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Author has written 8 stories for X-overs, Ranma, Misc. Anime/Manga, Evangelion, Hellsing, Terminator, Mass Effect, Naruto, Guyver, and Birdy the Mighty.

Status :-


I'm back, I think. Bad shit happened. My old fics are sort of dead, although I'm hoping to maybe pick one or two of the corpses back up if I get back into the swing of writing. No promises.


Still alive...progress? Well, I've done no work to Wild Effect since last update, and I think that's the word that is causing problems for me. Work. Every time I try to continue to write stuff I end up feeling that it's all work and no fun. I'd rather be reading other people's fics than writing my own. It's not like I don't want to continue my stuff or have writer's block. I'm still making plot points or thinking of possible scenes in my head, it's just when I come to try and write them down I cannot be bothered to type out more than a few lines.

Team 7 is stuck in the same state, a chunk of it wrote except I'm feeling it's just too cliche to post.

Vampire Half - Was fun for a while and there's half of a third chapter to post, but it's fizzled away before even leaving Jusenkyo...

EVA/Guyver fic - nothing started on second part yet

I did write a few thousand lines of a dark Claymore/Ranma-chan fic that depressed me, so that didn't get far...

So, in summary I'm not enjoying my writing any longer. Perhaps I'm too critical of my own stuff but I don't think I'll get them finished.


Last day of the year update,

I've been blocked for a fair few months on Wild Effect, had a few attempts at continuing (one got 3.5k words) and failing to make any progress. I've come to realise I'd wrote the fic into a dead end over the entire cure thing just to appease the very vocal minority. The cure was meant to be Ranma's end goal and the reason to bring him/her into conflict with Cerberus. With his cure I can't see any reason Ranma would stick around space and not head straight back to Earth for a way home, completely destroying the motivation for him to find out how/why he'd appeared on the Citadel, which he still thinks is down to Ryouga. Why would he bother? He'd gotten what he wanted and only made one friend out of the trip. So I intend to edit the last chapter. Currently chapter 8 is sitting at 6.2k words, slowish progress, but at least it's moving again. I don't plan to deviate from my main plot again, so those that can't stand Ranma stuck as a girl until around about Sovereign's attack on the Citadel better jump ship.

While I'm struggling with Wild Effect, a few bits have been wrote for next part of Team 7 Anything Goes Ninja. This is just my have fun/mess around fic when I can't write other stuff. Chapter 2 sits at 6.8k words so far.

Possible stuff that may/may not happen - Got an idea I'm toying with writing for a *gasp* non-crossover Terminator fic and a possible Ranma/Gargoyles idea I've not seen done before.

Sept 2010

All my stuff is on haitus I guess. Can't write anything worthwhile at this time.

I don't seem to having any interest in fanfics at the moment.

Sad panda is sad etc.

Muse is pining for the fjords.

10 June, 2010

Wild Effect 5 is now 11k words, down from 16.3k of boring setup story for later events. Onto my third revision of events as ideas get tweaked and moved around. It's going slow due to planned events of later chapters being set up in this one.

Wild Effect 6 is planned to be on Eden Prime (which will probably end up my least favorite part as nothing dramatically changes). Only good thing is Ranma vs Saren :P

Wild Effect 7 onwards is where the fun begins.

18 May, 2010

Ever had those times when you want to write stuff but when you go to do it you can't?

Well, that's how I'm at the moment. I know what I want to write down but can't seem to do it.

Next chapter of Wild Effect is sitting at 7.2k words and not getting any bigger. Totally bummed by this and it's not releasable due to whole sections of events missing.

Normally I'd try to write something else and hope to get my groove back, but previous experience at screwing up fics has me not really wanting to do that.

/big sigh

Variant and Vampire - Holding back until I'm decided how to finish it off. Struggling with it to be honest, but at least what's up is standalone enough and I'm happy with it.

Ranma 1 of 6 - Again, struggling with a direction for it that won't lose its amusement factor. I hated the last chapter I wrote after reading it a few times.

Naruto Stuff - DEAD. Must! Resist! urge! to pick them up...

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