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Ok, well here it is. The big scoop you have all been waiting for.

I am not JKR.


Ok, now for the real scoop. I am a 30 something stay at home mom. I have 3 kids, one dog, a huge mortgage, and a wonderful husband, who right now is working overseas. SIGH> Now you see why I spend my spare time on here. lol

My oldest daughter hooked me on fanfics and I have taken over my own computer. you wonder how I ever lost it, eh? Strong willed teenager, pushover mom...the rest is history. LOL

This is my first fanfic and I have been very encouraged by the number of people who have read it. Wish I could get some more reviews, but hey. One dream at a time here! lol

So, that is me. uh...well, not all of me..but hey, a woman has to have a few secrets for herself, right? One of mine is that I adore Hr/O stories. I know, a mature HA woman, reading kiddie stories.

So, really, that is all. Really.


ya know...




Okay, that is not all. The racing season will begin this Sunday, and I for one have been 'bloody bored' without it. Since my fave driver won the championshiplast year, it has been a long, drawn out, might I mention, CRAZY COLD, winter. Ah well, soon the races will be on every weekend and I will again get to watch 43 drivers go in a circle towards a little black and white flag and find some contentment.

I really think I need to get a life. lol

Thank you to all those who have reviewed and I look forward to a long and happy relationship of give and take...I give the story, you give the review,and we both take...well...sheesh, this is a lousy analogy. I will just stop now. TA TA


just found out about a band that is quite good and it has someone we all know and love in it. Please check it out, called Jonny and the Robots. If you are a SB fan, then you prob already know of them. :D


Here is the website I mentioned in Chapter 19: If you haven't read it yet, well, it is coming. :D

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