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My name is Naama. I'm15 years old and I currently live in Israel after a four- year stay in the USA. I like to write poems and stories and the like.I was inspired to start a FanFiction account by my good friend, Emily (WanderingTeen), who writes very very awesome fan fics.

98 percent of teenagers do or have tried smoking pot. If you're one of the 2 percent who hasn't, copy & paste this into your profile.

Funny sentences said by my friends and I:

-"Something smells like... air!" - Me in the big city. It was a field trip, actually.

-"So that's why the cameras in the past were so blinding!" - my friend Chen was having flashbacks?

-God is dead- Fredrick Nitsha

Nitsha is dead too -God

-"History will always be there." - my friend Odelia saying after I lost my history homework.

-Me: "What's the natural choice?"

Odelia: "It's a name of a band." - a discussion concerning Science.-

-Odelia: "There are no whales in the sky!"

-"Anywhere you won't whip it, it's whipped." -My history teacher likes whipped cream?

-"Odelia, if you have a butt then you're related!" -Chen involved in butt matters.

-"Somebody once said that one day they will realise the universe was a mistake and when they will, the universe will be destroyed and a new and better universeshall be created.

And somebody once said all that has happened already."- altered by Douglas Adams. Said by my friend Hana-Sarah. -

"I'm addicted to your hair!" -Me after smelling my friend's hair which she shapooed with a passionfruit smelling shampoo.

"I listned to you but it sounded like you were trying to tell me something." -Me in a particularly random moment.

"I have an idea! Let's go to sleep!" Me, Odelia, and Chenwhen we were suppose to study for a literature test.

"The wisest of all is the one who knows he does not know." - Sokrets. Said by my friend Hana-Sarah.

"I think, therefore -I exist!" - Bakret. Said by my friend Hana Sarah.

Dogito- Argo Som! in latin

"Hey! His trunk door is open!" Me pointing at a pickup truck.

"Naama, you have a birthday every year!" Chen discovers things the facts of life.

"There is a different between a fork and a hamster!" -me

"Love isn't pasta and God isn't sauce!"-me

"God isn't shnitzel!"-Odelia

My friends: Naama, what do you want for you birthday?

Me: I want Gerry Butler.

My friends: ...

Me: What! He's got a restraining order against me, I can't get him myself.

My friends: ...

"You're not leaving America! You know why? Because I'm going to take this meltable straw and pin you to the wall with it!"- my friend lydia when I told her I was leaving America while she was holding a straw.
"When will we know that Naama's boyfriend is serious? When we'll see him walking around with her while he is wearing a white mask." my friends.

Sentences from fics:

“You know," I answered, conversationally, walking just as slowly toward him and still smiling, “I really don’t think God likes you at this moment. So, I’m sad to say, I’m certain he won’t interfere with what I’m about to do to you. I do think you are, what is the American term for it? Oh, yes, screwed.” -Vampire Time in the City by Dracschick

Erik chuckled. “My dear, sweet Naama, you seem to have forgotten that you live with the infamous Opera Ghost.” -Just Another Day, my fic. -

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