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This is such utter fail... I will organize this profile someday!! But for now I will focus on fixing up those fail things called stories!!

This is dedacated 2 my older brother


My older brother is a victim

A victim of temptation

He says he loves drugs

Says he loves the sensation

When he does drugs

He puts his life on the line

Runnin’ from the police

He escapes every time

Yeah, that’s how it used to be

A man who was a victim of temptation

Now he’s doin’ right for his son

Now he’s celebratin’

He went back to school

To get his GED

He’s goin’ back to church

To set his soul free

Many mistakes in his past

But his time is now

He’s finally doin’ right

He’s representin’ tha’ Dirty South

No longer a victim of temptation


Copy the bunny to your presentation to help him achieve world domination, and come join the dark side. (We have cookies.)

Name: If I said Jesus you'd be pissed






Saiyuki Reload


Fatal Fury

Full Metal Alchemist


Midori no Hibi



Zatch Bell

Vampire Hunter D


YuYu Hakasho



Dragon Ball Z

Shamen King

Shadow Skill


Rurouni Kenshin

Read Or Die


Samurai Champloo

Happy Hustle High



Eureka Seven



Case Closed


Avatar:Last Airbender

New Dominion Tank Police


Prencess Ai

Street Fighters


Excel Saga


Top 10 Fav Males

1Abarai Renji-God I loved everything about him as soon as I saw him. Especally his tatoos. (strokes tatoos)

2.Hyuuga Neji- He's been a fav since I first saw him in Naruto. I liked him even when he beat up on Hinata. I was sad for Hinata though./ Deidara- Omg his fuckin hands. How can that not be anymore self-explanatory? Also he has awesome hair and he looks awesome in the MIB.

3.Toshirou Hitsugaya-An adorable snow haired little kid. The best part is that my best friend Misguided Angel of Death is so into him. It irks her when I make fun of his height./Daisuke(Davis) Motimiya?-I shall forever love my goggle boy.

4.Youko Kurama/Suiichi?- The ears man. The ears. How many guys do you know that can fight with a rose and not look sissyfied.

5.Urahara Kisuke-A very laid back and well groomed kinda guy. Unlike other guys in anime his facial hair is kickass.

6.Gin Ichimaru-OMG he looks like a hot version of ET and he pwned Happy Meal boy(Hitsuguya). Bye bye.

7.Uchiha Itachi- He makes hating things look so fun and he's my sexy older brother.

8.Mugen- I love his wild fighting style and he's funny.

9.Terry Bogard- I love the lone wolf thing. He's been a fav since I was 7.

10.Torisuna Kazuma- I love the idea for shell bullet and rebels get me every time. Even though he hides it he's a real sweetheart.

Top 10 Fav Females

1.Hyuuga Hinata-Her crush on Naruto is so adorable and we all know she's a pervert.

2.Sango- She can carry around that heavy ass boomerang without getting tired.

3.Yamanaka Ino- Think of the possibilities when you can invade someone elses mind. Also she didn't want to give up on her and Sakura's friendship.

4.Suzumiya Haruhi-OMG She is so kickass. She is self exclamatory.

5.Rangiku Matsumoto-She almost suffocated a little boy in her boobs! I could do that!

6.Excel Excel-She died 4 times in the first episode.

7.Arisawa Tatsuki- She is so freakin kickass. She beat Ichigo's ass on several occasions.

8.Rizel-She is soooo adorable! Shimashou! Shimashou! Shimashou!

9.Yachiru-Soooooo adorable too! Hey Baldy!

10.Pan Son-I will never play with her on the game but I love her on the show. Her personality shows that not all girls have to be girly. We can fight too dammit!

Top 11 Hated people.

11.Shinji (Bleach)-You ugly weird toothed bastard. (burst into tears)You gave me nightmares.

10.Kuchiki Rukia- She get owned by every fucking body. I have never seen her do something useful. It's so irritating and I'm so sick of the IchiRuki paring.

9.May- Like I said a pain in the ass.

8.Gendo Ikari- What he did to his kid was wrong.

7.Mimori Kiryu- She doesnt do anything. The only time I was even okay with her was when she saved Kanami. She is annoying and even more useless than Sakura before the time skip.

6.Kuno(Ranma1/2)- He needs to be shot. How stupid can you be. You dumb perverted son of a bitch!

5.Freeza- His name sounds like freezer and I thought he was a flat-chested girl for 5 episodes. I was wondering why everyone kept saying he when they reffered to him.

4.Pikachu- That lil bastard pisses me off. Back when I was younger and had a crush on Ash I damned him to hell. Now I'm crushin on Drew and I hate May.

3.Younger Haruno Sakura-I only hate the younger Sakura. Not only was she weak but she got in the way more than she helped. She treated Naruto badly and was really bitchy for no reason. I honestly don't know what boys see in her. Worst of all she dissed Lee's eyebrows.

2.Nanao-I couldn't guess her in a game of twenty questions. Besides she's mean to her hot captain and she looks like Ishida.

1.Kagome-SO many reasons to hate her. She brought Kikyo back to life and save her life also. She gets in the way and she sits Inuyasha for no reason. If I could I would just shoot her in the eye with a harpoon. What the hell would she do in a hand to hand fight and if you suck at something you should either practice or give up. Instead of shooting arrows the bitch goes off an gossips about InuYasha.

Favorite parings:

IchiHime:So very cute and can be compared to NaruHina

IchiTats:They've been kicking each others ass 4 ever

HitsuHina:His feelings towards her are so obvious

JintaKarin:The way they argue it makes them seem married

RenjiIchi:So what if I'm a perv...

ShinjiHiyori:Even this surprised me

RenjiMe:I'll love it 4 ever

KisukeYuroichi:So obvious.

IchimaruMatsumoto:Can't help but love it.

Naruto and Hinata...maybe thats why I wrote them a fanfic

Neji and Tenten cuz thats the only girl he really talks to other than Hinata and they aint happenin

Itachi and Kazuki (my short friend) or really cool OC cuz Itachi is to kewl for everyone but her.(runs from Naruto characters)

Shikamaru and Ino cuz they know each others back ground and Temari is 3 yrs older than him

Naruto and Sasuke its Classic and so cute

Itachi and Naruto...Innocent Naru-chan and evil Ita-neesama

Rock Lee and Sakura(only well written like in The Person I admire by Gadalla Rune:My no.1 fav fanfic) cuz Sasuke is a tightass prick and Lee is a good kickass guy

Kakashi and Anko 2 kickass hardcore porn nin

Jiraiya and Tsunade(we need more of these and I might write one, If requested)c'mon they so belong together

Asuma and Kurenai 2 sensei with nothing to do on a autumn day.It could happen

Shino and OC he's just so kewl

Kiba and OC(i'm prewritting this one)Who else is there

Gaara OC(prewriting)He'll kill everybody else

1.Inuyasha and me or really cool OC Kagomes a slut, Kikyo is dead, Jakotsu or however ya spell it is a homosexual dead guy and I'm pretty sure Inu dont swing that way

2.Miroku and Sango They are so made for each other and they get married in the anime or manga.I forget

3.Kohaku and Rin 2 kawaii kids

4.Fluffy a.k.a. Sesshomaru and OC(prewriting)He'll kill you if you dont get him

5.Fluffy and Rin I read a really good fanfic and got hooked

6.Koga and Ayame Lunar rainbow promise

7.Naraku and Kikyo(they need to stay dead or die al ready)

8.Kagome and...a rock(I HATE her)

1. Davis and OC(I love Daisuke)

2.Tai and OC(love em too)

3.Tai and Sora I love Tai so I want him to get whatever he wants.

1.Ash and Misty isnt it obvious

2,Drew and May he gave her a rose for hevens sake

3.Ash and OC(prewritting) I just like it

1.Ang and Katara duh he likes her

1.Sokka and Me or OC(I like funny sarcastic ppl)

1.Kurama and me or OC hes to good for them

2.Yusuke and Keiko

3.Hiei and my best friend Shekera (happy ya crazed Puddles)Shekera threatens me

4.Kurama and Botan(more of these needed.)

5.Jin and me or a really cool OC I love his voice and looks and personality

6.Kurama and Botan It's just there

...and I dont feel like writing more.


Cyberlinked:Hinata has to deal with both mental and physical abuse from her father on a daily basis. How does she escape? Through the internet of course.There she meets new friends that never noitced her before. She soon becomes outspoken and noitced by others.NaruHina NejiTen ShikaIno SasuSaku.(in progress)Rated:M

Demon Crazy:Rei, the younger half sister of Koga, is on a search for neither man nor demon.He is a man of silver and gold.One day she is saved by Inuyasha who fits the description.He is supposedly the wolf demon savior or so it says in the prophcey.Will he agree to save Koga and a mysterious girl who is more familar than he thinks? And what is with her flute, the full moon, spirts, and how does it invlove Inuyasha.InuRei(coming soon!)Rated:M

Alls Fair In Love, War, and Missions:A mission drives the together yet at the same time rips them apart. Neji, Shikamaru, Kiba,Lee, and Naruto are sent on a mission to infiltrate the Village Hidden in the Shadows. Yet the day before the mission the find that special someone and wonder if this mission is really worth risking their life and hurting the one they love or would they be betther off staying? NejiTen ShikaIno KibaOC NaruHina LeeSaku(Coming soon!)Rated:M

Pocky Warriors:Many characters of anime are thrown into one big ass house where the compete and do embarassing stunts and do stupid task. What for? A years supply of pocky and ramen. What pocky and ramen.I dont wanna be the host I wanna be on the show.(Coming soon!)Rated T or M.

The Complications of a Ninja:The 4th had just sacrificed himself for the village which resulted in him leaving his teenage wife and their newborn son. Somehow the Kazekage convinces Naruto's mother into taking in Gaara. This is the life of 2 demon host and how the struggle to acheive their dreams. 4thOC NaruHina GaaraOC. Rated:T Ratings will change.

When I'm Gone: Shika begins to relize just how much Ino means to him after he almost loses her in their last mission together. ShikaIno Rated:T

Hostage:In order to save Kanami from HOLY without joining up with, Kazuma kidnaps Scheris the Ryuho lover. Of course HOLY won't submit to his demands at first but after living with Kazuma for a couple of days Scheris isn't so sure she wants to go back. SchKazu Rated:T-M

Trapped in the Elevator(pt 1): Itachi and Deidara get stuck in an elevator. (For Kazuki or Misguided Angel of Death)ItaDei Rated:M

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