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Hello people...

I am your future ruler... You will obey me... Or my demon tiger will be set loose on all humanity... Mwahahahaha...

D.O.B: 05/10...

I'm female... (hence the whole princess bit, I'm not a drag queen or anything - though they are fun to hang out with :D)


Me: I have a slight multiple personality problem

Sammy: Yea like me being in ur head is a slight problem... how's ur ex's best friend btw? still able to walk?

Fei: Silly Sammy! Why wouldn't he be able to walk? You are not Gary, he is the one who likes to use the chainsaw on people.

Sammy: -whispers in Fei's ear-

Fei: -eyes go wide and she faints-

Sammy: I'm good.

Gary: You foolish mortals shall face my wraith!

Me: -stuffs Gary back into his cage- They're active tonight... must be the fanfiction...

Joel(an elf - like in Lord of the Rings): -reading to small children- And so they all lived happily ever after in the rivers of light until one day man came along and polluted the rivers thus killing their entire race. That is why humans are bad...

Me: Joel! Don't read the children your stories! -chases him away from innocent children-

Joel: I'll do what I please woman! Stop chasing me and make sure those morons Fei and Gary don't go near the big red button!

Me: -races back and ties Fei and Gary up- That was close...

Bunny: I like the shiney button -stares at the red button-

Me: Oh dear...

Things I like:

My Chemical Romance, anime, music, my ex(s), cats, candy and romance novels... Other stuff too but too lazy to write it...

Anime/books/stuff I like:

Harry Potter - however much I disliked the ending... (why can't draco b with harry?)

YuGiOh - I also dislike the ending for this one... Yami belongs in the modern world...

Death Note


Doctor Who

Lord of the Rings (and no not because I come from New Zealand, or because I have a height similar to a hobbit, I quite like the story - also whoever cast Orlando Bloom in it is a genius drools over Orlando Bloom pictures)

Strawberry Panic - I've only seen a little of this

Full Metal Alchemist

Full Metal Panic - I've only seen Fomuffu

Midori Days (XD)



And lots of others I'm having a little trouble remembering right now...


"People don't think I'm crazy." Me to my friend.

"No they KNOW you're crazy." My friend in reply.

"Screw the rules I have money!" Seto Kaiba in YuGiOh the Abridged Series

"Spoilers" River Song in Doctor Who

"Hello Sweetie" River Song in Doctor Who and also Tom Felton in RL cause I met him and it was awesome and I got a picture taken with him and he signed it and he's actually really sweet (aaaaand I just stopped breathing for a moment there from happiness).

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Is the enemy of your enemy your friend or your enemy? It wasnt something Yugi thought about until he became the hostage of a magic nation, was stripped of the Puzzle and tortured mercilessly. And now this Ministry is asking for his help? But they're not the only ones. The lines between good and evil will be drawn, but Yugi will be lost as to who has the cause worth fighting for.
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