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Oh Hai, Regularly Scheduled Updates

April 13th:

Well, fandom, I've been meaning to sit down and write...and then real life had to go and get SO VERY INTERESTING.

Officially on spring break. And finding it funny how a lot of the things I have to write for ch37 are things I'm having to deal with in an extent...

April 3rd:

"Miz Weaver, do you work a lot? Do you still get to play on the weekends?"

Nope, I spend half of my weekend getting things ready for all of you.

" should get your work done during the weekdays so that on the weekends you can hang out."

Sage advice from 8 yr-olds ;)

April 1st:

The real ending of FFIV:

Everyone dies. They find out that they've been trapped inside Inception this whole time and wake up. Zemus is actually KluYa's alter-ego who was just trying to bring his family back together. And Edge is the real hero of the story ;P

Kain and Rosa have adorbz and dysfunctional blonde children, btdubs.


March 31st:

Last week I ended up purchasing the omnibuses for Hana Kimi (the manga)...soooooooooooooooo... 8D

Excuse me while I go get lost in all of its adorbzness ;)

March 30th:

Some of the most intense scenes of this entire

(yes, I'm actually writing, SURPRISE SURPRISE)

March 29th:


I'm also laughing maniacally at a scene that got written today that may cause a riot. Artistic License R Us ;)

March 26th:

I got a few things written down today...and then wrangled up all the stray snippets I had previously typed for ch37. Upon doing so, I discovered that there is 2.7k pieced together. Soooo not as terrible as I'd thought.

I'm also pretty sure I know how I'm going to end this chapter, and I've decided to set aside this weekend as a writing weekend. Lots to doooo. More updates as I have them...

March 25th:

One of these days I'm going to get super creative and write the historical and snarky origins of all the words I find written on the walls outside of my classroom...and on my tables...and on the floor...and in the they're plaques meant for museum exhibits. YOU HAVE THE ENTIRETY OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE AT YOUR FINGERTIPS. BUT THESE. YOU CHOOSE THESE.

March 24th:

I live in the 9th circle of hell. I've just decided this.

That, and I think there are more people viewing my profile than my stories lately...not sure what that tells me...other than perhaps I should go back into blogging. Hm. No. Nobody wants to read that.

March 20th:

...Whoa. In keeping with "Myth has no brain left", I completely missed March 5th. The FIVE YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF WOTC. ALMOST at 300k.

Note to self: it takes 5 years to write an epic novel, lol. (it takes ME 5 years, shut up, Moonclaw, lol)

Still in the outlining phase for next chapter. Cool beans.

March 17th:

Today would have been an excellent day to cosplay Rydia...*sigh

Instead, my morning consisted of a debate amongst nine-year-olds over the morality of killing a centipede and our feelings on the matter.

Not gonna was deep ;)

Also, ch37 is a hot hot mess at the moment. Like...magma, hot. I opened it and was like...WHYYYYYYYYY is this 53 pages long, but only 12k, and WHYYYYYYY do I have three snippets for the actual chapter, and the rest is dialogue for post-game and/or side-stories...or oneshots...or things I thought were clever one night when I was probably drunk off of sleep deprivation. Or Sudafed...whatever.

THAT SAID, plot bunnies at maximum...just have to keep them in check. So...uh...when can you expect the chapter? I have no idea. Because...I really don't. Spring break is still a month away. Might not have much time until then.

March 16th:

So I did some research...(checked traffic patterns) and it seems that a story does well if it...

A. Contains Kain. Especially Kain/Rydia. (hmmm, darn it, Katmillia!)

B. Edge/Rydia

C. Original cast.

D. Original cast in TAY.

Seem about right, fandom?


March 15th:

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh???????????????????? OPTIMISM??? 11.5k ;)


It's done. DONE. And the story is still on track for having AT LEAST two more chapters.

Ch37 will STILL be a character resolution chapter...and after reading ch36, you'll understand why...

Ch38 will be the final battle ;)

Happy St. Patty's weekend, all. I'm going to go back to my regularly scheduled catching up on the dishes, hahahaha.

March 13th:

"I don't caaaaare--I ship it" XP (the Icona Pop cover, hahahaha)

Well, fandom. My weekend finally begins. I wrote a sentence yesterday, be proud of me!

Or maybe not.

I continue to be plagued by an over-abundance of life-tasks and my CAT who has escaped being murdered by only a whisker. There MAY have been an incident involving a bag of beef jerky this week...

life lesson learned from this: don't mess with my jerky XP

sigh* ch36...why, why, why...WHYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

March 11th:

As Myth pulls 8,000 12 hour days in a row...


1. I suck at writing things in a timely fashion!


3. I am officially going to Japan this year! At last...the invasion I predicted when I was 5 can commence ;P Myth meets Japan, lol. Oh dear...

4. Maybe 3 should have been no. 1 haha. Oh well. I HAVE A DAY OFF THIS WEEK. OMG??!! (I will prob spend it being an adult, but whatevs...I'll try TRY TRY TRY not to get sucked into the vortex of cleaning and bill-paying and errand-running long enough to write something, hahaha)

March 9th:

Ch36 is a paragraph or two away from being completed. It had reached 11.2k yesterday afternoon, but I forced myself to take a break so that I could mentally hash out a particular scene...every scene in this chapter is quite delicate. Lots of subtext, haha. If I get the rest of my actual work done this weekend, I may have a few minutes to tighten things up and post. I reeeeeeeeeally want this to be done so we can move on. That would be awesome.

March 8th:

Again, apologies fandom. I know there have been updates and new stories and PMs...and you're probably like WHERE THE FRACK IS MYTHWEAVER. I will continue to be behind for a while. I have an inordinately hard time doing more than one thing at a time, and I find it hard to put aside time to write as well as to read and get all my work done. Spring break is a month away...

March 7th:

The author is back in her office. Tweaks and fluffs and continuity checks...I can also finally BREATHE for the first time in three weeks, so huzzah!

Coffee in muh blood stream, and video game music blasting on the computer. Mmkay. Let's do this.

March 5th:

Recovering from deadly plague, still. Getting grades in like a boss. No writing is getting done this week, but Friday has some potential. More potential than last weekend where I spent most of the weekend unconscious, lol.

There is a lot of fan-service in this chapter...mostly in the angst and romance department, can expect that ;)

Chapter 37 will also DEFINITELY be a character development chapter, and 38 will be the final battle...I have decided.

Thank you again to those still fav'ing and following despite me being a frazzled and burnt out art-machine. It's helping me hold on till spring...haha.

March 2nd


This is getting longer than I expected...

FINAL COUNT. Ch36 stands at 10k at the moment...ALL OF THE SCENES HAVE BEEN WORKED OUT sans the plague horror (still)...which is...outlined, just not written yet.

IF I am a very good Mythweaver, it may be done by week's end. But grades are due soon, and I have about a thousand other things to do, so that's being very optimistic.

March 1st:

Edit:Whoa, the sudafed seems to be working miracles...I may actually get something DONE on this chapter today. As for the, self.

Ninja assassin. Yes.

After all, I fixed a toilet all by myself. Take that, sucka's!

(Myth on sudafed)

Feb 28th:

After spending most of the week flat on my back unconscious, you can imagine that not a lot got done.

Polar vortex is officially destroying my will to live. It is too cold to go outside. I have cabin fever. SADD. I have a shredded voice, a twitching eye, severe dehydration. I live in a frozen desert. I hate this place.

And on this--the last day of February--the temps are sooooo freaking low, you'd think it was January.

Also, apologies, I've gotten some PMs and fav's lately and I haven't responded...thank you to those of you still out there reading and leaving feedback, I truly do appreciate it...

Hopefully I'll find some energy to get back to you this weekend.


Plague has worsened. Managed to write two sentences this weekend, and that's about it. February has been a soul-sucker, guys...

Feb 21st:

Still in an anti-fic mood, guys...and I have managed to come down with the plague. Thanks, polar vortex!

But seriously, the last three weeks have been a blur of terrible-ness and I haven't sat at my computer to do anything but cry in several days. And it's only going to get worse...UGH. UGH. SO MUCH TO DO IN SO LITTLE TIME WHERE IS SPRING.

Edit: I am apparently embittered with the world. If I come out of hibernation by June, it will be a hopeful sign of my life's continuation...

Feb 11th:

And then my cat ate my melon pan. Injustice.

Feb 10th:

In case anyone is curious, I am in a decidedly anti-fic mood.

This past week was terrible, horrible, awful; I have accomplished nothing, and haven't felt like reading...

Sorry. This winter is beating me. With a stick.

At least I have onigiri...

Feb 3rd:

Noooooot this weekend, sadly. Sorry, all! Had one of the more intense prep weekends for this week and only a small chunk of writing got done. This is probably for the best, however, as it means I get to flesh certain scenes out a bit better...

There's SO MUCH. So much, so much.

I have been dancing around the issue of the Plague Horror for about a week, now...and still trying to figure out how to stage that battle as well as a few...other scenes ;)

Also, ShadowWraith, you are quite the trooper, for going back and re-reading Escaping the Flames. Oh, little Rydia...

Jan 29th:

I admit, I sometimes find it a little crazy by how many people have found me from so many corners of the world. I never realized there were so many IV fans in so many places XP

Thanks for reading, all :)

Projected post date for ch36: THIS WEEKEND HOPEFULLY.

Jan 28th:

Progress is slowing down on ch36 which means the core architecture of the chapter is done...and now the tweaking stage begins. Which means I'm ACTUALLY on track for when I thought this chapter would be done ;)

And then of course I decided to go and get sidetracked by the original manuscript that was like...HEELLOOOOOOO I'VE BEEN SITTING IN THE CORNER FOR FOUR YEARS. GIVE ME SOME LOVE?????

Work, work, work ;)

JUST KIDDING. A ton more got added this seems this chapter wanted to get EVEN MORE INTERESTING :) All I can say, however, is: I'm sorry.


Jan 26th:


Jan 24th:

This week feels like it has spanned a decade. And I am presently having an artistic battle with myself...due to the mistake of going back and re-reading for continuity...weeks with re-reads always lead to creative depression of the "I hate the world, why do I bother, this is terrible" variety.

I will be pulling myself out of this funk for a while...(as I edit the beginning of ch36 for the thirteenth time ALREADY).


I think the end of this freaking project deserves a giant cake. Or a bottle of something strong...

Jan 18th:

January is a stupid month. I am finally getting back to my cat facepalms my armpit. Classy. ;)

Jan 14th:

No progress to report on ch36...BUT...progress has been made on...POST-GAME MATERIAL. Grawr, lol. NOT HELPFUL RIGHT NOW.

Massive, massive world building, however, has been taking place, which will help in solidifying the last few chapters of WoTC. Right now, things are in the works for a post-game novel that will go in directions you might least expect...there is also a working title which YAY.

I have a scattering of scenes done for ch36 but...they may require a few days of feverish plot busting before they're tweaked to perfection ;)

Jan 7th:

While trying to edit WoTC to tag more characters...I had to chuckle. Still limited to four characters, and guess who got fifth-wheeled...again ;) Poor guy...

Jan 6th:

For everyone in the midst of the cold-pocalypse, stay safe and stay warm! -40's and -50's is not fun! :(

Jan 5th:

Site is being twitchy for the countless time this week. Ch35 brought to you by six days of crazed effort, two twelve hour days, many tears (yes, literal tears), red-rimmed eyes, and flying squirrels.

It is not the shortest chapter, nor is it the longest, but it was exhausting to write and contains quite a lot of DEETZ. The loose ends are being tied off one by one with only a few more to go.

Ch36: some plot resolution between Kain and the others...further development of Edge and Rydia, a few epic epic battles, perhaps oodles of fan-service...

ETA: February. Maybe. If you're lucky and if I'm not dead. MAYBE even the end of January, but doubtful. My schedule is going to be a hot mess of trying to survive until spring break. For real. Send me happy thoughts because I will need them.

Ch37: MIGHT be the final battle. MIGHT still be character development, depending on how long ch36 drags on and if it will need to be split, haven't decided yet. Consider this a flex chapter.

ETA: March or April.

Ch38: DEFINITELY final battle. For sure ;)

ETA: April or May. PROBABLY spring break.

Ch...39? ;) That's a secret...

So...three possibly four chapters to go until the end. W00T!!!

I will, of course, still be updating this profile with more accurate ETA's as progress gets made. I hope everyone had a restful holiday, and don't forget to review!

August 9th:

Moonclaw and I about a week ago decided to compile a list (a compendium) if you will, of all the Kizzy stories that have been presently archived. We're doing this because this pairing has now become so...welllllllllll...oddly bountiful, and since each of the stories ARE linked and it TRULY is essential that you read them all to understand the context for some of the more recent ones, I'm going to include it here for a reference. Unfortunately, since some of the stories are contained as chapters within a larger piece, this requires multiple tabs ;)

Here is the list (anything with a * indicates it is part of Moonclaw's "It's Complicated")(story with * * is not Kizzy but has content that lines up with Middle Management):

Anything but Love at First Sight*

Walk it Off

3rd, 5th and 7th Wheels

Betrayal is an Itch

One of the Guys

We Don’t Talk About It

A Fashionable Disaster

A Somewhat Troublesome Hair Day

The Art of Escape*


I Want to Be Your Canary

Something to Talk About*

Conflict of Interest*


A Flower For Your Thoughts* *

Middle Management


Kindred Spirits

Drawer Space

Step One: Admitting You Have a Problem

Closed Doors*

Inside Joke*

Tete a Tete

Split Timeline (what DOESN'T fit canonically in Moonclaw's ‘verse)

Drinks All Around

Fly Away Baby

What’s In A Name*

Community Info:

NEWS. The community I started is now up-to-date. The archive now has over 200 fics that are exclusive to FFIV.

A note about the community--why certain fics were added and not others. I did not add a fic if it was:

A. Of less than stellar quality, and I mean TRULY less than stellar, not nitpicky little errors (bad grammar, spelling, punctuation, prose, characterization...sense-making)

B. A discontinued piece (I tried not to add these...a few may have snuck in. By page 70, I gave up on skimming, no lie).

C. Contained yaoi/slash (this falls under the M category in most cases for me)...and it is also a very small niche in the IV fandom. If you write yaoi/slash and this offends you--my advice to you is this: start your own community so people can find this content specifically. You'll be doing yourself a favor, honestly, and those who are fans of said content.

D. M content. I attempted to keep the community fairly general, as many of the readers on this site ARE of the younger persuasion and several others would rather not read it at all. I skimmed most of the pieces with higher ratings, and while some moved into M territory, I felt that most remained in the T rating. When you find them, use your own judgement. Again, if you're miffed by this--start your own community for said content.

E. Poetry/songfic. I'm sorry, fandom, I really dislike poetry and songfics. Part of this is personal preference...and part of it is length. When you go looking for epic!fic and all you can find are sonnets...(yes, even mine didn't make the cut.)...let's just say I have made many an angry face. That, and songfic, as far as I understand, have been banned from the site for copyright reasons. But again, you can plead your case ;)

F. An over-abundance of OCs. I'm down for a few good OCs every once in a while, I will not lie. However. Stories that are ENTIRELY OCs verge on the category is this even IV anymore? If there is NO mention of the original cast, chances are high, that the story did not make it into the community.

ALSO. A note: there ARE some stories that I honestly missed, and I'm always welcome to exceptions. 2,400 fics spread across 6 different games is quite a lot to sort through, and once you get down to '03, before the game archives were separated properly...goodness. So many VII, IX, X, and X-2 fics...why.

If you would like your piece to be added to the comm, and I haven't added it yet, by all means, message me :)

And if you're annoyed by seeing the same faces littering its first page, it means FANDOM NEEDS YOU TO WRITE. YES YOU. WE WANT YOU HERE. WRITE WRITE WRITE.


FFI-VI General Archive Updates:

Expect to see Cuore, Ursula, Leonora, Luca, Kluya, Cecillia, Maenad, Izayoi, Gekkou, Zangetsu, Tsukinowa, and K. and Q. Eblan being added to the archive for story tagging purposes. I have to send a follow-up email because I forgot about D. Lugae, K. Giott, and at least one other person...AH YES--Harley. Those of you who write for TAY, here you go!

And now back to the boring standard news:

What is a Mythweaver?

A Mythweaver is a highly sarcastic, dark humored introvert who watches too much British and Japanese television for her own good. By day she teaches Art to some awesome kiddos. By night she writes ridiculous fanfiction.

I hold old school video games with esteem. I was raised on NES and SNES games; I am all too familiar with the concept of "blowing on the cartridge" to get it to work, and I STILL have all the gear for Duck Hunt ;)

My childhood video game diet consisted of healthy amounts of Bubble Bobble, Metroid, Mario Bros, Zelda--a Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time; and just about every Final Fantasy in existence.

And then to the chagrin of all my personal acquaintances, someone introduced me to Ninja Gaiden for the XBOX in college. All hope was lost after that.

My foray into the anime world was fast, hard, and downright bizarre. Thank you, Cowboy Bebop. But for reasons unknown, I don't have the inclination to write for any of the fandoms of the shows that I've watched. So. Don't look for any anime material from me. I do have a certain fondness for CCS, Lovely Complex, Kimi ni Todoke, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, Hana Kimi, Cowboy Bebop, Naruto, Bleach, D.Gray-man, Blood Plus, SOA and...others.

I am reasonably versed in the sci-fi 'verses as well...having marathoned all of the undermentioned:

Stargate SG-1, Star Trek TNG and Voyager, Warehouse 13, X-Files, Fringe, BSG, Firefly, Doctor Who (the originals and the modern).

I may sometimes reference any one of these shows from time to time, and if you catch them, bravo ;)

I am a huge fantasy dork, I love cartoons, and I devour media like some people breathe. Clearly.

What books does a Mythweaver devour...WELLLLLLLLLL...

Green Rider series by Kristen Britain. Love it. Down to earth, atmospheric, character driven series.

Sevenwaters Trilogy (although, now I suppose it's more than a trilogy) by Julliette Marillier (incredible modern day fairy tale author)

Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan (for the feeeeelz)

LoTR (because really)

The Enchanted Forest series by Patricia C Wrede (snark)

Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones (Sophie)

and I must admit...I'm a sucker for a good ol' Jane Austen novel. (because British people)

Other websites?
I have a few Livejournals...I'm on Ao3...DeviantArt...but no one visits these places, soooooo...

Beta services?
I am a registered Beta. If you want help with your writing, please look at my beta profile. Private message me if you want to "hire" me as your beta!

Final Fantasy Pairings That I support:

IV: Edge/Rydia, Cecil/Rosa, Kain/Izayoi, Theo/The Twinz' Mom ;)

Summaries: (in development)

Escaping the Flames (COMPLETE): Rydia didn't expect her life to go up in flames, but the arrival of a Dark Knight and Dragoon from Baron irrevocably changed things forever. Homeless, motherless, she finds herself in the company of a man who could be her ruin or salvation. She must learn to adapt herself to a life on the run, and to fight for not only her own survival, but the survival of countless others as Baron's plot unfolds. This story takes place from the point where Rydia joins the party, and ends with the fateful journey by ship to Baron. An in-depth novelization told from the perspective of the vivacious green-haired Summoner.

The Summoned Land (COMPLETE): Picking up where Escaping the Flames left off, The Summoned Land chronicles Rydia's life and adventures in the Feymarch. She toils for ten years among the Eidolons, building relationships, forging friendships, and eventually making a difficult decision--to trade one family for another. More original fiction than novelization.

War of the Crystals (IN PROGRESS): When Rydia returns from the Feymarch, she finds herself thrust back into the war. Distrust, anxiety, and hardship face the five companions, and Rydia must find her place among them. Traveling through the magma plains of the Underworld, climbing the endless Tower of Bab-il, and struggling to regain the crystals or lose them all entirely, Rydia wonders if there will ever be an end to the madness that's taken over the world.

Chapter Break-Down:

It occurred to me that it might be helpful for all of you to have a break-down of chapters in my longer fiction. I understand that not all people have an interest in starting from the very beginning of an epic!fic without knowing where it’s going or what it contains. On that note, here is an overview of the chapters in WoTC for those of you who like to skip and jump around (yes, I too, am one of those readers). Chapters 1-11 were written from 2009-2010. Chapter 11-20 2011-present, so if you notice a change in the prose or pace, that's why. Everything written in 2011 was after I was no longer a student, and therefore had more time to write.

A note: All chapters are in Rydia’s POV except for chapters 7 and 8. Chapter 7 is in Cecil’s POV and 8 is in Rosa’s.

Chapters 1-4: Chillin’ in the Dwarf Castle. Some creepy Golbez hand action. Dwarves.

Chapters 4-7: Crossing the magma plains. Battles. Emo-riffic awesomeness

Chapters 8-11: In the Tower of Babil, including, but not limited to, more angst, the battle with Lugae, instrospective blather…and death.

Chapters 12-13: The party gets to take a break! The return to Baron. The introduction of Cid’s daughter. The brief cameo of the twins. Embarking on the next quest.

Chapter 14: The party flies all over the place. Yang’s wife. Edward. Bueller?


Chapters 16-17: Tower of Babil mach 2. Rubicante. Return to Dwarf kingdom, and Cid.

Chapter 18: The Sylvan Cave. A little Edge vs Rydia snark. Or maybe a lot.

Chapters 19-21: The Feymarch

Chapter 22: The Sealed Cave/Evil Wall

Chapters 23: Traitor Face

Chapter 24: Dwarf Kingdom, Escaping the Underworld

Chapter 25: Mysidia!

Chapter 26: Frying pan/Odin/Rat's Tail ;)

Chapter 27: To the MOOOON!!! Bahamut--more party fluff possible.

Chapter 28: *sigh* Giant of Babil/Four Fiends/CPU. This one's gonna be a big one

Chapter 29: Traitor Face mach 2

Chapters 30-33: Kain-ly goodness.

Chapter 34: Lunar Subterrane.


Chapter Awesome: Journey's end.

The Girl With No Name (IN-PROGRESS): Based on an original character, this is a story about a girl who finds herself trapped in the Tower of Bab-il with no memory of who she is or where she came from, and worst of all, finds herself in the company of a peculiar man who promises her freedom in exchange for her cooperation. But what has she gotten herself into by becoming the mad doctor's assistant? And is it merely coincidence that she ended up in the tower at all? Set three years prior to the game's beginning.

On the Walls I Stand Alone (ONESHOT): A look into the mind of Rosa; the agony of being left at home when the men go off to war, and wondering if she should stand idle, or take action. A oneshot set at the beginning of the game.

Ready, Aim, SPOON! (ONESHOT?): An AU in which Edge pursues Rydia to the ends of the earth, even if it means he must do menial work at a Troian cafe. He can do anything--he's a ninja king, right? Not entirely. Tempers flare, projectiles are hurled...and Edge makes some important career decisions.

Musicality (ONESHOT): A oneshot about Prince Edward and how he forsakes human love for the immortal love of music. Bit of a spoof.

Summer's Ending (VIGNETTES): When Rydia's life comes to its end, Edge remembers her. A collection of vignettes about love and loss.

The Misfortune of Mistletoe (ONESHOT): When Rosa wants to help Edge along with Rydia, she plants a sprig of mistletoe. Rydia, however, has become quite good at foiling Rosa's plans.

Common Ground (VIGNETTES): I know the summary says the characters are OCs, but that's only because these pre-existing NPCs were never officially named. This is a short series taking a look back into the recent history of Eblan and how Edge's parents met each other and rose to power. A little darker than you might expect.

Powers of Attraction (ONESHOT): Written for an LJ prompt, and a twist on Edge and Rydia learning to make their magic work together. Rated for suggestive themes.

By a Difference of Twelve (ONESHOT): A glimpse into Porom's life seven years after the war. She is dreading responsibilities she feel she cannot escape, and Kain is dreading he may never have his life back. Together, can they find what they're looking for? A Porom/Kain fic written for Katmillia.

By a Difference of Gender (ONESHOT): Along a similar vein to By a Difference of Twelve--Palom has gotten out from under the thumb of the Elder and his twin, so when he ventures out into the world by himself, all he wants is a taste of freedom. What he finds is an unexpected attachment. Palom/Leonara-ish. Written for Freida_right.

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