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Hi people! My name is blitzkreig50889. I'm a major fan of anything that deals with the imagination. I live in Pennsylvania and have a very large family. I'm currently a college student with a biology major...don't ask me why, i haven't a clue. Now if anyone has read my profile before, you probably noticed it was a bit...uh...boring i believe is the word i want to use. So, in other words, i'm updating my provile, which means i'm giving you all some information on my fics, the OCS in them, and maybe some new stuff on me. So to get straight to the point, let's get the OC profiles taken care of.

In case you haven't noticed, i'm a major OCxCharacter writer. I don't have any problems with Yaoi, i just can't seem to write it. No problem with those who can, I just prefer to stay clear of it, although i will admit some of those stories are quite hilarious (I've faved a few so I know). So, here's my OCS for you...all of them. There's 14 females and 9 males (and no I'm not being biased; I'm just trying to come up with matches for the characters in the shows I'm writing my fics on so since there's a lot of male characters, that means there have to be a lot of female OCS). Since I write a lot of Beyblade fics, all of my OCS are centered on that show. The Flaming Hearts: Jasmine, Ashley, Sierra, Savannah, and Rysa are the matches for the Blitzkrieg Boys and Kai and these guys are who most of my stories are centered on. Then there's the Black Thorns: Celina, Cassandra (Cass for short), Samantha, and Julia who are the matches for the Majestics. Then there is Jayson, Tyler, and Sabre, who are related to Johnny from the Majestics (they don't have a big part in any of my fics yet...well, Jayson does in Blading on the Streets, but his part'll get bigger when I write up his life story in my Crystal Song series) followed by Drake, Colt, Gale, and Lavender. If you've read Blading on the Streets, then you've already met Drake, Colt, and Gale, although they will appear later on in my Crystal Song series as well. Lavender will appear in that series as well, but she's related to Jasmine and will have a small part in my Hearts unwritten series. I also have six other OCS, all of whom are Robert's siblings. They each have a small part in my The 25 Days of Christmas fic and in Song of Pink Roses. I have their profiles down below. What I intend to do now, is give you a physical profile for Jayson, Tyler, Sabre, Drake, Colt, Gale, Lavender, and each of Robert's six siblings. I'm pretty sure you already know what the others look like from the profiles posted and I'll have the Black Thorns profiles listed as well.

OC Profiles:


Full Name: Jayson McGregor

Nationality: Scottish

Birth Date: June 8, 1989

Age: 19

Appearance: About 6'0" - 6'1" tall, 150 lbs; Auburn hair, emerald eyes; often seen in sweatpants and a sweatshit but may wear a black or red t-shirt and blue jeans; black sneakers

Personality: Jayson is a rather quiet individual, however, he can be just as sarcastic and tempermental as Johnny, his older brother and eventual teammate. He's a natural flirt, although he does know how to hold himself in restraint (unlike Enrique). Despite his sarcasm and temper, he's easily liked and fairly skilled with a beyblade. He prefers to street blade however, and he stays away from Beyblade tournaments because of this. Jayson's story is told in Blading on the Streets and he's the main character in Amethyst Song. He also makes a small cameo appearance in Song of Citrine with his sister Sabre and brothers Tyler and Johnny.

Bit beast: Midnight (Black Dragon)

Element (s): Hell flame (black fire)


Full Name: Tyler McGregor

Nationality: Scottish

Birth Date: December 3, 1979

Age: 27

Appearance: About 5'11" tall, 175 lbs; Dark brown hair and amethyst eyes; Since he's naturally older than any of the other bladers and doesn't blade all that often, Tyler is much like Jayson and wears sweatpants and sweatshirts a lot, but he'll wear jeans when he needs to; black sneakers or hiking boots depending on mood.

Personality: Tyler is almost the exact opposite of his brothers, Jayson and Jonathan. He's not very straight forward or sarcastic. He's rather introverted however unlike Kai he will walk into the spotlight and talk to people (and I'm comparing him to Kai so you know more of Tyler's personality). He can be rather humorous, but usually any jokes he tells fall flat. Tyler makes a small appearance in Song of Citrine and again later in Amethyst Song.

Bit beast: Thundral (Thunderbird)

Element (s): Electricity


Full Name: Sabre McGregor

Nationality: Scottish

Birth Date: January 21, 1975

Age: 32

Appearance: About 5'8" tall, 135 lbs; Dark auburn hair and violet eyes; Sabre is the typical girly girl with a tomboy's attitude and it shows in her clothes. She's majorly into the color puple, specifically violet, and it shows in her blade and the clothes she wears; any form of high heels, boots, or sneakers can be worn depending on what type of outfit she's wearing.

Personality: Sabre is probably one of the most tempermental characters around and possibly one of the most spoiled. As she's the only female child in the McGregor family, she sometimes irritates her younger brothers. However, that didn't stop her brothers from finding someone to marry her so she'd leave them be. A small piece of her story is told in Song of Citrine and she has a small part in Amethyst Song.

Bit beast: Scythla (Dragon)

Element (s): Wind


Full Name: Drake Aarons

Nationality: French-American

Birth Date: February 26, 1988

Age: 20

Appearance: About 5'10" tall, 150 lbs; Black hair and teal eyes; Drake usually wears any color that compliments his hair and he's always in jeans and hiking boots.

Personality: Naturally introverted, he doesn't talk too much and avoids spotlight. However, he typically ends up being noticed due to his hair which sticks up continually without the aid of any hair gel due to his electrical element. Drake was first met in Blading on the Streets, but he does make another appearance later in Amethyst Song.

Bit beast: Storm (Black and Gold Griffin)

Element (s): Electricity


Full Name: Colt Kingston

Nationality: British

Birth Date: October 23, 1988

Age: 19

Appearance: About 5'10, 155 lbs; Dark brown hair and brown eyes; Colt's a typical guy and heavily into the jeans and regular t-shirt or sweatshirt look while wearing whatever type of shoes he feels like.

Personality: Colt is a literal twin of his cousin Brooklyn (who you should all know from G Revolution) but not nearly as odd and without the bright orange hair. He doesn't like to be in the spotlight, but when he is, he's usually in a rather tempermental mood. Colt is usually one person that should be avoided due to his temper; when it goes off, the whole area around him suffers. Colt, like Drake and Gale, is met in Blading on the Streets, and will make a short appearance in Amethyst Song.

Bit beast: Aries (Silver and Red Dragon)

Element (s): Fire and Wind


Full Name: Gale Brooksley

Nationality: Irish-German

Birth Date: August 13, 1988

Age: 20

Appearance: About 5'8", 140 lbs; Blond hair and brown eyes; Gale dresses like the typical surfer he is, however, when in a beystadium he's often seen wearing a neon green t-shirt and jean shorts along with untied white sneakers.

Personality: Gale is probably one of the most cheerful bladers around. He's easily liked due to his down to earth attitude. However, Gale isn't exactly the smartest person in the world and sometimes acts like Tyson when it comes to training and schoolwork. Gale comes from Blading on the Streets but he does make a small appearance later in Amethyst song. In other words, whatever story Jayson's in, Drake, Colt, and Gale are bound to be found (With the exception of Song of Citrine).

Bit beast: Torrent (Sea Dragon)

Element (s): Water


Full Name: Lavender Cascova

Nationality: Egyptian

Birth Date: February 14, 1990

Age: 18

Appearance: About 5'6" tall, 125 lbs; Strawberry-blond hair and chocolate brown eyes; Lavender's usually found in a blue and silver tank top and jean shorts; her shoes vary depending on the weather as does her choice of shirts, however, her shorts usually stay the same except for the occassions she really has to dress up.

Personality: Lavender's a rather snide person. She's sarcastic, tempermental, and naturally viscious. She's also the one person that can make Jayson's temper control fly right out the window other than his siblings. Lavender's also related to Jasmine as a cousin. Neither girl gets along well and neither do their bit beasts, so the two usually try to avoid each other. She makes a small appearance in the last fic of the Hearts Unwritten series before appearing again later in Amethyst Song as the other main character (which then results in a OC x OC pairing).

Bit beast: Talsya (Silver Dragon)

Element (s): Lunar Flame (silver fire)


Full Name: Chrystal Jurgen

Nationality: German

Birthdate: April 27, 1979

Age: 29

Appearance: Chrystal is literally your average tomboy. She's about as far from being as girly girl as she can be. She's usually seen in gold, ruby, and denim in order to match her bit beast's colors and to suit her own tomboy style. Occassionally she'll wear boots of some sort, but she's usually in sneakers. She's approximately 5'8" tall and about 150 pounds. Her eyes are a flashing silver and her own hair is much like her younger brothers and sisters; violet, although in her case there's also a lot of black in her hair as well.

Personality: She's extremely independent. Chrystal rarely ever allows anyone to try and dominate over her and that makes her extremely difficult to live with. On top of that, she's also very determined in whatever she does and very stubborn about how she does things in her life.

Bit beast: Tyril (Cougar)

Element (s): Earth and Darkness


Full Name: Damien Jurgen

Nationality: German

Birthdate: November 30, 1980

Age: 28

Appearance: Damien is the typical playboy in appearance and personality. He's literally the supreme jock, unlike much of his family (although they can be a little stuck up at times). He's always wearing some form of jeans and wearing a black shirt whether it be a sweatshirt or t-shirt. He's about 5'11" tall and 170 pounds. He has dark chocolate brown eyes like Robert does and his hair is the same shade of brown with some faint violet shades running through it.

Personality: Since he's the typical playboy, it would seem Damien should be extremely outgoing, however, he isn't. He's actually rather shy and laid back. Just like his siblings, he's also hard to anger and in turn, he's typically well liked because of that.

Bit beast: Kalyn (Angel)

Element (s): Wind and Light


Full Name: Tequila Jurgen

Nationality: German

Birthdate: January 19, 1981

Age: 27

Appearance: Tequila is probably the one exception to all of the Jurgen siblings; she doesn't carry their violet hair color anywhere in her hair. On top of that, she's also very much a girly girl and follows all of the latest fashions, which means her wardrobe colors vary as well, so she's rarely seen in one color more than any of the others. As she follows the fashion trends, that also means she's usually seen in high, spiked heels, usually in black, with the occassional brown tossed in. She's about 5'5" tall and 120 pounds. Her eyes are the typical Jurgen chocolate brown (that only Chrystal managed not to inherit), and her hair is a fiery red, much like a flame.

Personality: Tequila's extremely outgoing. However, just like the rest of her siblings, she's hard to anger and this sometimes can get her into trouble with her siblings. Overall, she's rather sweet and easy to get a long with, much like her older brother Damien and younger brother Jackson.

Bit beast: Wyvra (Wyvern)

Element (s): Earth and Darkness


Full Name: Jackson Jurgen

Nationality: German

Birthdate: March 31, 1982

Age: 26

Appearance: Jackson looks, and acts, like the typical working man. He doesn't in the slightest bit stand out among a crowd. The flannel shirt and jeans easily hide him as do the typical work boots. Jackson's approximately 5'10" tall and 165 pounds. His chocolate brown eyes are a little lighter than the rest of his siblings and his hair is a slightly lighter shade of violet as well.

Personality: Jackson is easily the quietest and shiest of his siblings. He's literally a loner and takes that position seriously. However, if he had his way about things, he'd try and change his personality so he could be more like his older and younger siblings.

Bit beast: Knox (Griffin like Griffolyon; one of Griffolyon's two brothers)

Element (s): Ice and Light


Full Name: Esmerelda Jurgen

Nationality: German

Birthdate: July 31, 1983

Age: 25

Appearance: Esmerelda is best described as a combination of Chrystal and Tequila. Her appearance varies with her mood. However, she can usually be seen in deep shades a sapphire blue, silver, and gold. In turn, she's usually found in sneakers, however, when her mood has her in a girly mode, she'll be seen in high black heels every once in awhile. She's about 5'7" tall and 130 pounds.

Personality: Esmerelda is considered the powder keg between the Jurgen siblings. She's easily angered, however, her temper cools down quickly so rarely ever does she do any harm when her temper is unleashed.

Bit beast: None, as Esmerelda doesn't beyblade like the rest of her siblings do

Element (s): Thunder, although her elemental control over it is rather weak with no bit beast to help her along.


Full Name: Orion "Rascall" Jurgen

Nationality: German

Birthdate: October 7, 1984

Age: 24

Appearance: Orion is literally identical to Robert; after all, they are twins! However, unlike his older twin brother, he tends to do whatever he can to stick out in a crowd. His clothing style is very eccentric and varies almost as much as his hair color does. He rarely ever looks anything like his twin, unless of course he's trying to pull off a prank on someone, then their nearly impossible to tell apart, unless one looks at their height. Orion's actually four inches shorter than Robert, about 6'1" tall and 160 pounds. Just like Robert, his eyes are the Jurgen chocolate brown, and when his hair is it's natural color, it's the extreme violet seen on Robert.

Personality: Orion is the typical extrovert. He's extremely outgoing and easy to get along with, if one is an extrovert like he is anyway. He easily makes friends and handles the spotlight as if it were his best friend. He's extremely stubborn in most things and like all his siblings, very determined to succeed and not fail at anything he does.

Bit beast: Aerilyn (Griffin like Griffolyon, and Griffolyon's second brother)

Element (s): Ice, wind, and Light


Full Name: Celina Starinski

Nationality: Polish

Birthdate: May 22, 1985

Age: 23

Appearance: Celina's appearance it literally like night and day; it's never the same and something is always changing. Because of this, there's no particular color, style, or mood that determines what she'll likely wear to any occassion. She's approximately 6'0" tall and 150 pounds. Her eyes are a deep sapphire blue and her hair is a dark mocha colored brown.

Personality: Celina is probably the shiest of all the OCS. She rarely says anything unless she has no other choice (as is the case in Blading on the Streets). Because of this, she doesn't make friends easily and in turn, can sometimes be rather tempermental.

Bit beast: Jessica (Griffin, same shades as Griffolyon)

Element (s): Ice, Wind, and Darkness


Full Name: Cassandra "Cass" Black

Nationality: British

Birthdate: May 15, 1987

Age: 21

Appearance: Cass's appearance is literally a showcase for her temper; blazing shades of red and orange! And because of her infamous temper, she's usually seen wearing the same shades that are considered the direct colors needed for her temper, with a small dash of black sneakers or boots tossed in. Her eyes are a surpising shade very reminiscent of Sabre's (Johnny's sister), and her hair follows along the same shade or red, only brighter. She's about 6'0" tall and 145 pounds.

Personality: Cass is the most tempermental of all the OCS. She's easily angered and very few people can stand her, except for Johnny, the rest of the Majestics, and her Black Thorns teammates. And just like her team name, Cass is literally a black thorn in the side of anyone who angers her.

Bit beast: Salamandrite (Orange Crystal Fire Dragon)

Element (s): Fire and Earth


Full Name: Samantha Jerisko

Nationality: Swedish (Sweden/Switzerland)

Birthdate: September 21, 1989

Age: 19

Appearance: Samantha is probably one of the oddest OCS around. She never goes anywhere without carrying some sort of fire repelling outfit. And because of this, she's usually found in some of the oddest outfits around, all of which are a teal shade designed to match her bit beast. She's got emerald eyes that sometimes look blue depending on the light, and her hair is a dark blond shade. She's about 5'11" tall and 140 pounds.

Personality: Like her male counterpart, Enrique, she's very eccentric, and it shows in her outfits. However, unlike Enrique, she's not really into the constant changing of male (or in Enrique's case, female) companions when she has them. Due to eccentricity however, she typically doesn't keep friends for very long. Only the Majestics and her Black Thorns teammates have ever stayed by her side.

Bit beast: Kazul (Sea Dragon)

Element (s): Water and Wind


Full Name: Julia Rebrinskinitov

Nationality: Spanish-Russian

Birthdate: April 29, 1989

Appearance: Julia is what can be considered the extreme girly girl. She's always following the latest trends and her wardrobe changes constantly. She's a blue eyed, blond haired bundle of energy, and that energy shows in her clothing choices and styles.

Personality: Julia is alot like Max and Oliver in personality. There's very little that ever upsets her or makes her angry. However, when she does become angry, she's much like an exploding volcano!

Bit beast: Starlight (Unicorn)

Element (s): Earth and Ice

Wow! That was...crazy. Now for a brief summary of each of the fics I currently have out and I think everything will be good. So to make things nice and easy, I'm going to list the stories down below along with their summaries.

The Great Biovolt Escape: The B-Boys escape from Biovolt in some of the weirdest ways possible. Too bad they forgot that getting out was going to be more difficult than getting in ever was! COMPLETE!

Flaming Hearts: The sequel to The Great Biovolt Escape. This fic is centered the the B-Boys major crushes who were freed from Biovolt not long after the boys reached their freedom. However, the girls have been captured again and it's up the B-Boys and Majestics to help get them out of the hellhole Boris has dragged the girls back into.

Bryan's Story: Currently being rewritten and the rewritten chapter one is put up by the way. Bryan's life was always considered dark and lousy. Guess no one ever saw things through a six year old Bryan's eyes as he gets himself into loads of trouble, makes some new friends, and learns just how life can be.

Frozen: A new Tala centered fic. Tala does a little reflecting on the five w's of how his heart managed to thaw out after Boris taught him to block almost all of his emotions. The result is going to give him the shock of his life!

Dark Calling: Another fairly new fic. The B-Boys have a dark secret that's been tormenting them for some time now. In order to relieve themselves of it, they've gone to the Majestics for help. Too bad things don't intend to go the way they want them to go.

Enter Wolborg Metal Survivor: Tala, just like Kai, had a rought life after BEGA came into being. Now, after BEGA has been defeated, he's about to find out just how much he managed to inspire his new friends and teammates. COMPLETE!

Journal of Kai: exactly what the title says. Kai kept a journal to try and relieve some of the depression he felt after losing Dranzer. If you ever wondered what a blader like Kai would ever say in one of these type of books, here's your chance to find out! COMPLETE!

Together Always: the B-Boys made a promise to each other to never stop being friends. See from Tala's point of view just how well they actually managed to keep that promise.

Journal of Tala: Tala kept a journal much like Kai did, but for entirely different reasons. See from this blader's eyes exactly what happened right after Kai lost Dranzer until he got the phoenix back. Not released yet.

Ian's Crazy Birthday Surprise: What happens when Ian forgets it's his birthday? Things get extremely crazy and this fic tells exactly how crazy they get! COMPLETE!

Waves of Love: Mystel's moved from his home in Australia (A/N: and i have no clue where Mystel's from, but I figured this would work for the fic) to a new home in Japan. There he meets Kendra Matthewson the Bad Girl of the town and nearby school. Now he's on a mission to get Kendra to change her ways. (A/N: and Kendra only pops up in this fic so until I decide if I'm going to have her in any more of my fics, I'm not going to post her profile).

Hearts Unwritten Book One: Kai and Ashley: The first of my Hearts Unwritten Series. The Flaming Hearts are in trouble again, only this time something is slowly killing them. And with the B-Boys out of commission, it's up to the only two remaining members of each team to try and close the rifts that have torn them apart. The problem is, Kai and Ashley haven't seen each other for years and their old romance may just hinder their ability to find out what's really going on. Slight crossover with Bleach and Shaman King and very romantic (A/N: and when i say romantic, I mean romantic! There's more than just kissing here!) Has been released even though Flaming Hearts is not finished.

Hearts Unwritten Book Two: Bryan and Sierra: A string of murders have been occuring in Moscow, Russia. Called to the scene of these murders, Bryan's not in the slightest bit prepared for what's awaiting him behind the murders...or for his best friends to turn into matchmakers. And Sierra is just what they have in mind! Not released yet.

Hearts Unwritten Book Three: Ian and Rysa: Known as the craziest members of their teams, Rysa and Ian are out to prove just how wrong their teammates are about them. Too bad they end up getting chased by weird muggers, a bunch of crazy fangirls, and to top it off, they end up finding out just how much they really care for each other. Who would've thought that would ever happen? Not released yet.

Hearts Unwritten Book Four: Spencer and Savannah: Savannah always saw herself as a rather independent person. Spencer always thought of himself as a natural protector. So what could Tala possibly have in mind for these two? With a little aid from his teammates, Tala intends to make them see just how much they really do need each other. Not released yet.

Hearts Unwritten Book Five: Tala and Jasmine: Tala's managed to match each of his friends and teammates up with someone he believes to be the one person for them. Deciding he needs a vacation after all he's done, he sets out for the Carribbean for a week a relaxation. Finding out Tala's plans, Ashley and Kai decide it's time they pay Tala back for getting them to realize how much his happiness is just as important as their's is. Before long Jasmine's sent to the Carribbean as well under the belief that she's getting the chance to take the pictures of a lifetime. It's not long before she realizes that she's not the only one in the Carribbean and that there's definite chemistry between her and the one person she's found she could never manage to look away from. Not released yet.

A Ghostly Halloween Gift: Kai's a ghost. With it nearly being Halloween, Kai's least favorite day of the year, is it possible for the Russian to still change his mind on the holiday? COMPLETE!

Take a Look at Me Now!: Right before Tala went in to rescue the Flaming Hearts, he sent a letter to Jasmine. Take a Look at Me Now is that letter he sent. COMPLETE!

Call of the Salamander: Each team has it's rough beginnings and the Majestics are no different. Yet each of them is about to find that there's more to them than what meets the eye and its up to them to handle the abilities they're about to gain. Currently being rewritten.

Griffin's Call: After finding the mysterious dragonflute, Robert's found himself being plagued with strange images running through his head. Unable to figure out what they are, he goes to Brazil to try to calm himself, only to find out that by coming to Brazil, he's just landed himself in an adventure of unbelievable proportions...with no help from his teammates in Europe. Not released yet.

Storm Call: Enrique's always found himself drawn to the Mediterranean Sea. However, when he begins to see weird visions in his head of Rome being buried under several thousand feet of water, he begins to wonder just what's out there. Armed with Johnny's dragonflute and Robert's crystal daggers, he heads out to sea to see if what he's sensing is the third object of the prophet; the Aquarian Diamond Trident. Not released yet.

Natural Calling: Feeling a little out of place amongst his teammates and their mysterious objects of power, Oliver wonders how much longer he'll be of use to his team. Heading back to France to clear his head, Oliver gets down to searching for the final object of the prophet; the unknown. Before long, he's being pulled towards an odd aura from the Eiffel Tower and finding out he's far more special than he ever thought he'd be. Not released yet.

Blading on the Streets: The Majestics have been targeted by a strange group of bladers. Unable to figure out what these bladers want, they're forced to call in for help from the one team they would rather never see again, the Blitzkrieg Boys. And with a street battle coming up and the strange strengths of the bit beasts each blader has being discovered, the Majestics are about to find out just how difficult beyblading can actually be.

Blood Brothers: Enrique, Oliver, and Jayson: Enrique, Oliver, and Jayson have been friends since they were kids. What no one ever knew was that they were blood brothers too! Here's the story of how they became the friends they are. COMPLETE!

Song of Pink Roses: Robert's career as a beyblader has ended now that the Flaming Hearts are safe. However, a certain matchmaking red-headed Russian is back and he's armed with Robert's own bit beast! Deciding that Robert shouldn't be alone for the rest of his life, the duo intends to give Robert a major love shock...and Robert doesn't even know it!

Song of Citrine: Jonathan McGregor has seen some horrible things as a spy. Having had enough of that world for the time being, he decides to do something he never thought he'd ever do...find someone to keep by his side for life. With Tala having caught wind of what's going on, and with his siblings having found out his little secret, Johnny's about to find out that finding the girl of his dreams is about to become much easier than he ever thought it would be... if he can get through her guarded heart first. Not released yet.

Song of Diamonds: Enrique was always considered the ultimate playboy. Out to prove that his master was anything but that, Amphylyon goes to a certain Russian to see if he can play matchmaker yet again. And between Tala and Amphylyon, Enrique's going to find that when it comes to the heart, he's more than willing to finally give his up for that one girl of his dreams...if she'll take him. Not released yet.

Song of Emeralds: Oliver's life has been filled with nothing but betrayal when it comes to females. Having had enough of seeing Oliver get hurt, his teammates decide it's his turn to join the group and settle down. Calling in Tala and the one girl Oliver would never turn down, they set out to give their teammate the love of his life. Not released yet.

Amethyst Song: Jayson has seen each and every one of his teammates and friends settle down. Determined not to join them he sets out for Egypt. Unfortunately for him, or perhaps not so unfortunately, his teammates follow him and with his brothers and sister, they set out to make him see just how happy he can actually be. The only problem is, can they get Jasmine's cousin to agree with the idea and give Jayson a chance? Not released yet.

Sea Storm Unity: Max Tate thought his trip to Germany was going to give him the opportunity of a lifetime. What he didn't know was that there was more than one surprise waiting for him in the form of love.

Wildcat Unity: Raymond Kon had always thought of himself as one of the luckiest people on earth. When he sees Max and several of his old friends and teammates getting back together for one giant group, he soon realizes that he has someone he needs to speak to...before it becomes too late. He heads back to White Tiger Hills, and meets back up with the one girl that he never could get out of his head...or his heart. Not released yet.

Champion's Final Unity: Seeing what his friends have gained by falling in love and settling down, Tyson wonders if it's possible to do the same. He unknowingly asks Kai for advice and in turn gets some matchmaking help from Tala. But Can Tyson and Hilary settle their differences and remember what it's like to truely be united? Not released yet.

The 25 Days of Christmas: What do you get when you put the Majestics, Blitzkrieg Boys, and BBA Revolutions together? A bunch of really hilarious (and some serious) one-shot fics! Here's twenty-five holidays fics centered around these three powerful and incredible teams.

I think that's all of them. Please feel free to check each of my fics out and enjoy them to the fullest. And to leave you, so you can read through my fics or whatever you intend to do, here's a list of the fics that are part of a series.

Hearts Unwritten Series:

1. Kai and Ashley

2. Bryan and Sierra

3. Ian and Rysa

4. Spencer and Savannah

5. Tala and Jasmine

Crystal Song Series:

1. Song of Pink Roses

2. Song of Citrine

3. Song of Diamonds

4. Song of Emeralds

5. Amethyst Song

Call Series:

1. Call of the Salamander

2. Griffin's Call

3. Storm Call

4. Natural Calling

Unity Series:

1. Sea Storm Unity

2. Wildcat Unity

3. Champion's Final Unity

And I've noticed as i went back through this to make sure i didn't make any typos that i didn't exactly explain the ages of the OCS. Their ages are based off of today's date, so some of them may change later on this year. Don't worry about them too much. I'll try and remember to write down ages in the fics as the characters ages change.

Now that all of that is taken care of, feel free to enjoy any of my fics and if you want any fics written for you for a birthday or any weird occassion let me know. I'll try and write one up for you if i don't have anything to get in my way. So, all that's left to say now, is simply thank you and please enjoy the fics!

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Book One: The Calling reviews
Chapter 1: Everyone has something they'd love to hide from the world. Unfortunately in my case, the thing I hide the most is my ability to do the impossible and talk not only to ghosts, but fire as well. Sounds strange, huh? You haven't seen anything yet!
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*REWRITTEN* Bryan's only six years old when he's placed under Voltaire's care by his father. In a matter of weeks, he begins to change in ways he'd never thought possible; he learns to blade, makes some friends, and gets into trouble to the extreme! R&R!
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Kai's died a rough way. Now he's a ghost and its nearly Halloween, his least favorite day of the year. Can this year be the first year the holiday doesn't haunt him? One-shot. Please R&R!
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Just a friendship one-shot I came up featuring the five year olds Enrique, Oliver, and my OC Jayson and is the first of my Blood Brothers one-shot series. Please read as fic is better than summary. Please R & R!
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Enter Wolborg Metal Survivor reviews
Tala's defeat by Galand stunned those of the beyblading world. But what happened after Tala recovered from his coma and BEGA was defeated. Here's two versions of how Wolborg Metal Storm came into being. Read to find out! Please R & R!
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Title says it all...Too bad for Ian he didn't know how crazy forgetting his own birthday was going to be. ONESHOT. Please R & R
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This is a story i did for a class. I'm curious to see how you guys like it. It deals with a random bunch of kids and an old lady along with a few odd men. A lot more interesting that it sounds. Please R&R!
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