspired by one of the philippines' greatest divas, sharon cuneta.

to wait, perchance to know: i guess i have a lot to say about this one. basically, i just wanted to convey the fact that the happy-go-lucky, dopey little brother of yamato can have a deep, dark, emotional side. there is no such thing as a stereotype. i chose daisuke as his interest because he's the perfect example. in digimon, he is the carefree, courageous type, but if you read any fanfic, he's the one that is weak, being beaten by everything under the sun. poor daisuke. so, i hope everyone likes this one. i guess i can convey angst as well as i can write fluff. At least, i hope that is the case.


the end.

Facebook me! btw, i have terrible nettiquite, so excuse me if i seem like i'm ignoring you... the case is that i'm probably doing multiple things around the house without putting an away message. your best bet is leaving a review.

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