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Author has written 13 stories for Teen Titans, and Avatar: Last Airbender.

Attention all ZUTARIANS!!! (Spoilers for Day of Black Sun)

For those of you who have seen the Day of Black Sun special, you probably know where this is going. ZUTARA lives!!! Sure many of us were discouraged (and very pissed off) when Aang kissed Katara, and even more so when she didn't push him into the ocean with his mouth frozen shut, but I almost screamed my head off when Zuko said he was going to join the Avatar.

To those of you who wasted your eternal energy in telling us that Zuko joining the Avatar would never happen in a million years, I would now like to say:


Okay, sorry. I've been waiting for this since forever, and once Zuko joins the gang, Zutaraness is BOUND to happen. I mean, what teenage girl in her right mind WOULDN'T choose Zuko over Aang??
I'm just completely elated. I should go look up that last shot of Zuko. You know, the one where he got on a blimp and started following the gang??


Hello, peoplez!

Name: Estefania, 'Steffi' for those select few who don't piss me off
Age: Like I'm telling you.
Location: Again, ha!
Height 5" 2'
Hair: Dark brown (in something between curls and waves, it's awesome).
Eyes: Brown
Label: If you must patronize me, I guess you could say I'm a prep.


"No genius was ever made without a touch of madness" Einstein
"Banning a book is like telling a man he can't have a steak because a baby can't chew it" Mark Twain


"If you can't beat 'em, join 'em"

PEOPLE: This one goes out to D-I-WaRrIa! you, girl, Rock soooo hard!



Favorite shows:

Teen Titans (curse you, whoever canceled it!)

Danny Phantom

Avatar: The Last Airbender

CSI: Las Vegas



Drake & Josh

Gilmore Girls


Star/Rob: In my opinion, they're the picture perfect example of an angsty, fluffy, totally heartbreaking couple. Besides, Robin is hott.

BB/Rae: I love BB, and I think he compliments Raven quite nicely. They sort of fall in together on their own accord, and that's fabulous.

Cyborg/Bumblebee: Oh, don't even get me started on Bee's kickass attitude.

Zutara: This is where I'm going to ramble... Okay, Zuko is the most awesome, hottest, totally adorable character to ever set foot in my television. I think his entire persona is really well built, and (contrary to what many of you may say) he and Katara sort of fit together. Putting aside all of that "opposites attract" shit, let's face it. Kataang is sweet enough to rot your teeth, and no one's life is as perfect as these fics make theirs out to be. With Zutara, getting around obstacles is the main point, finding a way around customs and labels in order to be accepted into society. And, should society fail to accept them, they'll find a way to escape the rules. Zuko is almost always the pig-headed one, but I've seen fics where Katara refuses to accept that she loves our favorite prince. Besides, these two characters are the ones who make the most kickass AU fics, ignoring the fact that no one can come up with a decent last name for Katara and Sokka...



FYI: My 'couples that I would destroy with a chainsaw ifI had the chance'has been permanently erased due to my sudden comprehension that since I don't read any fics with the pairings, I shouldn't take the time to tell people. You'll find out when you see my stories or my favorites!




Music I'm currently obssesed with:

Maroon 5 (It won't be soon before long)
The Pink Spiders (Teenage Graffiti)
Jesse y Joy (esta es mi vida)
Kelly Clarkson (My December)
Paramore (Riot!) and (All we Know is Falling)
Nelly Furtado (Loose)

Favorite dialogues:

(Me and Rio are walking, simple as that)
Me: Hey, Rio, where are you going?
Rio: Oh, Chemistry, you?
Me: Bio, ugh! I better hurry up or Flores'll give me detention. AGAIN.
Rio: RIGHT? She gave me detention last time!!
(Me and Rio imitating Flores)

(Moises, Derek, and I are TRYING to finish a project)
Moises: Hey, have you ever watched "My Super Ex-Girlfriend?"
Me and Derek: No.
Moises: Why don't we?
Me: (glances at the screen) You only want to watch it because there's a couple having sex in midair.
Moises: EXACTLY!!!

(Me and Reena)
Reena: I shall find you an emo boyfriend!!
Me: But I'm a prep! I want a preppy boyfriend!
Reena: (sigh) but emo's are so much cuter!!
Me: Think about it this way: If you let me near the emo's, I'll prepify them.
Reena: You can't overcome their emosity!! (scoff)
Me: Reena, LOOK at me.
Reena: (gives me a once-over) AH! NO EMO'S FOR YOU!!!

Me: Staa-aa-aacy!!
Stacy: What?
Me: I need a boyfriend and sushi!!
Stacy: ...
Me: Preferably at the same time!!

"Demon Monkey from hell!"--ME
"You wanna take this outside!" Me

(lock arms and exit building skipping)

(me and Kaila over the phone)

(on the phone)
Kaila: SO? The guy on FF??
Me: Well, you can't tell much from his profile, and he's only been a member since when...?
Kaila: I dunno, August?
Me: No, it's number 8... Lemme see. (starts listing months in Spanish)
Kaila (containing laughter)
Me: September.
Kaila: No, stupid, that's number nine
Me: Huh?
Kaila: Yeah September is 9/11 month
Me: No! (starts counting months in Spanish again) (sees eight fingers) Oh...

(still on the phone)
Kaila: Wow, four funny moments in what? thrity minutes?
Me: Thirty minutes and forty seconds... 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47
Kaila: alright! I get it!

"Chocolate, please!" Kaila (my bff) and ME at the exact same time
(turn heads to stare at each other at the same time)
"Get out of my head!" Kaila
"But it's sooo roomy in there!" ME
"And i'm having the roller-coaster installed!"

(Me and Kaila on the phone)
Me: Hey, guess what?
Kaila: What?
Me: Ever noticed how Aang's initials are AA for Avatar Aang?
Kaila: ...So?
Me: That means Aang is a part of Alcoholics Annonymous!
Kaila: Huh?
Me: Yeah! Think about it: AA Avatar Aang, AA Alcoholics Annonymous!
Kaila: But! There's 3 A's. Avatar Aang is an Airbender!
Me:... Alcoholics Annonymous Auditorium!! That's where they meet!!

(Me and Kaila on the phone)
"Shit! The cookie got on my shirt!"Me
"Aw, bad cookie!" Kaila
"Yes, damn cookie!" Me
"Hey that sound funny!" Kaila
"Yeah it does... GO TO HELL, YOU DAMN COOKIE!!" Me

(Me and Kaila on the phone)
"Hey Steffi!" Kaila
"Phone's slipping, phone's slipping, got cookies in one hand and hot chocolate on the other, phone's slipping and can't hold it phone's slipping cookies and hot chocolate and phone's slipping!!!" Me

Me: making funny snoring sounds like; num num num num num (like pegasus from Hercules)
"WInged Horsey!" Me
Both: Crack up laughing
Both: Spend the next few minutes laughing over the word 'horsey'
Both: Stop laughing
Me: Whay does that sound soo wrong?"
Kaila: I know it does, doesn't it?

Reena: (after buying popcorn in a bag) AH, NO!! I WANT THAT KERNEL!!
Me: O.O
Reena: It's the perfect kernel!! Slightly burned, but buttery all the same!

(Reena and I were on the school's computers and Reena's screen won't come up)
Me: (minding my own business)
Reena: OPEN!! SAYS ME!!!
(short pause)
Reena: Hey! It opened!

(There's these five nerds who sit behind us in IPC)
Reena: Hey dudes, what'd you get for number 4? (I'm with her)
Nerds: O.O...
Reena: (acts surprised) What?
Reena and Me: (run away screaming)

(It was Halloween and this chick Aarin dressed up like a dude and looked really dumb and ugly) (I hate her)
Gus: Whoa.
Me: What?
Gus: Aarin makes an ugly chick right?
Me: Yeah...
Gus: Isn't it pathetic that she makes an ugly chick AND an ugly dude?

Reena: Did you see the prettiness of the boys?
Me: Yes, Reena, I saw the prettiness of the boys.
Reena: And was the prettiness of the boys not pretty?
Me: (rolls eyes and sighs) Yes, Reena, the prettiness of the boys was pretty...

(We're at a swim meet and Gus is trying to find a way to distract the competition)
Gus: (walks up to a dude)
Dude: What?
Gus: I think you're hot!
Dude: (ran away and lost his event)

(Another swim meet, another attempt to distract competition)
Caitlin: (walks up to a bunch of guys) Do you support the fight against breast cancer?
Guy: Umm... no?
Caitlin: Oh my God, you bastard! You know, it could happen to you, you have breasts too!!
(Let's just say that team didn't do so hot)

"What are you doing?" Kaila
"Ooh! The cookies are warm!" Me
"That was random" Kaila
"What? I'm entitled to talk about warm cookies" Me
"You're gonna do WHAT to the cookie?" Kaila
"NO! I said 'the cookies are warm" ME
"Oh..." Kaila
"I'm not gonna do anything to the cookie! That's gross!" Me
"AND it sounds wrong!" Kaila

Erika: Look, Estefania, it's a yellow scarf with white polka dots!
Me: Oh my God!! It's a cow with jaundice!! (we go to a medical high school, and medical jokes are a must)

Ms. french teacher: Look at this book I found: Le Spleen de Paris.
Me: What does the spleen do, again?
Aura: It stores bile.
Amanda: No it doesn't! It's part of the lymphnode system!!
Me and Aura: (crack up) THE LYMPHNODE SYSTEM?!?
Me: (goes and asks Health teacher about the function of the spleen)
Ms. French teacher: Well?
Me: The spleen is hemolytic and produces lymphocites, the GALLBLADDER stores bile.
Amanda: SEE?!? It produces lymphnodes, so it's part of the lymphatic system!! I was right!!!

Ms. French Teacher: Oh, guess what?
Collective 'What?'
Ms. French Teacher: I was up all last night trying to recover the thirty-page syllabus my boyfriend erased...
Amanda: So you lost your syllabuses?
Aura: You mean syllabi?
Me and Aura: SYLLABUSES!!!

Amanda: Well, you know, I like to use my oven for reheating, since it uses less electricity!
Aura: Amanda, I've seen your oven.
Amanda: And?
Aura: It's a GAS oven, idiot.

Me: Kaila! Guess what? I was watching Snow White the other day and-
Kaila:(interrupts) Why were you watching Snow White?
Me: Never mind that! Anyways, I'm watching, and one of the elves-
Kaila:(interrupts...again) They're dwarves, not elves.
Me: Whatever! So I'm watching, and one of the DWARVES says, "Who are you and who are you doing?"
(Me: starts cracking up)
Kaila: My God, you're perverted...

(Kaila, Mare and me on a sugar high sleepover.)
Kaila: Guuuys, shut up. I'm trying to sleep!
Mare: (is poking me viciously)
Me: OW! Mare, cut it out!
Mare: (is poking me viciously)
Me: OW! See? Now I've got a bruise!
Mare: I don't see any bruise!
Me: (lifts sleeve) That's because it's Canadian!
Mare: Sí!
Me: Exactly!
Mare: So where exactly IS Canadia?
(I laugh uncontrollably)
Kaila: So if your bruise--
Me: ahem. He prefers to be called 'Pierre'
Kaila: Right. So if Pierre is a Canadian bruise, does that mean that you got bruised in Canadia or that a Canadian guy punched you?
(Mare and I adopt thoughtful positions for five minutes) P.S. Yes, I did time it
Me: I don't know, but it makes you think, doesn't it?

(Me, Gus, and Andrew) (Gus is gay)
Gus: Andrew, you're so retarded...
Me: (pats Andrew's shoulder) It's okay, Andrew, it's not your fault you're straight.

(Same sleepover)
Me: So I'm reading this fic about an evil teddy bear who killed everybody with a butcher knife...
Kaila: Aw, he's not evil, he's just misunderstood!
Me: Whatever.
Kaila: What was the bear's name?
Me: Paco.
(both burst out laughing)
Me: Yeah, cuz Paco means 'butcher knife' in Spanish.
Kaila: Wow, Steffi...
Me: Hey! We should make our own Spanish dictionary!
Kaila: Yeah! Paco means 'butcher knife'!
Me: Salsa means 'Paco'!
Kaila: Taco means 'misunderstood teddy bear'!
Both: SALSA TACO WITH PACO! (kudos to whoever translates that)

Me: Hey Mare, why so glum?
Mare: I'm at a freaking quinceanera... I feel so white...
Me: You ARE white, Mare.
Mare: Oh yeah?
ME: Yep.
Mare: Well you're stupid.
Me: Oh yeah?.! Well.. Um... Fuck you!

Mom: So, you don't have any friends left to hang out with?
Me: (sigh) no...
Sister: She's got me!
Me: Mom said 'friends' not 'genetic obligations'.
Sister: (Stares)

(me and Kaila, discussing my dramatic boy-craziness)
Kaila: I'm telling you, you can't stop talking about boys for five minutes. (see if you remember this Kay)
Me: I can too!
(loong pause)
Me: See? I can stop talking about boys... OH! Look at him! No, not him, HIM. Isn't he cute?
Kaila: le sigh

Kaila: How do you keep track of the boys you think are cute?
Me: Simple. I name them.
Kaila: You NAME them?
Me: Yep, see that guy ove there (points to guy)
Kaila: Yeeaah.
Me: (proudly) THAT'S cute guy #13
Kaila: (looks up at ceiling asking softly 'why me?')

Mare: How did we ever get stuck with Steffi?
Kaila: I dunno...
Me:(and yes, they were discussing this in my presence) Guess you're just lucky!
Mare: Now I remember! YOU (points at Kaila) met HER (points at me) in Science and brought her to luch with us!
Me: So this is all your fault! Shame on you, young lady!

Me: I have a solution to our distance apart due to different high schools!!
Kaila: I'm listening.
Me: K. You apply to Silva during the Christmas break, you get in, join the swimming team, like me, and that way I can pick you up at 6:30 in the morning ready to go train!!
Me: Whaddaya think?
Kaila: I lost ya after 'apply to Silva'.

Me (in PE): AH! I just bruised my beautiful knee!
Kaila: Aw, Steffi's a small, delicate flower.

(Me, Victoria, and Javier who is gay are walking to class)
Victoria: Java! C'mere!! I have to bite you!
Javier: (runs)
Me: Go get him, Toria!! (enjoys seeing them chase each other in circles FOREVER)
Victoria: (bites Javier)
Javier: You know what, Victoria? One day, I'm gonna bring out the MAN in me and do... BAD things to you!
Me: (laughs) Oh no, Javier, not your inner manliness!!!

(Adrien and I are walking to class and he just told me he takes a cooking class)
Adrien: And we're making pizza today, which is really--
Me: Wait a sec, you take Home Ec.?
Adrien: It's called Food Tech.!
Me: ...But You cook.
Adrien: Yes.
Me: Then it's Home Ec.
Adrien: NO!!! Home Ec. has those weird baby simulators that won't shut the hell up!!
Me: That's Child Development, genius.
Adrien: Then why does my teacher have a plastic baby on her desk?
Me: (laughing) I don't know, dude, that's HER problem...

(Adrien and I are walking. AGAIN)
Adrien (after I just teased him about Home Ec): You're such a bitch.
Me: (pretends to be hurt) So anyway, bring me back a brownie, will ya?
Adrien: No, cuz you're mean.
Me: Please? I'm hungry!
Adrien: NO. Besides, the teacher doesn't think it's safe to take food outside the classroom.
Me: Why?
Adrien: Cuz there're a lot of bugs and rats over at Jeff.
Me: (gives Adrien a look) I'll say.

(We're watching Romeo and Juliet and suddenly, Romeo and Mercutio end up touching foreheads)
Gus (gay, also): (gasps) Ah! Kiss him, Romeo, do it!!

(There was an orchestra banquet at my school and I was asking Gus how it went)
Gus: Oh, man. It was hilarious. Jody started dancing with David.
Me: How was he?
Gus: (calls Jody over) JODY!! How's David's dancing?
Jody: (walks away laughing)

(Me and Amanda are doing a research project on a gay district in Paris)
Me: How bout this site?
Amanda: (clicks)
(this gay stripper comes on with sexy music in the background)
Me & Amanda: AAAHH!! TURN IT OFF!!! IT BURNS!!! I'M BLIND!!!

(Me and Gus are talking. simple as that)
Gus: Hey, when I first met you I thought you were gonna be one of those few people who are pretty AND smart...
Me: Aw! Thanks, Gus!!
Gus: Then I found out you're just pretty.

(Me, Rio, and Gus are talking about how MySpace sucks)
Rio: We should replace it.
Gus: Yeah, how about instead of MySpace we put in YourMom?
Me: (laughs) I can just SEE that. "I'm sorry, but YourMom has been blocked by the internet filter."
(we laugh hysterically)
Gus: Or "I didn't do my homework cuz I was on YourMom all night."
Rio: (laughs) I know, seriously. Like, "Dude, I'm getting on YourMom as soon as I get home!"
Me: Or, or, "YourMom is the biggest thing on the internet!!
(the sub in charge wasn't very happy with us...)

(Adrien and I are walking. AGAIN)
Adrien: You take FRENCH?
Me: You take Home Ec. What's your point?
Adrien: IT'S FOOD TECH.!!!

(Gus, Karen and I are talking about Gay signs for my project)
Gus: The purple triangle is SO a gay sign. Why do you think they got onto Tinkie Winkie?
Karen and Me: Tinkie Winkie! Dipsy! La-La! Po! Teletubbies! Teletubbies!!

(an announcement came on to release the top 10 seniors and the stupidest kid in class walks out.)
Amanda and Me: (stare)
Me: Well, they did say JEFFERSON'S top 10...

(Me, Erika, and Karen discussing our potential emossity)
Me: So do you like Amor For Sleep?
Karen: Don't you mean Armor For Sleep?
Me: No, I'm pretty sure it's Amor.
Karen: But that makes no sense!!
Erika: Yeah, I mean with Armor you like, prepare yourself for sleep, so... yeah.
Me: But with mine, you get... love for sleep, so that makes sense!!
Erika: But Armor like, protects you from... bad things... while you sleep!
Me: But Amor is better than Armor!!
Karen: Who ARE they anyway?!

(Erika and Me discussing the pros and cons of Italy and Japan)
Me: Italy's got hot guys!
Erika:Japan's got anime!
Me: Italy's got Dolce & Gabanna!
Erika: O_O
Me: ...The brand?
Erika: ...Japan's got sushi!
Me: Italy's got pasta!
Erika: China's got... Chinese food!
Me: China's not part of Japan!!
Erika: I'm talking about Asia!!
Me: Fine! I'm talking about Europe, then!
Erika: Fine!
Me: Europe's got Daniel Radcliffe!
Erika: So? He's yucky!!
Me: (gasp) Ah! Take that back!
Erika: Japan's got... sushi!!
Me: You already said that!!

Gus: (whispers to me, Andreanna, and Amanda) come here, (he hugs us all at once 'memberL he's gay)
Gus: (yells) Hey, Andrew! (Andrew is straight)
Andrew:(turns and blushes at the sight)
Gus: (hugs us tighter) Is this why you hate me?


"Sh! Katara, not in front of the fox, he's with the owl!" Sokka

Long Feng: You can't arrest me, you need more me then you know.
Sokka: Looks like Long Feng is long gone! (laughs) Oh, I've been waiting to use that one!

Iroh: (Calling after Zuko) What that means is up to you! (To self) "The Tea Weevil"! No, that's stupid...

Sokka: We'll split up to cover more area. Toph, I guess you should just come with me.
Toph: (Grumpily) Why? Because you think I can't put up posters on my own!? (Swipes glue across a wall, snatches a poster from Sokka, and slams it backwards onto the paste).
Toph: ...It's upside-down, isn't it?

Sokka: Hey, I thought designing the "Lost Appa" poster was my job! I've been working on my Appa all day!
(shows Katara and Aang his picture')
Aang: Sokka, the arrow is on Appa's head.
Sokka: This is his head!
Katara: Why are feet coming out of it?
Sokka: Those are his horns! ...I haven't seen him in a while, okay?!
Toph: It looks just like him to me!
Sokka: Thank you! I worked really... (pauses, remembers Toph is blind) Why do you feel the need to do that?

Toph: Yeah! Let's break some rules!
Earthbends at the wall, smashing a big hole through it)

context: Ty Lee unleashes a flurry of jabs into the back of a Kyoshi warrior, dropping her, and unleashes a final taunt
Ty Lee: You are not prettier than we are.

Azula: Who are you? The Avatar's fangirls?
a short pause
Ty Lee: ...Oh! I get it! Good one Azula.

Katara:Look, the inner wall. I can’t believe we finally made it to Ba Sing Se in one piece.
Sokka:Hey don’t jinx it! We could still be attacked by some giant, exploding Fire Nation spoon. Or find out the city’s been submerged in an ocean full of killer shrimp.
Toph:You been hitting the cactus juice again?
Sokka:I’m just sayin’, weird stuff happens to us.

Iroh: Sips tea Blech! This tea is nothing more than hot leaf juice!
Zuko: Uncle, that's what all tea is.
Iroh: How could a member of my own family say something so horrible?!

Aang: Good evening, Mister Sokka Water Tribe. Miss Katara Water Tribe. Lord Momo of the Momo Dynasty. Your Momo-ness. (Gong sounds)
Sokka: Avatar-Aang, how you do go on.
(Each bows until their heads hit together)
Toph: Katara might be able to pull it off, but you two would be lucky to pass as busboys.
Sokka: But I feel so fancy!

"You're not very bright, are you?" Wan-Chi Tong (big owl)

"Fufucuddlypoops, this is Aang. Aang, Fufucuddlypoops." Sokka

"Step into line, Twinkle Toes!" Toph

"Maybe you should kiss him, Katara," Sokka
"Maybe YOU should kiss him Sokka," Katara (pissed)
"Hey, I'm just throwing out ideas, here," Sokka
"Yeah! Bad ones!" Aang

Katara: The King is throwing a party at the palace tonight for his pet bear.
Aang: Don't you mean platypus bear?
Katara: No, it just says, 'bear'.
Sokka: Certainly you mean his pet skunk bear?
Toph: Or his armadillo bear?
Aang: Gopher bear?
Katara: Just, 'bear'.
Toph: (pause) This place is wierd.


"Was Jet your boyfriend, or something?" Toph
"What? NO!" Katara
"(in sing-song voice) I can tell you're lyyyiing!!" Toph

"Who lit Toph on fire?" Sokka

"Hey, look at that big cloud of dust! It looks so.. poofy! ... ... ... Poof!" Tylee

"You've been hallucinating on cactus juice all day and then you just lick something you find stuck to the wall of a cave?!" Katara
"I have a natural curiosity." Sokka

"Hey! River people!" Chung

"Well, what kind of people are ya?" Chung
"Just... people..." Aang
"Aren't we all, brother?" Chung

"Nice underwear!" Chung

"Sokka, why's your forehead all red?" Katara
(Chung walks over)
"NOBODY react to what I'm about to tell you... I think that kid (points at Sokka) might be the Avatar!" Chung
Sokka: (slaps his forehead)


"No one's taking her away..." Robin (Sisters)
"You're hugging me." Raven (Switched)
"We need gravy... and Plenty of it!" Cyborg (Crash)
"...Your #1 nemesis has returned!" Control Freak (For Real)


"This is the best peanut brittle I've ever tasted!" Cyborg (Crash)

"Y'all wanna tell the Titans that we have our hands full with some second-hand bad guy who didn't even make the list?.!" Bumblebee (For Real)

"That would've worked on the REAL Titans, it's just that your powers are just... Stupid! I don't wanna fight you anymore..." Control Freak (For Real)

"It's cheese-tastic!" Cyborg (Crash)

"All the fault is YOURS! I commanded you leave me alone, but you insisted upon the 'being nice'!!" Star
"MY FAULT? You blast me, you KISS me, but you never stopped to mention that they have a gigantic article weapon?!" RObin
(everybody starts yelling at the same time)
((If you listen REALLY closely, you'll hear THIS amongst the yelling))
"(Yelling at Robin in Tamaranian ANGRILY)" Star
"You..I- I- I CAN'T UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU'RE SAYING!.!" Robin (pissed off) (Episode GO)

"Great idea Robin. Leave RAVEN in charge of the kids." Raven (Hide and Seek)

"Tell Robin I don't Babysit" Raven
"Raven says to tell you she doesn't babysit! ... Robin says you have to" Beast Boy (Hide and Seek)

"All right, Titans, split up and search the Tower" Robin
"Split up? SPLIT UP!.? Dude, did you not watch the movie? When you split up, the monster hunts you down one by one, starting with the good-looking comic relief guy... ME!" Beast Boy (Fear Itself)

"Kay, dude. Keep Your eye. On. The cookie!" Beast Boy (Only Human)

"We need gravy. And plenty of it!" Cyborg (Crash)

"I've always thought you were funny, BB. But, hey, looks aren't everything! (giggles)" HAPPY Raven (Nevermore)

"Oh, I cannot awaken Beast Boy! I have tried the tickling, all manner of boddily noises, and the word 'underpants'. I fear this time his brain has been lost forever!" Starfire
"Beast Boy HAD a brain?" Raven

"Wose side are you on, anyways?" Gizmo
"Mine." Red X (Revved Up) that guy is soooo freakin' awesome!

"Does this look like a taxi to you?" Raven
"Nah, It's way too big and circley..." Beast Boy (Trouble in Tokyo)

"Hey! Over here! Your mother was a salamander!" Robin (Trouble in Tokyo)

"Aw, man! How am I supposed to pick up hot Japanese girls with a huge green stain on my shirt?" Beast Boy
"Your skin is green, you have fangs, and your ears are pointed. You're really worried about the shirt?" Raven (Trouble in Tokyo)

"Hey! Did Y'all know there are 456 different varieties of yams? I like yams!" Cyborg

"Super Twinkle Donkey Gum." Raven (Trouble in Tokyo)

"Robin?" Starfire
"Starfire?" Robin
"Stop talking." Starfire (Trouble in Tokyo)

"Robin, you are unwrinkled!" Starfire (Revolution)

"You're the nasty egg people who stole all my waffles!" Cyborg

"You're just jealous because I sound like a rock star." Beast Boy in Brittish accent (Revolution)

"Evil, beware. We have waffles," Raven (Cyborg the Barbarian)

"NO! Not maccaroni!" Cyborg

"You don't understand! on our planet, 'girlfriend' means--" Robin
"A female with whom you share an intimate and special relationship, including the sharing of enjoyable recreation, and the ocasional exchange of floral arragements." Starfire
"Okay, maybe you DO understand" Robin (Stranded)

"Another spy! Tell me, was anyone at my school actually here to LEARN?" Brother Blood
"Oh, I learned plenty," Bumblebee.

"You got a problem, Tinman?" Robin
"Yeah! It's four feet tall and smells like cheap hair gel!" Cyborg

"Oh no! The worst thing that could possibly happen has happened! My tunes! They've been... (suspence)... Alphabetized." Beast Boy

"Whoo! That's one big cherry!" Cyborg

"Now, if you'll release me, I promise to help you find my odious former master. After I escaped his ship, he pursued me here and mistakenly captured another green dog; your 'Beast Boy' I presume." Dog
"And you didn't tell us this earlier because..." Raven
"I was having too much fun." Dog (Every Dog has his Day)

"I suggest a large pizza with pickles, bananas, and mint frosting," Starfire

"How am I supposed to watch TV without the remote?" Cyborg
"Easy. You just get up and change the channel." Raven
"Don't even joke like that." Cyborg
"I wasn't joking," Raven
"Good! Cuz it wasn't funny!" Cyborg

"If he infects that communication coil the virus will spread to every machine within a hundred miles." Robin (Thank you MR. KNOW-IT-ALL!)

"Who ARE these guys? --.,... And what's a cludgehead?" Beast Boy (Final Exam)

"Is it me, or are we getting our butts kicked?" Beast Boy
"It's just you!" Robin and Raven

"(explains revenge plan to Raven) Pretty clever, huh?" Beast Boy
"You're a genius." Raven

"You are a... a... a clorbag varblenook!" Starfire
"I'm a what-bag?" Beast Boy
"You heard the lady." Cyborg
"You are SUCH a clorbag." Raven

"(about to cut Star in half with a saw) It's only fair to warn you: I have no idea what I'm doing." Mumbo Jumbo

"Bit of advice: Find shorter magic words." Dr. Light

"Wakey, wakey, tofu eggs and bakey!" Beast Boy

"Hey! I know where we are! We're in that place where I didn't know where we were before!" Cyborg (try saying THAT 5 times fast)

"I think this might be where air fresheners come from." Beast Boy (Nevermore)

"Now I know how George Washington felt when Napoleon beat him at Pearl Harbor..." Beast Boy.

"Sweet! As soon as we get home, I'm gonna play Mega Monkeys 4, then, I'm gonna eat a tofu burger. OR, I could eat a tofu burger and THEN play Mega Monkeys 4, OR I could eat a tofu burger WHILE playing Mega MOnkeys 4!" Beast Boy.

"Sorry, but I usually work alone," Aqualad
"Yeah, me too," Beast Boy
"You do not! You're part of a team!" Aqualad
"And you hang out with Tram 'the fish-boy'! What's your point?" Beast Boy

"How many of those fork-thingies do you have?" Beast Boy.

"Well, he's cute." Raven (Bretrothed)

"HE'LL GET KETCHUP ON THE SEATS!" Cyborg (Car Trouble)

"I can take you anywhere you wanna go" Cyborg
"The beach!" BeastBoy
"The movies!" Robin
"The Swamp Moons of Drenthax Four!" Starfire
(everyone faints)
"(blushing) He said anywhere..." Starfire.


"Thanks, but to be fair, I probably wouldn't have needed your help if it wasn't for you in the first place," Danny
"How about a thank you, huh?.!" Sam
"Welcome to my world: 'Let's change the school cafeteria menu!' 'Let's sell all your dad's stuff at a garage sale!' 'We should let the GORILLA out..'" Danny (looks at Sam pointedly)
"Oh, anything else you'd like to blame me for!" Sam (furious) " Global Warming, The Ice Age, PUBERTY?"

"Rims... Big, spinning rims..." Danny/ Tucker

"I am the BOX GHOST!.! And once I have emptied you of your of your worthless papers, your magnifiscent squareness shall be mine!" --Box Ghost
"Helloo misplaced agression." --Danny

"(mechanical voice) Ghost directly ahead. You would have to be some sort of moron to not notice the ghost directly ahead." --Fenton Finder.

"Sam, Tucker, this is the Fenton Thermos. It's supposed to trap ghosts. Buuut, since it doesn't work it's just a thermos... A thermos with the word 'Fenton' in front of it."--Jack

"I think I should tell them." --Danny
"Why? Parents don't listen. Even worse, they don't understand... WHY CAN'T THEY JUST ACCEPT ME FOR WHO I AM?.!" --Sam
"Uuuh, Sam, I was talking about my parents.. MY problems?" --Danny
"(chuckling nervously) Right, hee hee... So was I"--Sam

(Danny sorting ghosts) "Ember"
"Ghost Zone"
"Ghost Zone"
"Box Ghost?"

"Oh, and Jack, try not to trash the house while I'm gone," --Maddie
"Ugghh, Suck the house into a parallel dimension ONE TIME and you just can't let it go, can you?"--Jack

"Ah, don't worry, Sam this is the puppy love stuff. He'll come to his senses eventually. Just watch." --Tucker
(pulls out binoculars) "Oh, I was planning to." --Sam

(Valerie hugs Sam)
"Human contact. Crushing. Goth Indifference."--Sam

" 'Ghost' is such an insensitive term! We preffer the term ' Ecto-Americans'." Ghost bird dude.

"I want that back by Monday, minus the Goth sweat," Paulina

"...Not to mention I couldn't sleep with my arch-nemesis sleeping in the bedroom next to mine." Danny
"My parents sleep in the bedroom next to me; It's not the same, But I can't sleep either." Sam

"Hey Val" Danny
" 'Hey Val' ? Isn't that the same Val who's been hunting him?" Tucker
"Yep. And apparently, next week we're having cookies with Skulker!" Sam


"Whatcha got there, Drake?" --Josh
"Potato Launcher," --Drake
"Where d'you get a potato launcher?" --Josh
"Toy Store," --Drake

"I spent two days working on this dinner, paid one-hundred dollars for an ice sculpture, and three-hundred dollars for a harp player who, at this point, SHOULD STOP PLAYING!.!"--Josh
"..."--Drake "You spent one-hundred dollars on ICE?"

"You can't impersonate a doctor, it's against the law!" --Josh
"I'm not impersonating a doctor, I'm PRETENDING to be one." --Drake

"Is my foot fixed?" Lady at hospital after anesthesia wears off.

"SAVE DRAKE! SAVE DRAKE!" --random girl
"Who ARE you?" --Drake
"I love you...BYE!"--random girl

"You calling me a liar?" --Drake
"Well, I ain't callin' you a truther!"--Josh

"I hope you go bald!"--Josh
"I hope they cancel Oprah!"--Drake
"(gasp) Take that back!" --Josh

"I WILL be the ninth caller..." Drake
"Drake?" Josh
"Yeah?" Drake
"Amp's on fire." Josh


"Hey Josh?" Drake
"Hold on, Drake I'm workin'!" Josh
"But this is important!" Drake
"Fine. What is it?" Josh
(holds up two gummi bears) " Look! The gummi bears' are making out!" Drake

"Megan, why was your bucket on top of our door?" Josh
"Why was your door under my bucket?" Megan

"Yes, my question is for the gentleman who answered for her," Man
"Yes?" Drake
"Why are you answering for her?" Man

"Spherical!" Josh

"YOU made Crazy Steve quit?" Helen
"YOU hired a guy named 'Crazy Steve'?" Josh

"$18.00" Josh
"How about...FOUR dollars and...some very warm gummi bears?" Drake

"So how do we get some peppers?" Josh
"We can't. Says here they're only available in South Aw-Mer-Eeca." Drake
"South America!" Josh

(Drake is holding a mexican spanish-speaking robot)
"No." Josh
"Por Favor." Robot.
"No." Josh
"Por Favor." Robot
"No!" Josh
"Por Favor." Robot
" Alright." Josh


(Richard's mother is staying with the Gilmore's at Emily's house)
"Grandma's visiting?" Lorelai
"Yes" Richard
"Does she miss London?" Rory
"I know, I do," Emily
"Emily." Richard
"You know, Richard, I've never truly appreciated the Atlantic Ocean,"
"Emily." Richard
"Oh, yes. 3,000 miles of aquatic distance," Emily

"Uh-oh. What'd she do?" Lorelai to Michel and Rory, who are staring at each other hatingly.
"I took some post-it notes..." Rory pretending to be ashamed.
"But the system!" Lorelai in mock shock
"I told her." Michel
"You have my sincere apology, Michel; she was raised better than that!" Lorelai slaps Kory's right hand.
"Actually, I did it with my other hand." Rory
Lorelai: (slaps Kory's other hand)

(after Jesse stands up Rory)
"Hey, Jess," Rory
"Hey, that table's clean if you want it," Jess
(Jesse walks off)
"You see that? Not even a word, not even a lame-o apology that is obviously a lie!" Rory
"How dare he not lie to you?" Lorelai

"You threw a frying pan at my head!" Taylor
"You threw a frying pan at his head?" Lorelai
"The thing slipped," Luke
"Oh, sure! The pan slipped right after you yelled at me, and I quote 'Taylor, you better duck cuz I'm going to throw this frying pan at your head!'" Taylor.
"You threw a frying pan at Taylor's head without me there? I hate you." Lorelai

"All we need is a name for the band," Guy 1
"I already made my suggestion," Guy2
"And WE already vetoed 'The Harry Potters'. We should go with 'Follow them out into the Desert. It's calm and classy."Guy1
"No! I run out of breath every time I say it," Guy2
"You've got asthma, dude, you run out of breath saying your name." Guy1


"Who ARE you guys?" Chester
"We are not guys. We are hot chicks." Alien bad chicks.

(in thick French accent) "I'm a very honorabel man." guy with the ostriches.
"I'm a very --what? I'm sorry?" Mark
"Honorabel! I'm a very honorabel man!" ostrich guy
"Hono, what/? honogagle?" Mark
"Honorabel, honorabel!" ostrich guy
"I think you're trying to say 'honorable'." Mark

"What is the average speed... of a male ostrich?" ostrich guy
"uh... uh... uh... 27 miles per hour?" Chester
"Yes! Zat is correct!" ostrich guy
"Hmm, I said 'brown'." Mark

"Oh, my God." Jesse (looking at three ostriches)
"What?" Chester
"It's a llama." Jesse

"Don't worry girls! You can depend on us!" Jesse and Chester to girlfriends.
Girlfriends: Moan in despair.


"Osea, me tapo un ojo, me tapo el otro, y nada que ver!" --una novela...noc

"Osea, consíguete un mapa, y ubícate!"

"Osea, ve a la tienda de la esquina, compra unos cigarros, y esfúmate!"

"Cómprate una alcancia, y ahórrate tus comentarios!"

"Oye! Popotitos!" (este chavo en una alberquada me estaba molestando por mis piernas...)
"Que quieres?" Yo
(No dijo nada, pero digamos que sus ojos no estaban en mi cara)
(yo hago un telefono con mi mano, el pulgar en mi oido y el de en medio por mi boca)
"Bueno? Si. Aja, un momento," ( le tiro el 'dedo') Es para ti" Yo

hee hee heee


thank u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much, u rock!

i'll try to update as soon as i can :D :) :S :P :X

you can reach me anytime for reviews at estefania_steffi@hotmail.com

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