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Yo...basically I am an average highschool girl that likes to write stuff (duh). Traffic cones are evil because they move when you take the driving test. And I'm crazy. Or at least I think I am which makes me sane? I love Lost, Pirates of the Caribbean, Family Guy, The Office,and Simpsons and Titanic. Yes, and I play soccer and I have a chinchilla that is insane! He is fluffy and very curious and chews up our house. Holy crapopolis! And my best friend is 16aqua and I command you to read her stories because I said so. Save the chinchillas because they are killed for their furs and no animal should be murdered for that. Charlie Pace on Lost is my favorite character. and that's about it. I can't believe I have nothing to write about. Wow I'm bored, I'm going to go take a nap. ...

My favoritesayings are- yo, holy crapopolis, bloody hell, fine ish, i'm gonna bust a cap in your..., omg that used 2 be a face, follow up questions, Tarter Sauce, Chinchillas r friends not furs, and that's all i can think of. and Soylent Green is people!

Also I love getting hate mail! It's fun to read and awesome to share so if u wanna give some to me that'd be great! Also Underworld is a cool movie! When Charlie wears his black hoodie that's when he turns emo!llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

TheEvilTrafficCone Out!

Hehe I just looked at other people's profiles and they actually have a format and put things in order. I just randomly write stuff down when it comes to me so this probably makes no sense at all and it's really craptacular. "Okay that's it! I am highly disgruntled! And up until then I was relitively gruntled!"- Simpsons

Oh and Albino is a really cool website. If u like flash videos of randomness that makes no sense u should go there, but I don't know if ur allowed to put websites on here so if my account is canceled, then I guess I'll find out. U no what would be cool to get? A Fennec Fox!@

Despite what you may have read above, I have a very boring life. I live in boring old Illinois in the U.S where corn grows everywhere and if that's not in the scenary, automaton Wal Marts and Targets pop up. If I could, I would live in Australia or Europe. I need a change of scenary!

Books are cool, I read stuff by J.K Rowling, Erin Hunter, Steven King, Madeline L'Engle, Garth Nix, InkHeart, and I started Bad Twin. And David Clement Davies. So far there's a lot of stuff that is connecting to Lost like the Hanso foundation and Mr. Paik was in there briefly.

Some things I don't understand are the Clawyers going around on Lost. Those two characters barely interact, and when they did, Sawyer was just feeling sorry for her when he gave her that stuff for free, I mean who wouldn't. a young, pregnant girl all alone on a dangerous island. Sawyer would be really low not to give her anything. And also, I think Sawyer felt guilty because he might have done the same thing to other women, by that I mena get them pregnant and leave without ever coming back. So I think all this Clawyer stuff is really unfounded. I hate the Locke Claire stuff too. CHARLIE AND CLAIRE FOREVER NOT CLAIRE AND SAWYER OR CLAIRE AND LOCKE! CLAIRE AND CHARLIE!

Also, before I forget, read Writing Fairy's storied too, b/c she is a fantastic writer even if she doues wrte like a Brit. Where's the defibulator???

Also glass cups are used for clear liquids people! And solid cups are used for opaque liquids!!! But You would never put orenge juice in a red cup because that would alter the appearance of it making it look gross. Also you can put iced tea in a clear glass but not hot tea b/c the hot tea would burn your hand if you drank from a class cup. Soup is nvr put in a clear glass! And you should nvr drink hot liquid from a straw b/c that makes it even hotter. Water should never be put in a mug either. Juice should always be in a clear glass unless it's tomatoe juice. ok I think that covers it for now.

Eh? Made it to the end? Wow! Not dead? That's absolutly amazing. Weird fact about me, I put 2 spaces after each sentence when I type, but every1 says that's wrong. But then why did my mother the courtreporter say it was right??? Too bad my double spacing doesn't show up on fanfic cuz they fix it!!! But it's right!

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