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Author has written 7 stories for Naruto, Mentalist, Dexter, and Alex Cross series.

I guess that this is where I tell everyone who looks at my profile about myself.


Location: Ohio

Favorite Anime/Manga: Naruto, Bleach, Yu Yu Hakusho, Full Metal Alchemist, Witch Hunter, Ubel Blatt.

Gender: Male

Pairings that I like:




Pairings that I don't like:



Kiba/Hinata (You will never see me write one of these pairings, so please don't lobby for them)

To see the 'map' for the first exam from Naruto of the Mirage , I made a rather crude drawing of it here:


Favorite Quotes-

"All I see in your sword is fear. If I dodge, I'm afraid of being hit. If I'm protecting someone, I'm afriad they'll die. If I attack, I'm afaid I'll cut them. There is no place for fear here. Do you see the resolve to cut you in my blade? If I dodge, I won't let you hit me. If I'm protecting someone, I won't let them die. If I'm attacking, I will cut you." Bleach.

A women tells Sir Winston Churchill that he is drunk at a party. "Mam, I may be drunk, but your ugly, and I'll be sober in the morning."

"Corn is no place for a mighty warrior!" Teen Girl Squad #10

"Maniac in a Speedo'd!" Teen Girl Squad #11

"Don't you mean the Star-gate?"

"No! This is the Far-gate, it has nothing to do with the movie of a similar name, which I have never seen before!"

"It was a good movie though..."

"Yeah, it was." Aqua Teen Hunger Force

"Evelyn was an insomniac, so when they say she died in her sleep, you have to question that."

New thing I hate: in Harry Potter stories, everyone seems to think that Dumbledore is some kind of master con man and is trying to take over the world on his own. All because he didn't tell Harry about the prophecy when he was 11. Does anyone know what an 11 year old would think about being told it's either kill or be killed? Of course the child isn't going to believe in his own mortality, he's a child for heavens sakes. He will be so sure that he will come out the victor that it could lead to so many kinds of anti-social disorders that it's not really funny. Especially when you take into account that he was also just told that the man he was just fighting was killed. There's an idea for someone, show how horribly Dumbledore telling Harry the prophecy could go.

As kind of an note, the 'Bell Test' is kind of a bad name. The way I see it, it doesn't matter if the team gets the bells in the first test, the jounin would still fail them and tie someone to a post or tree or whatever. Even if the sensei decides to give a second chance and not fail the team straight away, the second rendition wouldn't matter either. The true test is where one person is tied to the pole and the other two have to decide to feed him/her or not. If the third member gets fed then all is well and the team would pass. If no teamwork is shown and the third member is not fed, then the team would fail regardless of the results of any physical test.

I realize that the vast majority of people out there, dislike Sasuke, and I will admit, I'm not his biggest fan at the moment, but really, this entire Sasuke bashing thing has just gotten out of control. I think it's mainly a case of fannon taking over the cannon events. For example

Fannon: Sasuke: I'm an Uchiha, I deserve ultimate power, everyone must teach me everything because I must, must, MUST kill Itachi.

Cannon: Sasuke: I am an Uchiha, I should be stronger. I need to become stronger to kill Itachi."

Note the fact that the cannon is two distinct sentances, while fannon is a mis-mash of everything and then some. The fact is, in cannon, Sasuke never once says that he should be getting special treatment or training because he is an Uchiha, he does say he needs it to become stronger. Also, he says that he should be stronger because he is an Uchiha, to me, he is referring to the fact that he should be stronger THAN HE IS CURRENTLY, not stronger compared to Naruto or Kakashi.

Though every one of you Sasuke haters wishes for his death, as of now, he WILL live. He will kill Itachi, he will fight against Akatsuki. Now, I am in no way implying that he is gonna get a free ride back into Konoha as so many people like to think he would, in fact, i doubt he'll even go back to Konoha, even if it was offered.

PS, constantly calling him "Sasugay" or Sas-UKE doesn't make you's not funny and every time I see it, you guys laugh, the sasuke hating community laughs and I die a little more inside.

Ok, so another thing I have noticed is that people think that every time they
mention the Hokage, a Hokage, or a Kage in general, they have to mention paperwork and the evil that lies there in. I get that it's supposed to be a joke... in fact, I'm pretty sure I've made it at least once in my time writing fanfiction, but I really am beginning to hate it. Nope, scratch that, I do hate it. First off, what little comedic value it has is only put to good use when used in visual media...not writing! Secondly, people tend to use it once or twice a chapter...for like eight chapters in a row...thats about...let's see three, carry the one...take into account inflation and the Earth's rotation...way the fuck too many! Thirdly, I'd just like to say that the lampooning of the Bureaucracy isn't new and reached it's pinnacle of hilarity on that episode of Futurama where Hermes is replaced and sent to a forced labor camp.

"Guards! Bring me the paperwork I need to have her taken away!"


Why do people assume the the sharingan's copying abilites are based around movement? The sharingan evolved from the Byakugan which is famous for being able to see chakra pathways and tenketsu. So why would the sharingan go from seeing chakra, to focusing on movement? When the sharingan copies a technique does it make more sense that it would instantly copy the hand seals, or would it copy the flow of chakra inside the opponents body.

Everyone is always bad mouthing Kakashi for not training Naruto during the chuunin exam. Did anyone ever think that maybe he knew that Jiraiya was going to be in town? If he's training Naruto, than Jiriaya doesn't do his bit and the entire story is ruined. Did anyone ever think of that?

People who bash Sasuke because he seems to have everything handed to him are no better than the boy who they hate. Sasuke, at least as portrayed in fannon, is under the impression that power is owed to him and that he deserves it due to his circumstances. The authors of Sauske bashing stories have come to the conclusion that while Sasuke might not be owed that power, Naruto some how is. Now, not once do you ever see Naruto going around saying things like "Oh, I have a terrible life due to the demon that was sealed inside me, I deserve power". Not a single time. So, it can only be in the author's imagination that something like that happens, which means that it is the authors who believe that power is owed to certain people due to their upbringings.

I'm getting sick of the lack of imagination that some people have on this site. It's becoming a real buzz kill when I'm reading a story and begin to see the same pattrens and gimmicks used in fifteen other stories. For example, people want to give Naruto a new summons, not an uncool idea, but it always ends up the same thing. Either foxes, wolves (for reasons I don't come close to understanding), dragons, or pheonixes. I have actually stopped reading stories complety when I see the word dragon in the summary, chapter or title. Foxes were, at one time, a cool idea, but now seem to have run their course, and besides authors liking wolves, I don't see how that is even applicable to the Naruto-verse.

I want to pose a challenge to all the writers out there. Normally I don't advocate the writing of non Naruto centric stories, but maybe I should give writers out there the chance to change my mind.

There seem to be only two reactions to trauma. The first is an attraction so deep that it consumes you until you feel compelled to repeat it over and over. The second is a fear or hatred so strong that your entire life changes to avoid a repeat of this event. What if Sasuke, instead of following his brother's parting words, became afraid. Instead of becoming the Uchiha avenger, Sasuke becomes afraid. Instead of being a genius of the ninja class, he is too afraid to perform a ninjutsu, let alone be the rookie of the year.

Anyone wants to take this up, please let me know, I'd love to read it.

Falling Inside the Black by Canadian Jester - The First to take up my challenge and a good start. Please read and review.

I feel kinda bad since half my profile is just me listing things that I hate and explaining my to try and even it out, here's my list of things I like


Lostprophets...simply amazing band, new CD out this summer, can't freakn' wait...been way too long since I've seen them and I've been listening to Liberation Transmision so much I've practically worn out half the tracks. THE BETRAYED, NEW ALBUM COMING IN?? What the Hell! The release keeps getting pushed back and back. With my luck it'll be released by November. Let's put it this way. The album was released in January 2010 in the UK. My mom will be going to Europe as part of a school trip this summer, starting mid to late june and she is under explicit directions to get me a copy of that CD because I won't be able to buy it before she will.

Motion City Soundtrack... My Dinosaur life was released Jan. '10 and man does it rock! Can't wait for them to come back to Ohio for a show, hopefully with better opening acts.

Plain White T' Hey There Delilah was over played way too much...I'll maybe, kinda, sorta get over it...Every Second Counts is still a great CD, even after they put that damn re-release on there.


Dexter...I don't know if I should be happy that I've found a show that I really connect with or be worried because I find myself agreeing with a sociopath...

House...come on, it's way better than Grey's Anatomy, not only in terms of hot women (I'd take Lisa Edelstein over Katherine Heigl any day of the week, and she's number 3 on my list), but plot and it's amount of generally grumpy/possibly pissed of older men is just unmatched.

NCIS...Darn good show, almost the exact opposite of the CSI franchise. Hundreds of times mroe character drvien than procedural.

Criminal Minds...Maybe I'm just going through a psychological profiler phase, but I love the show almost as much as I love my Alex Cross books.


Ohio State Buckeys...I grew up in Ohio, I go the the University, I'm kinda locked in here

Pittsburgh Penguins...Come on Pens!

Ipswich Town FC...if you haven't heard of's probably for a good reason, it's looking like we'll miss out on promotion again...

Tennis...Okay, lets go down the list

Roger Fedderer- Okay, was going to see him in Indian Wells, but then Tommy Haas withdrew and well...the Sharapova match wasn't that good.

Rafeal Nadal- CUT YOUR HAIR! As nausiating as this is to say, he's without a doubt the best player in the world. He's going to breeze through the French Open again, and baring some kind of shake up, win Wimbledon without a whole lot of trouble. HOWEVER! Come the summer hard court season, he will falter, just like every other year. All the required matches of the ATP events will take a lot out of him, and come the US open, I really don't see how he can be considered the favorite, one, hard courts really aren't his best and two, he plays the clay court season in Europe like most players treat the Hard court season in the US. Far tougher players have been brought down by less grueling schedules and Rafa is not my favorite to win a grand slam this year.

Andy Roddick- Just as I write him off, he goes and makes the semi in Australia. Of course, he lays an egg against Roger, but hey, he's laid an egg against him the other 25 times they've played, so why change now? Anyway, I think Andy's got a chance at Wimbledon, better than 2008 at least. He's tied with Djokavic for my 3rd favorite going into the tournament. As much as I love the guy, I think all the pressure is going to get to Murray and he'll won't get as far as people had hoped.

The Williams sisters...let me say this...if you value your hearing you will never ever mention their names in my pressance. Venus is alright, though she's past her prime like every other American, and Serena just pisses me off to no end. First off, I don't give a shit if you did just win the only tournament standing between you and your 'Serena Slam', you don't bad mouth the prize money from Australia. Secondlly, every time you say that you didn't loose, that you beat yourself, I've watched you, and you got out-played and generally looked like a fat, bloated burrito from Taco Bell that someone threw on the ground and stepped on. If you want to play the game, take it seriously or take a hike!

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Now up for adoption, PM with your request.
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Naruto - Rated: T - English - Drama/Humor - Chapters: 2 - Words: 2,297 - Reviews: 374 - Favs: 337 - Follows: 275 - Updated: 7/19/2004 - Published: 7/18/2004
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Red Rover, Red Rover reviews
Red John's been the big bad wolf in California for years, but no more. Kyle Craig has taken an interest, and so he begins a new game that brings in Alex Cross. Can Jane accept the help, or will his pride interfere? I don't own Mentalist or Alex Cross.
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Naruto of the Mirage reviews
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Coded reviews
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To stop the Kyuubi, the Yondaime is forced to split apart a pair of twins...Hyuuga twins, and not just any Hyuuga, Hinata and her twin brother. Semisuper powered Naruto. [I don't own Naruto or any other characters you may recognize.]
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After three years Naruto returns to Konoha. However, forces make his return home one of danger and and intregue. Through all of the twists, love blooms, and revelations made. [I don't own Naruto or any of its characters] R&R [NaruHina]
Naruto - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 15 - Words: 41,952 - Reviews: 97 - Favs: 171 - Follows: 90 - Updated: 5/19/2006 - Published: 2/13/2006 - Naruto U., Hinata H. - Complete
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