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Author has written 2 stories for Lilo & Stitch.

Real name: Classified

Age: Top Secret

Location: Norway

Gender: Male

Interests: Fantasy, science-fiction, writing, readning, Dragons and other mythical creatures and clasical/instrumental music.

Favorite movies: Star wars episode 1, the Lord of the rings triology, The Matrix triology, The Mummy, The Mummy returns, Pirates of the Caribbean, Lilo & Stitch, Twister, The day after tomorow, Armagedon, Deep impact, Tomb raider, National treasure, X-men and X-men 2.

Favorite TV show,s: lilo & stitch, MacGyver, Mythbusters, scrapheap challange, star trek TNG/VOY, code lyoko and malcom in the middle.

Favorite games: Rollercoaster tycoon 3, Homeworld2, Heroes of might and magick IV, Devil may cry 1 and 2, Ratchet and Clank, Diablo II LoD, Empire earth collection, Kingdom hearts, Finalfantasy VII/X, SSX3, Warcraft III and Deus Ex.

Favorite quotes:

I reject your reality and substitute my own!- Adam Savage

A journey of a thousand miles starts with one single step. - unknown quoter

O'hana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind... or forgotten. - Lilo Pelakai

If we can dream it, we can do it. - WalterE.Disney

Borders? I have never seen one, but I have heard that they exist in the minds of some people. - Thor Heyerdahl

Current projects:

The new adventure

Future projects:

Galactic treasure

If things work out the way I have planned, this is going to be the sequel to my story: The new adventure.

Search and rescue

This is going to be a spin-of prequel to my story: The new adventure.

My OC. characters:


Antiagan’s is mainly a species of highly evolved felines.

They have catlike bodies with large cat ears and they also have a long tail.

The average height of a thirty year old Antiagan is around 6,5 feet.

The Antiagan’s originated from the moon Antiaga 3 (duh) that orbit around the gas-giant Antiaga Nemerosa.

Their home planet (or in this case, moon) is mainly a lush jungle landscape, the moon has large cities spread around the surface but each individual city is placed very far away from each other.

All of their industry is clean and friendly to the environment (Antiagan’s can’t stand pollution).

They have came a long way with their technology and has come a long way in designing their own hyperdrive

They are also members in the galactic federation and have a military alliance with Turo and other military nations in the federation.

Name: Karen Soban
Species: Antiagan
Gender: Female
Age: 32
Fur Color: Light orange

Eye Color: Green
Likes: Navigating, classical music, herb tea and Maps

Dislikes: Idiots and everything thathas to do with Lex Peirce

Romantic Interests: Not available (yet)

Personality: Curious, brave, loyal, friendly and patriotic.

Accent: British
Physical Appearance: she is about 6,7 feet tall, her appearance is similar to that of a cat but her body is rebalanced to be able to stand on the hind legs and the front paws have evolved into hands and she has large catlike ears (This is the common appearance of most Antiagan’s (if you have seen the movie treasure planet, just think of captain Amelia)).

She usually wears her uniforms but she wears a beautiful light green dress on special occasions and a more casual blue dress when she’s not on duty and she always wear a blue dragon pendant around her neck.

Uniform: She wears a royal-blue uniform with eleven golden stripes on the sleeves and five golden stars on each shoulder.

Rank: Fleet Admiral.

Medals and honors received: The platinum badge of leadership, the golden crest of honor, the golden badge of courage, the silver star of honor and the bronze eagle of swift action.
She has known captain Jacob Thaddeus since the time they studied at the navigation school together and she thinks of him as her closest friend.
Enemies: Lex Peirce

Bio: She was bourn and raised in the city Stralingard on the giant moon Antiaga 3. She went to navigation school when she was 17 years old and graduated with some of the highest grades possible when she was 21. She enlisted as a Navigator at the ship RLS Discovery when she was 24. She was recruited to be a navigator at the galactic federation’s military ship GFM Dauntless when she was 27. She gained the rank of captain when she was 28 and then gained the rank of fleet admiral when she was 30. When she was 31 years old she received the platinum badge of leadership and the golden crest of honor after she led her fleet to victory in the Queltean war. She and her fleet was transferred to the great harbor platform Marcadia a little after she turned 32 to assist in the coming Black hammer war.

Other notable things: She is considered to be a natural bourn leader.

Name: Jacob Thaddeus

Species: Antiagan

Gender: Male
Age: 33

Fur Color: Dark orange

Eye Color: Blue


Dislikes: pirates,

Romantic Interests: He has had some feeling for Karen ever since they got to know each other at the academy but he has newer had the courage to express his feelings towards her.

Personality: protective, friendly and caring

Accent: Irish
Physical Appearance: He is 6,8 feet tall and his fur is a dark orange with dark markings on his ears, his tail is 20 longer than on an average Antiagan.

He usually wears his uniform but he wears a more casual outfit when he is not on duty.

Uniform: He wears a dark gray uniform with six golden stripes on his sleeves and a silver eagle on each shoulder.

Rank: Captain

Medals and honors received: none (yet).

Friends: He has known Karen Soban since the time they studied at the navigation school together and considers her to be one of his closest friends.
Enemies: Lex Peirce

Bio: He vas born and raised in the city Torasia but moved to the capital city Stralingard when he was 17 to start at the Navigation academy and graduated with high results when he was 21.

He took a job on the LMS Azorim when he was 23, when he was 25 he and the crew on the ship was assaulted by Black hammer pirates but during the assault he suggested for the captain that if they rammed into one of the pirate frigates they might could shake off the boarding corvettes attached to the hull, the captain gave the order and they was able to shake off the boarding corvettes that held them in place and they was able to escape into hyperspace.

When he was 29 he enlisted in the galactic navy, he vas reassigned to chimera station when he was 30 short after he attained the rank of captain.

Other notable things: he is weary good at coming up with ideas that can get you out of sticky situations.

Name: Lex Peirce

Species: Unknown

Gender: Male
Age: Unknown

Fur Color: Gray

Eye Color: Black

Likes: Unknown

Dislikes: Unknown

Romantic Interests: Unknown

Personality: Unknown

Accent: German

Physical Appearance: he looks like an Antiagan, the difference is that he has a much shorter tail and smaller ears and that he have a more leopard like body build.

He is about 6,8 feet tall and he wears a military outfit that has pockets that fits almost any weapon.

Friends: Unknown

Enemies: Unknown

Bio: little is known about Lex Peirce, one thing that is know is that he is the most dangerous and effective mercenary in the galaxy and that he is wanted in726of the galaxies planetary systems.

Other notable things: he has a strange habit of only using weapons that are produced on the planet his target resides on.

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