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Hello, my name is Aweshum and I am a junkie.

But before you assume the worse of me, I am a loyal and specific junkie. Right now, I'm in my Naruto phase. However, my preference for stories go beyond my favorite pairings. My perfect read would contain the following as describe in step to step format:

Naruto Fanfiction. Of course I do read and watch other series and have other interests outside of the anime realm but...I'm in love with the series and am unhealthily devoting myself to it. -insert perky smile-

But it mut also be a Sasu/Naru centered fanfiction. Perferebly. Though I may find myself with other couplings (even hetero ones -shock-) I am another one of the fan drones that will spend hours watching amvs and compiling lists of 'why I think Sasuke would look better underneath.' Btw, Naruto wins out in that contest, at least for me. :3 But I rather have the coupling as an equal partnership.

I am an absolute fan of Alternate Universes and Fluff stories. A combination of both would be excellent. A modern combination of both would give me license to drool over my keyboard. It shows how the writer really sees the character of the series and its refreshing see the different outtakes each person has.

Oh, and I like the relationship to be developed slowly. Not mollases-on-a-january-day slow...but you know what I mean. I like it when an author goes in with both of them holding platonic affection then takes the time to have to romantically involve. Without the overuse of flashbacks please.

I have a borderline obsession but I do have limitations. I perfer shonen-ai to full hardcore yaoi, believe it or not. I don't like it when the relationship is violent but I do give enough space for plot/character development and angst. And I really really want all characters to be true to their anime/manga counterparts as possible. Its a peeve of mine. If I can't imagine the characters acting that way while reading, I hit the back button. Course, I'm also lenient in that too. x.X

I do read other fanfics outside the pairing and the fandom but they don't hold my interest as much. And though I adore it when I recieve comment and feedback from my own stories, I'm horrible when it comes to delivering them onto others. Like a lurker of the night, I stay up past my bedtime to read fanfiction with the only trace of me being the increased number of hits. Apologies, but I am rather loyal to the ones I'm really interested in reading.

Edited to add: 'Kay, new obsession. Sai x Naruto x Sasuke love triangle. -loves-

--Background Info on Stories--

Kiss Me Deadly (Sasunaru-AU) - The inspiration came from both my love for light non-con but my hesitation in doing something really hardcore. I'm a fan of high school fics but found the great bulk repeatative and predictable with a lack of any real substance. By the time I got to the tenth chapter or so, I find myself bored of the fluff fillers and it just seemed like an outlet for fan service. -gonk-

This story is not meant to be about a SasuNaru relationship, but Sasuke and Naruto in a relationship together. They're their own different characters with weaknesses, strengths, goals, and reactions. It just so happens that many of those things conflict with one another and that encourages a deep rivalry between the two to develop. Both of them being prideful stubborn boys, the only way for them to physically connect with one another is through their fists. One punch and another punch. Broken bones and bruises. Its the most comfortable way for them to show how they accept each other's existence.

But what if the situation calls for something else rather than violent brawls? How about a kiss? If they did something so exclusively meant as an act of love, even if its done relunctantly and resentfully, would that change anything at all between the two? I think so. A kiss is an act of vulnerability for the people invovled. It's meant to show affection and love, two things both boths are hardly experts in. Eventually it'll lead to the biggest weakness for Sasuke's and Naruto's personalities. See if you guys can take a guess at it. ;o

All side/minor characters that are introduced will play some part in the development of the story and will have a job in supporting or in opposition of Sasuke and Naruto's relationship. Things mentioned in the first or third chapters can be proved important in the seventh or eigth. Interconnection is fun in a fanfiction and keeps the readers on thier toes. :3 Even if the chapters themselves are more lengthy than the average.

I'm very glad of all the positive responses so far. They're all really encouraging and everytime I get into a slump while writing a chapter, I open up my inbox and re-read practically every review to inspire me to move on. I can't thank my reviewers enough!

Tangled Sasunaru-(AU SasuNaru) - First fanfiction in...two years? It was to act as more of a 'get my feet wet' kinda deal but I found myself struggling with what to do with the actual plot. I wanted something akin to the fairy tales I adored as a child but realized mid-way of the third chapter that there were glaring holes in the story and, plugging in character interactions and personalities, I had to pretty much re-write my original storyboard.

I still plan on finishing it up and have somewhat of a diagram planned, no worries. But I'm more concentrated on my other story for now. Thus, the temporary hiatus. Apologies. I hate leaving a thing unfinished and I know I let alot of hopes down for recent updates.

Though I appreciate all comments on my stories, I really have a special place in my heart for those that go out of their way of saying beyond 'Nice' or 'Update soon.' Tell me what you like, what you hate, what you found confusing or useless, what initially attracted you, and what you skimmed over. I want to listen to any thoughts, comments, opinions, views, and suggestions. Please don't be shy.

Well, that's pretty much all I had to say. Again, please review if you're able. Sorry for all the babble.

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