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I am a 20 year-old heckled college student who spends her time trying to escape from reality. Hey, the worlds inside my head are more interesting than this one anyway...

When I am not writing, working, or wading through class assignments I'm either glued in front of a video game console, a fantasy or horror book, an art project (because I like to) or the computer, where strange and unusual things are in abundance.

Hmm...let me think... ah! I have four dogs and three cats, all of whom are spoiled and believe they are really just small people in fur coats, one older sister (Angie) and one younger brother (Camden: yep, just like that place in New Jersey. Geez mom...) You might like me if you met me...but then again you might want to run away too.

Does anyone take these profiles seriously? 0_o

I have only posted one story, but from the way things have been going, that yarn is probably going to grow enormous. And I do mean enormous. Anyways, heckle me, praise me or chastise me on my writing ability, just let me know you're reading it and that will motivate me to make the time to post more. I was going to post more anyway, but I tend to take my sweet slow time... urgh, laziness is so tempting.

There might be a few elements in my story, Innocence Maligned, which may seem contradictory to modern vampire lore.

Joachim does cast both a shadow and a reflection after his transition to a vampire. Why would I blatantly disregard the popular myth? According to early folklore, a vampire cast neither shadow nor reflection because they possessed no soul. It is one of my goals to portray Joachim as a sympathetic character who still retains nearly all of his humanity, and, I think, a creature without a soul would be incapable of that!

Joachim and Walter are able to roam freely in the sunlight if they choose to, but are rendered powerless by the sun's light. The first case of a vampire being destroyed by the sun was, I think, in the 1922 silent film Nosferatu. It is not a part of the original peasant folklore of the vampire, which pretty much started out as a dead person rising from their grave at night in order to drain the life-giving blood of the living. The idea that sunlight is deadly to vampires is a modern idea, so I decided not to use it in my 11th century story.

Interesting to note (though not in my story) is a certain Romani legend about a pumpkin or melon, which, if left outside during a full moon, or kept ten days after Christmas, would adopt vampiric tendencies, showing blood, making noises (growling) or rolling about on the ground to pester people! 0_0 Of course, no one feared the vampire pumpkin, since it had no teeth: ) Apparently, even plants, hoes and other garden tools could become vampiric!

Even though I love Lament of Innocence, there are some aspects of the game which make me want to pull my hair out. All the clothing, and most of the architecture seen was developed during the Renaissance period, which began in Italy in 1375! The storyline of LOI takes place in 1094, which is also one year before the First Crusade! Because the Byzantine Empire was under severe pressure from the Seljuk Turks, the Eastern emperor, Alexius I Commenus, appealed for Western help! In 1095 at the Council of Clermont, Pope Urban II responded to this appeal by setting the First Crusade in motion. So how was Leon a Crusader, huh? I cringe every time I hear the narrated introduction...

LaAriella Rocks! Seriously, this lady knows her Castlevania, and her writing is awesome. If you've taken the time to read my wacky profile, check out her site at: /darkpalaceofwaterfalls Her fanfiction story is so long and convoluted it makes mine look like the attempt of a three year old, she's been working on it for over two years, so you know she's dedicated, and if you pester her enough she might upload the rest of it so I can read it:) She was also kind enough to give my humble story a home in her Guest Fanfiction section. She's an excellent reviewer, too.

Innocence Maligned reviews
Lament of Innocence: Concerning the events surrounding the young nobleman Joachim Armster both before and during the course of the game. Chapter 10 up. Reviews and Comments are always welcome. Thank You.
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