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Author has written 8 stories for Kingdom Hearts, and Final Fantasy VII.

So I'm crap at filling out "about me" sections, I suppose you'll just have to bare with me. I've been writing for ages, but I also happen to be an incredibly flakey write, a fact I'd like to blame largely on my muse. You see my muse only rears it's head when I'm either trying to sleep or driving, which are, as you can imagine, terrible times to try and write. I also have a horrible habit of only being able to write in a flowing manner, meaning if ANYONE speaks to me while I'm writing I'll have trouble picking up where I left off, meaning I usually need to write with my big clunky headphones on. Currently a big issue I'm facing in my writing is sentance construction. You see me and 'run on sentences' eloped resently, and since then I've been struggling with the extreme urges to use only run ons and fragments. I could also use some inspiration, but that's a whole nother story.

You should read my boyfriend's fic's, their ten times better than mine. Plus he's a straight guy writing yaoi, partially for enjoyment, and partially for the lols...(see 'Bake Sale'). Check him out here http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1445957/A_Heart_For_My_Nobody !

I'm going to construct a short Q and A for convenience.

What sort of artsy things are you into?

I draw a lot, although most of it's in doodle form, and I color a lot of drawings on photoshop. I'm also a big fan of music. That means I like listening to music and making it not that I'm very good, ha! I love to sing and I have a strong attachment to playing piano. I also like to make hemp bracelets, knit and do needle point. =)

Who are some of your favorite authors/What are some of your favorite pieces of writing?

Well 'The Shoebox Project' had a big influence on my writing style, and I've always been a fan of the way 'Jadia' writes. I've also been heavily influenced by 'Casey V.' and her fic 'Boys', which is another epic for me and my friend who enjoy quoting it at random, ha! My favorite, non-fanfiction, writer is David Levithan. In particular I like his books, 'Boy Meets Boy' and 'How We Met' As for manga, I'm addicted to 'After School Nightmare'.

What video games do you like?
I'm a big fan of RPGs. My favorites are: Final Fantasy VII, Kingdom Hearts, Phoenix Wright, Tales of Symphonia, Shadow Hearts, Under the Knife, Ookami, Persona and The World Ends With You.

What Pairings do you like?

(Kingdom Hearts)

(Phoenix Wright)

(Final Fantasy)

(Tales of Symphonia)
Kratos/Lloyd (I'm a terrible person! D': )

(Harry Potter)

(The World Ends With You)

(Kyou Kara Maou!)

(Yami No Matsuei)

(Shadow Hearts)
Yuri/Karen (until the game ruined it, why must every pairing I like be incest?!)

(Havemercy Series)

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