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Hi, and welcome to my Profile/Bio page. My name is: The Captain J.T. Wolfe and if you're reading this I guess it's safe to assume you've either: A) Read one of my multiple stories and decided to learn more about me. Or B) Got lost in the vast expanses of the internet and somehow wounded up on my profile.

I guess, since you're here I might as well do you a favor and tell you a little about myself, so, sit back, grab a snack and be prepared to be blown away.

I'm a relatively young (I really don't feel the need to tell random strangers over the internet just how 'young' I am. Besides I'm sure there's some law out there preventing me from doing that anyway) from Canada (Joke all you want about the beavers, the cold, the hockey or what other 'flaws' you might find in Canada. We're still the only country I can think of that get's free health care.) I'm single (Not that any of you care...) and hope to be a 'real' author sometime in the future (Also, as childish as this might sound, It's been my lifelong ambition to work for Marvel case anyone out there has any 'friends' in 'the buisness'.).

I've been writing for this site for...well, I don't exactly know how long, but as a safe geusstimate I'd say two/two and a half years. (I've ridden myself of everything I've written before that time as it, along with much of my early work still on this site, is nothing more than a mess of ilegible, un-intangible, bullshit)

I'm a large fan of the literary works of authors: Michael Chriton, Ian Fleming, Mark Twain, George Orwell and H.G. Wells. And am a very, very, large fan of Gonzo-Journalist: Hunter S. Thompson. I'm also something of a comic buff, my weapon of choice being Classic Marvel Comics (I hate how they've raped Marvel lately, killing Captain America, getting rid of mutants, Civil War. My laundry list of complaints against recent Marvel plotlines could go on for days) and, at the time of writing, am working on my the creation of a new team of Marvel heroes to introduce to the world through this site.

Well, I guess with all of the above said there really isn't too much of myself you can't figure out on your own (Should you chose to that is). So, I guess I ought to bid you ado, stop pestering you and set you free to enjoy reading some of my stories (If that's indeed what you came here to do).

Also, if you have any Comments, Cares or Concerns (The Three 'C's'.) feel free to drop me a PM, I read each and every one I get and never get annoyed at getting them (Should either of those things be plaguing you from sending me a PM that is).

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