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Did you know that cabbage was actually thought to be a cure for baldness?

That is what I am full of. No, not cabbage. I don't like cabbage very much. Oh, well. I guess I'm going to be bald. Anyway, what I meant was random facts. They are what spur me on through my warped life.

Random Facts Concerning Myself

1) I thought of my pen name because of my title in the game, 'Ani you'rebreakingmyheart'.

Story: My sister and I created and played this game over Christmas Break. It consists of taking a sparkly cat toy ball and batting it across the living room at each other while our parents are either attempting to go to sleep or watch television. (They just adore this game.) Anyway, Kayla (my sister) and I decided the players must have titles and mine was The Awkward One. (My little kitten, Tom a.k.a. Tom-bo a.k.a. Tom Riddle was dubbed The Sveedish Thing. He is very cute. And sweet.) This game is called 'Ani you'rebreakingmyheart' because we were in a period of thinking of games for my little brother's Star Wars birthday party and that one just seemed so perfect.

2)Everyone in my family is a superhero, except my mother, who has a different but important role in the whole scheme.

Story: I have a very overactive imagination, and from it can spring interesting things, such as superhero identities for my entire family. My brother is Explosion Joe, sidekick to Language Lady, Kayla, the two of which were actually designed by all three of us kids. I am Purple Girl, from my dad, for my love of purple and tendency to wear it quite often. His I actually made up, as Stubbly Man, also known as Cark Klent, who works as a newsanchor in Las Vegas and is in love with the beautiful Mois Mane, or my mother. (Oh, no! I gave away his secret identity! Gadzooks, what a horrid twist of fate!)

3) My most sacred wish is to one day host Jeopardy!.

Story: Don't get upset, only for one day! Then Alex can come back. But I would host it, and the three competitors would be my dad, Mike Nawrocki, and John Cleese. The three most hilarious men alive. And I would ask them cool, interesting questions, such as: What is my favorite colour? And then John Cleese would buzz in with: "Blue!" Me: "No, yellow!" Him: "Ahh!" And when I first came on the show, after the announcer guy announced me, I would be wearing an attractive necklace. Then, either Mike Nawrocki or my dad would say, "Wow. That is a nice necklace." And I would say in response, "Do you like it? I made it entirely out of bamboo and coconuts!"

4) I have a strange passion for olives.

Story: My favorite aisle in Publix is aisle 6, the olive aisle. Every time we walk through it or pass it, I reach out passionately toward my beloved tins of salty goodness and cry out to the heavens, demanding to know by whose authority they keep the objects of my desire from of my caressing grasp. Most people do not love olives. They hate them, they do. I adore them, black or green, stuffed with pimentos or simply pitted, on pizzas or tuna sandwiches. (Although they are best eaten by themselves.) It doesn't matter.

Now for some things you might be interested in if you are reading this: (Mind that they are always being updated. I don't know if anyone would read this a first time let alone to check for anything else, but just so you know.)


Books: Anything Tamora Pierce (Especially Protector of the Small, because of Neal,who I adore, but everything else too), Pretty Much Anything Cornelia Funke (Not so much Dragon Rider, but I love Inkheart and Inkspell and, of course, The Theif Lord too), The Echoruim Sequence (Katherine Roberts)(My favourite is Crystal Mask, because of Kherron, and his voice and everything. The Pass of Silence chapter was wonderfully terrible, and the one in the dungeon with Renn (Who is rather dumb, but that's alright), it gave me shivers), Tithe (Holly Black) (How awesome is Roiben? Wow, I loved him so much!)The Hawk and The Dove (Penelope Wilcock)(I cried so much; it was horrible! And way too good), The Princess Bride (Abriged by William Goldman), The Two Princesses of Bamarre (Gail Carson Levine)(I would picture my sister and I; and the last scene always makes me bawl uncontrollably), The Narnia Chronicles (C.S. Lewis)(And not just because of the movie, which was awesome, but I've been reading those books since I was 4. My favourite one of those is, I think,The Voyage of the Dawntreader), The Education of Hyman Kaplin (I'mnot quite sure if that's spelled exactly rightor who theauthor is),The Goose Girl (I'm not sure who wrote that; I don't own it yet), and Harry Potter (not quite a favourite, but I enjoy it and would probably be attacked somehow if I didn't list it here).

Characters (In Movies, Shows, or Books): Kherron (The Echorium Sequence), Mr. Bingley (Pride and Predjudice), Mo (Inkheart/Inkspell), Bob DeNennis (Fox 4 News at 10), Tino (The Weekenders), Tony (24), Roiben (Tithe), Neal (Protector of the Small), Faithful (Song of the Lioness), Numair (The Immortals), Aly (Trickster), Brair (Circle of Magic), Mitty (The Secret Life of Walter Mitty), Hawkins (The Court Jester), Will (Pirates of the Carribean), Neville (Harry Potter), Demitri (Anastasia).

Television Shows: Not a long list, only Fox 4 News at 10 with Patrick Nolan, Krista Fogelsong, and Cheif Meteorologist Dave Roberts (But don't forget Bob DeNennis and Jenny Rizzo, and ok, maybe Liza Fernandez too), Fawlty Towers, 24, and maybe CSI, but only the original one, that takes place in Las Vegas.

Movies: The Court Jester, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (both of these are Danny Kaye movies, I might point out), All VeggieTales (which aren't technically movies, except for Jonah, but maybe they are nowbecause they are an hour), The Princess Bride, Monty Python and the Holy Grail (John Cleese, Eric Idle, of course it's a favourite!), Pride and Prejudice(This is the worst chick flick ever. Ever. Mr. Bingley is mine, Mr. Darcy is my sister's, Mr. Wickam is Nikki's, and Mr. Riddle (my kitty cat) is Dimes' because she didn't want Mr. Collins. Of course, later they all decided that they wanted Mr. Darcy, but I stayed with Mr. Bingley because he is so real and sweet. And now that I have seen it, I have to read the book. And Jane Eyre.), The Pirates of the Carribean, The Blues Brothers (Rollin', rollin', rollin'...the best song ever!), Tons of old Disney flicks: One Hundred and One Dalmations, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, Anastasia (which is actually Warner Bros., but thats ok), and yeah, that's probably all of my absolute favourites.

Random Quotes:Pizza Angel, please come to me! -VeggieTales, Minnesota Cuke and the Search for Samson's Hairbrush (Larry)

There is no spoon... -The Matrix (Neo)

When you squeeze an orange, orange juice comes out--because that's what's inside. -A fortune cookie saying

Oops, missed the door! -VeggieTales, Duke and the Great Pie Wars (Sweet Sweet Petunia)

A firey purple passion buring with the power of a thousand suns... -Me, Catherine and Nikki

Cookie Man say NO! -VeggieTales, Lord of the Beans (Sporks)

Don't kiss an elephant on the lips today. -A fortune cookie saying

(Roxanne) Earn more sessions by sleeving. (C.D.) Well that doesn't make any sense. (Roxanne) I know, that's why I came out here. (Door bams shut) -Roxanne

(Carver) I'm going to be Carp--Cool And Radically Popular. (Tino) Good thing you don't want to be Cool Rich And Popular. (Carver) Why? -The Weekenders

And I'm extending an invitation to you, Mr. Blacksmith, to join me and my chain gang...Up The River! -VeggieTales, The Ballad of Little Joe (The evil veggie who has been there since show one but still hasn't got a name)

Four fried chickens and a coke. -The Blues Brothers (Jake)

Everyone hates Raymond...Baker -The entire Thespian Society at my school

Goodbye, Duke Duke! I mean, Duke! -VeggieTales, Duke and the Great Pie Wars (Sweet sweet Petunia)

Worms, Roxanne! I was afraid of worms! -Roxanne (Charlie I think he name was? Something Ch.)

Do you like it? I made it entirely out of bamboo and coconut! Well, climb aboard! -VeggieTales, God Wants Me To Forgive Them? (The Professor)

I lust for a laugh, Ha ha! -The Court Jester (Hawkins)

If you can read this, you're too close. -VeggieTales, Lord of the Beans (Todo Baggypants)

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