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Welcome to the profile page of the UEFC, or United Evangelion Fanfiction Community. This profile is still under construction at the moment. Basically, it consists of multiple FF authors using this account. We watch and observe the events going within Evangelion, and Evangelion fanfictions alike. And if we see a problem on FF.net and it's NGE related, we will determine how to act.

We also review each other's stories, and support each other in times of need. It would be greatly appreciated if you other guys out there could support us too, by reviewing our stories, or dropping in a PM.

Here's a brief list of the members of the UEFC and a bit about them. (Ladies and gentlemen, say a bit about yourselves here.) The names of the members are not in terms of rank, but in terms of when each author put their descriptions in.

UEFC Members

UEFC 1: J.G. The Gamer
I'm 19 years old and one of the founders of this council, been on here for over a half a year now. My big NGE fic is Season 2, which is becoming very popular. Also working on 2 other fics as well. I'm a big fan of the S/A pairing. Not much of a fan of others. I hated the EoE movie, but I like some of the music played throughout the series. Hopefully, this council can help make things better for NGE on FF.net.

Be cool!

UEFC 2: Naon Tiotami
I'm 14 years old and the other founder of this council, together with J.G up there. I have written three Eva fics (Fusion Parallel, The Archangel Saga, Ghosts), only two of which are any good (The Archangel Saga, Ghosts). I have an open mind about all Evangelion pairings (SxA, SxR, SxH, SxK, SxM, SxMa, RxA), so I am very unbiased in that respect. And, unlike J.G, I loved EoE. It was one of the greatest moments in my life, seeing Reilith in the sky... (sighs) What a movie... Anyhoo, I hope the UEFC can help people on FF.net find true joy in Evangelion fanfiction. Oh, and I'll be the one formatting this page, so blame me if it looks bad. I try my best...


UEFC 3: Ghazghkull (Marine Brother Shran)
I'm 17 years old, a member of this group, as well as the prereader of Shin Seiki Evangelion Season 2. Ghazghkull is my standard nickname in most websites, however when I started writing here, I changed it as so that I can avoid some...critizism. Anyways, I am the writer of Inescapable Grasp of Eva: Gather of the Children, Wings of an Angel, My Heart is Yours, and hopefully my newest project that will draw attention, Heaven and Hell, which will be a mixture of the anime and the manga series. Well anyways, that's all from me.

Cheers, Ja ne

UEFC 4: AgentKaji
I'm 20 years old, and a member of this group. I only started writing my first fic in December 2005 and is still ongoing. I absolutely love Evangelion and everything about it, including both endings. My dream is to get an Evangelion Unit for my birthday (fingers crossed!). I prefer the Shinji/Asuka pairing but don't mind others as long as they are written believably. I'll leave you with my favourite quote:

"Don't hesitate, move ahead."

UEFC 5: JCMoorehead
I'm 18 years old, also a member of this group. I'm relatively new to the world of Evangelion having only seen it in December 2005. I'm currently writing my first fanfic called Star Force Evangelion. I'm a fan of the Shinji/Asuka pairing but as with AgentKaji I don't mind the others. I'm a big fan of the film EoE and consider it one of the greatest films I have ever seen.

Thanks, JCM

UEFC 6: PandaAttack
I'm 17 years old, a member of this group, and your average SxA zealot. My current work is limited to Warm My Heart Continuation, but I'm beginning another as a side project, as well as searching for good Eva fanfiction to pre-read. Evangelion is the second anime I was introduced to, and I've never regretted it, regardless of the many hours spent re-watching out of curiosity. My obsession gave birth to my desire to write fanfiction. I completed my first fic in late 2002 and have continued to write on and off ever since. I suck at writing profiles, so I'll wrap this up.

Until next time, Panda.

UEFC 7: Hououza
What can I say? At 26 I'm the one of the oldest here... I've been reading fan fiction since Uni and graduated into in my final year there thanks to a friend. I wrote my first Eva story during my first year of work and it went on from there. Originally I was a fan of R/S but in time, as I came to understand her better, I shifted to A/S. I will admit to having read a lot of lemons, from the hopelessly bad to the truely moving although I am yet to write one myself. I've written and am writing a few things, when work allows but regardless of my own projects I am an avid reader and would be happy to preread for people when my schedule allows.
Somewhere NofA
Hidy Hi. I’m not remarkably interesting, 20 years old, and wouldn’t you know it, a member of this group. I suppose saying that I’m a fan of Eva and read/write fanfiction would be an exercise in redundancy; although it did take me 3 years to get off my backside and actually start writing, not exceedingly well mind you, but writing nonetheless. Most of my fics are currently in a large folder marked “incomplete rough drafts” a few of whom will one day, hopefully claw their ways out and see the light of day. As with, I’m assuming, most people in the UEFC, I’m always glad to do pre-reading work for anyone who needs it.

Have a good one eh.

UEFC 9: Chiban-chan
Hmm...Kay, at 12 years old...I'm probably the youngest in this group, and probably the only female other than Hidari. I'd say I'm a huge Eva fan, but I admit it isn't my favorite series. I was born and raised in Australia but I'm of an Indonesian background. I have a funny accent, a mix of Australian, American and Asian with a bit of a lisp. And I write in American dialect. I'm a person that's very strict and picky when it comes to the pairings I like. I'm a definite SxA fan, and I detest SxR, sorry to the SxR fans, but Rei is somewhat related to Shinji, so basically, if they were to hook up, it'd be incest O.o I usually go with the canon couples anyway...And I don't like yaoi or yuri.

Too long...Sorry.

Peace! Ja ne!

UEFC 10: Hidari
Hello! Hidari here. Bluestocking and anime/manga fan. What can I say except Evangelion is one of my all time favorites and I like Shinji and Asuka together. Reading books and manga and watching anime are my pastimes. So when I become obssessed with a certain fandom and finish with the canon material then I go to FFN to get a fix. Addicted to waff, comedy and action. Although I do enjoy well-written angst, lemons or lime. I'm a tad older than Hououza and work in a serious environment. What can I say? These boards are a blessing.

That's about it. Ja, minna-san!

(I like to read so I don't mind pre-reading, if time allows. But I am a newbie writer as well so I can only probably help the most with proofreading grammar, spelling and typos.)

UEFC 11: SilentWind

Hey... It's SilentWind, not much to say except that I'm twelve, and Chiban-Chan, I guess we're both the youngest. I'm Filipino, and I was born in Canada. Umm, I was wondering does anyone have a deviantart profile? Okay, anyways, I absolutely LOVE Evangelion, also the movies. My fave pairing is A&S, and I guess the others are okay. I've been writing fanfiction for... I don't know how long, I write them and draw the characters. When I get my scanner hooked up, go see my deviatart account.

UEFC 12: Syra X

Well, I'm 14 and from Georgia, and another girl, as well as (it seems) one of the few people from southern North America. If that made any sense. Obviously, I'm a huge Eva fan; my fics would be: The Devil and the Saviour, Safety, and Psychosis. (S/A, S/K/A, and S/K, respectively.) I've been writing fanfiction for about a year, give or take some. I'll read practically any pairing (and I mean any) as long as it's well written, with the exception of ShinjiMana. Also, I'm willing to pre-read for people, but I'm terribly lazy.

UEFC 13: Goon Du the newbie

Well, what can you say about me. I'm 17 born and 'Made in Singapore', the land of eternal summer. Currently, I'm selling my soul to writting fanfiction, and am struggling to write up a complete storyline, instead of various one-shot and drabble. As for reading fanfiction, I've been reading it about two years, however, it was occasional, thus, I'm actually still counted as new comer in the Eva fanfiction world. As for the anime Eva, I've been a fan for about three years already, thus, one can say thatI've already settled down from rabid oblivious fanboytoabove-than-averagefan of Eva.

Well, that's all from me I guess. So if you are to excuse me, I need to go back to the storyboard and start writting crappy fics...

UEFC 14: sedemihcrA

Hello. I'm a male 20-year-old college student attending Sarah Lawrence working ona creative writing major. I'm currently a study abroad student in Temple University of Tokyo, Japan. I have been writing fanfiction since I was about 14-years-old and I have frequented various forums and sites including this one for some time. After starting and failing to finish several Eva stories I finally decided to try something I'd never seen written before and the results have been much better. I read science fiction primarily. My favorite authors include: Orson Scott Card, William Gibson, Richard K. Morgan, and Alastair Reynolds.

I began watching the Evangelion series when I was 14-years-old but I did not really start writing about the series for some time (probably not until I was disappointed by the ending). It may appear as if I'm relatively new to FFN but I've actually been lurking around the site for much longer. While I am a fan of many anime series and movies, I consider Evangelion to be one of the most brilliant and moving works of art I've ever experienced and easily the most influential in my life. One day, I hope be a professional novelist, writing science fiction for a living and generally having a grand old time.

Ok, far too much information already. Now, stop reading this and go read our fics!

About this Profile Page

This page is the homepage, if you like, of the UEFC. The 'favourite authors' list is the list of all our current members. The 'favourite stories' list is a list of all our members' stories. Soon, we will have a C2 community, and a forum. Until then, keep a fresh eye out for changes to this page. Cheerio, Naon

UEFC Story Challenges

Over the next few weeks, some stories may start to appear in the 'stories' area on this page. That is because there will be UEFC Story Challenges, where members challenge other members to a story writing competition. Say, PandaAttack might challenge J.G to write a one-shot that involves: a bomb, the ocean, Unit 04 and Kaji. J.G would then write that story (a one-shot), and we would all rate it. Then, J.G would get to challenge PandaAttack back with something else. So, if one of us gets challenged and we complete that challenge, then we get to challenge them back. Understand?

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