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Wow, you've found my profile. I can't believe you're actually taking time to read this. Oh well. Here's the basics.

Just so you know, most of this isn't any particular order. I tried to order it from most favorite to least, but it ended up being the order in which it popped into my head. But that's a pretty good judge of favoritism in itself, eh?

MOVIES: Pirates of the Caribbean (all 3), Interview with a Vampire, Queen of the Damned, Princess Bride, Domino, Kingdom of Heaven, Finding Neverland, basically anything with Johnny, Orlando and/or Keira. Anything by the guy who did Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, Howl's Moving Castle...

ACTORS: Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp...yeah, that's pretty much it, actually...

ACTRESSES: Keira Knightley, Rachel Weisz, Angelina Jolie...can't think of anyone else. I don't really ogle at girls (I am a girl, doy) so I don't really have any favorites...

SINGERS: I don't really have any. I'm pretty open to music. But I hate rap, some techno, heavy metal, basically anything where the "singing" is just some guy screaming into the microphone or is just talking to a beat.

SONGS: Hoist the Colors (POTC 3), Big Girls Don't Cry, Never Again, Here (in your arms), Don't Let Me Get Me, Pirate Bones, Keep Holding On, I'll Be, Far Away...the list could go on forever. I'm shutting up now.

FOODS: Chinese, dim sum, chicken/beef curry, olive garden breadsticks, sunchips/cheetos/cheezits, starfruit, stawberries, whatever. As long as it's not smelly/booger green/grody/generally disgusting, I'll try it. I won't necessarily like it, but I will try it. Unless it's frog legs or snails. I don't eat my pond life. That's just too weird.

ABOUT ME: I'm weird. Let me just get that out there. I'm not a goth/punk/nerd/freak/whatever. I am what I am. If you try to change me, I'll resist and shut you out. (Trust me, people have tried, and failed. I guess the so called "normal" people disapprove of do I say this delicately..."uniqueness.") I object to being labeled. Although I take "bitch" as a compliment. Thank you very much. I'm way too sarcastic for my own good, but I try to hide it for the sake of other's feelings. I hate fics written in first person. Sorry if I just offended you. But oh well, too bad. I object to Elizabeth paired with pretty much anyone but Will, but I'll take a Jack/Liz fic if it's decently written. But I've gone off topic.Here's what you need to know:

One: I'm weird. Enjoy it, hate it, whatever. Actually, I'm probably more than weird. Oh well. Can anyone give me a stronger adjective?

Two: I love POTC. I snicker evilly at Norrington/Beckett bashing. I sigh with happiness at Will/Liz pairings. I rant while reading Jack/Liz pairings. I can handle OCs, as long as Will and Liz still end up with each other.

Three: Vampires. My recent - not obession, maybe...interest? Know any good books/movies/fics? Drop me a line, I would like to know.

Four: Feel free to email me, just do it through or I will delete your email. I don't trust addresses that I don't recognize.

Yeah, that's me in a very vague nutshell. If you're here for the fics, I apologize because I'm been working on my original story and have been neglecting my fanfic account. I will eventually post more, it might just be a while. I'm not very good at being a regular writer. Sorry. If you actually read all this, gold stars, now go read something more interesting. I generally don't read profiles, so I'm not going to blame you if you instantly forget everything you read. Toodles.

Update: As I'm reading the fanfics, my pet peeve comes back to haunt me constantly. It's when people don't punctuate dialogue correctly. Allow me to demonstrate:

"Elizabeth, will you marry me?" said Will, caught up in the moment. Elizabeth stared at him.

"I don't think now's the best time!" Will parried a blow aimed at his head and continued talking.

NOW - if you're reading this and thinking, "Wow, this person's a psycho - there's nothing wrong with that!" then you're guilty of doing this. Those two lines are correctly punctuated as:

"Elizabeth, will you marry me?" said Will, caught up in the moment.

Elizabeth stared at him. "I don't think now's the best time!"

Will parried a blow aimed at his head and continued talking.

I know that the rule is a new line and indent when another person starts speaking, but that extends to actions of the character AS WELL AS the words of the character. If you read the first, incorrect version, it appears like WILL is saying "I don't think now's the best time!" We all know that Elizabeth says that. Despite the fact that her actions are before her words, they should still be on the new line along with her dialogue. And since Will is about to talk again, and does something just before he does, the action should be a new line. IT'S NOT THAT HARD PEOPLE!!!!!!!! Is is the keyboard really so huge that your pinky can't make the stretch and hit the freakin' enter key!?!?! It's almost no effort on your part and it saves you the hassle of confusing the heck out of readers like me who correctly punctuate our stuff. Plus, the poor confused readers, i.e. me and others, will bow down and kiss the feet of anyone who DOESN'T confuse us. JUST DO IT!!!!!!!!! Black Charity out.

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