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Hello everyone!

I know that there has and always will be controversy on fanfiction and some original authors may not like their work copied, furthered, perverted or altered, but I still believe that fanfiction should be protected as a right: here are my reasons...

1. It is an immense flattery to an artist to have someone love their work so much that they put in the time and energy to make a story of their own with the well thought out characters and worlds of the original author. And to that end, I do like canon, and I am not fond of crossovers. (That said, one of my favorite fics of all time is a modern day AU crossover. Go figure...)

2. Fanfiction is a productive, safe, outlet that others can enjoy with you. It is a writing skill building workshop, and in the best scenario, you can learn so much from well meaning beta readers and fans, and it can widen your horizons in a relatively safe, anonymous, zone. Some of the most enjoyable writing I have had the privilege to read has been fan fiction. A well thought out and executed fan fiction epic can be inspirational, and bring you to laughter and tears...

Now, about me...I am a die hard phanatic, Erik the Phantom of the Opera, lover. And a quality fan fic junkie. I love reading stories I can talk to the author about. I love action and drama, fantasy, angst, and I love movies. I love the unraveling of romance in the setting of adventure. I am inspired by fan made music videos on YouTube. (check out my favorites channel: Angelwrath 1). NPR is my constant companion.

I love quiet beaches at night, moonlight on water and the sound of rain on the trees. Oh, and murderous masked men and revolutionary soldiers and otherworld warriors. And swords. I love swords.

I am opinionated and raw, but a soft soul within. Writing is a thing I do often for work; but composing and reading fan fiction is my passion. Decidedly, I do liketo write erotica, but I do post warnings for those not so inclined. As for talent, well that is up to you to decide. Please read, dispense constructive criticism as you see fit, and I do hope you enjoy.

Fave Movies:

Highlander, Bladerunner, Phantom of the Opera (duh!), Dances with wolves, The Briges of Madison County, Wuthering Heights, Amadeus, Fantasia, Pulp Fiction, Lord of the Rings (trilogy), Crouching tiger, Hidden dragon, Cloud Atlas, V for Vendetta, Final Fantasy 7 world (Advent Children), Hobbit Trilogy, Watchmen, anything with superheroes...

Honorable mentions: Closer, Now you see me, Dallas buyer's club, Hotel Budapest.


My Fandoms:

Phantom of the Opera:

Phantom Of Luxembourg: Flight to Redemption: This work is my baby; it is my first, my longest, and the one I took the longest hiatus while my life went into a tailspin but resumed normalcy. It is currently on rewrites, I have the story largely finished on paper. I will cry when this is done...It has spawned an original story I continue to work on.

The Hobbit

Like Moth to Flame : This story took me by storm, it just begged to be written, so I just had to comply. The forbidden fruit of embattled love during war was too much to bear; the unexpected passion gripped my heart and would not let it go. It is basically a story about adventure and romance, tragedy, and a lover's triangle. The Tolkien universe is so classic and deep you can get easily get lost in middle earth.

Cloud Atlas

Investigations of a Prescient: Memoirs of a Revolution: If POL is my baby, LMTF is my heart, this story is my soul. Cloud Atlas was a beautiful, poetic, fantastic work of cinematic art that was underappreciated. It is a life-changing experience. There are so many themes, so much social commentary in this poignant work that I am convinced David Mitchell and the three directors are genius. I think the brevity of my favorite characters on the screen made me want, no, need to read more about them. And so I began to write...

Final Fantasy VII

Midgar Shipping Company: I am madly in love with FFVII; it is a wonderful, exciting world with powerful, complex, humanly flawed characters, heroism, and tragic deaths of beloved characters that bring you to weep with loss. And there is so much great fanfiction, I cant help but to get lost for eons on Gaia alongside Zack, Cloud, Angeal, Genesis, Sephiroth, Tifa, Aerith, Vincent, Reno, Rude, Cissnei... I am working on this series of one-shots that came from me in fits of inspiration.

So I will remain:

Your obedient Servant


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Elves and dwarves, enemies forever? Wicked little cupid has other plans-the forces of attraction and fate alter the lives of two princes, as Tauriel struggles with an uncertain heart. But does it matter at all, as their peoples wage war, and Middle Earth is threatened by a powerful evil. Will passion prevail? Movieverse, DOS, BoFA, beyond. Kili/Tauriel ?Legolas, Hobbit cast, few OC
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At 10 years old, her people's home was destroyed by a dragon. For 20 years, they scrounged an existence in the cities of man. 30 years into exile, they went to fight the orks in Moria, with disastrous results. In another 40 years, the dwarves of Erebor found prosperity in Ered Luin, but not solace. It took even longer for this Daughter of Durin to find her own way...and herself.
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