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Saturday, December 11, 2010 : School is over, finally, and I have a good six or so weeks to get all my stories back on track, as well as adding a few new ones.

Riariti no Iru-jon : Illusion of Reality, a rabid shounen-ai fangirl, has become The Lost Souls of Avalon. I don't know why. Just because.

UPDATE 8-21-09: I deleted all stories on hiatus, minus My Best Friends Are Metalheads. I have them saved on file, but since I don't see them going anywhere anytime soon, that's where they will stay. I'm rearranging my future story ideas, many that will be posted on my livejournal account, which you can find listed as my homepage. All About Us is not dead by any means, I'm just getting everything sorted out.

UPDATE 11-3-09: Yeah. For those who noticed, I changed my C2 Community, considering that I've rather abandoned the Harry Potter fandom for the time being. My newest obsession is the new Star Trek movie and Reaper!Bones. Don't like, don't friggin' read.

UPDATE (July 3, 2014): I found someone interested in continuing my Harry Potter and Transformers crossover. With the new Transformers movie out and ideas abound, I'm letting Bludrayn run with it.

All-time best Harry Potter alternate universe: the Sacrifices Arc by Lightening on the Wave, a HPDM/DMHP epic with AUs of all seven Harry Potter books. Go read it.

Recommended authors: Abby Ebon, Lightening on the Wave, Branwen777, Bittersweet Alias, Digitallace, Lomonaaeren, Toki Mirage, Mariel Nightstalker... check out my favorites if you want more.

Fandoms and Pairings (Or, fandoms I'm likely to write and the pairings I'm likely to ship in them.)

Harry Potter: If I'm feeling slashy, my OTP is Harry/Draco and Sirius/Remus, but my guilty pleasures are Harry/Voldemort, Harry/Snape, and Remus/Snape. I support Ron/Hermione, but I abhor Harry/Ginny. For minor pairings, I can go either slash or het.

BBC's Merlin: The slash is everywhere in this fandom. Arthur/Merlin all the way, baby, with a splash of Morgana/Gwen or Lancelot/Gwen. I may temporarily ship in a fanfic Lancelot/Merlin, but I'm more likely to throw in Lancelot/Gwen.

Live-action Transformers: My OTP is, of course, Sam/Bee, but my guilty pleasure is Sam/Optimus, thanks to Willing Sacrifice by Aozoran. I also ship Will/Ironhide. The only Sam/Mikaela I can stand is Sam/Mikaela friendship. If I'm feeling adventurous, Mikaela/Maggie might be something I try my hand at. Actually, scratch the might. It's definitely coming up in a fic at some point.

Doctor Who & Torchwood: Probably the only het pairing I truly, whole-heartedly support is Ten/Rose. Ever. Minor pairings like Martha/Micky and Amy/Rory are acceptable to me. I don't care much for River Song. So sue me. Jack/Ianto is my Torchwood OTP and I have absolutely no qualms with Tosh/Owen and Rhys/Gwen. If I'm feeling particularly angsty, I might indulge in a little Jack/Ianto with a side of Jack-lusty Gwen.

Star Trek 2009: I'm way too young to have any experience with the original, or even most of the spin-offs. But this is one of the most flexible fandoms I've experienced in my short life so far. My OTP has to be Jim/Spock, but my guilty pleasure (really guilty pleasure, as in, might read it more than my OTP) is Jim/Bones. Or Jim/Reaper!Bones. Both work equally well. Hence my re-vamped community.

Crossovers: The only place where my OTPs may not survive through a fanfic. For example, if I cross Harry Potter & Twilight, I'm all for Harry/Edward and Draco/Jacob, but my recently discovered guilty pleasure is Harry/Jacob. Just an example. I'm working on a Harry Potter & Transformers crossover. I'm not entirely sure how the pairings will pan out in that. Oh well. Also, Harry Potter & Supernatural. Harry/Sam, Harry/Dean, Harry/Crowley, Harry/Gabriel, but most notably Harry/Castiel.

YES, I'LL ADMIT IT. I like my Harry Potter to bottom. But that does NOT mean I like him submissive or uke. If I ever write Harry looking like a uke, then he'll make up for his "lack" of masculinity with attitude and magic.

All About Us: for non-chapter updates and other miscellaneous stuff

July 15, 2009 - Anyway, seeing as I lack the musical prowess, I would like to extend an opportunity to the readers: send me songs that you'd like to see in the fanfic! You know, title and artist, the particular bit of lyrics (can't use the whole song), maybe even the circumstances you could envision it being played. Otherwise, Bumblebee's radio will soon be very underused and under-appreciated. Then Bumblebee will get frustrated with the lack of communication. Who knows what kind of havoc he'll wreck? So, private message, review, whichever you prefer. This is a solemn plea for help!

Poll results:

Concerning story "All About Us," Transformers 2007 movie-verse, featuring Sam as a female and Mikaela as the male Michael: what pairings, if any, would you like to see?

#1 with 37 votes: Sam/Bee

#2 with 29 votes: Initial Sam/Michael in which they break up and remain friends with eventual Sam/Bee

#3 with 14 votes: Sam/Michael (essentially like the original Sam/Mikaela)

#4 with 8 votes: Initial Sam/Michael in which they break up and are at odds with eventual Sam/Bee

#5 with 3 votes: Other (Human/Human, Human/Autobot, Human/Decepticon) – Will/Ironhide: 2, Sam/Bee/Michael threesome: 1

#6 Tie with 2 votes: Other (Autobot/Autobot, Decepticon/Decepticon, Autobot/Decepticon) and None

Total: 95 votes

My decision: Because Sam/Bee turned out to be the most popular, then it will be included at some point in the story. However, there are still a good number of Sam/Michael shippers that read All About Us, and I don't want to drive them off either. With that in mind, I've decided, from the choices above, that All About Us will start out as Sam/Michael, then become Sam/Bee. How do I plan to go about this? All About Us is to be separated into four parts, All About Us covering the events of the first movie. By the end, I will have established the Sam/Michael. After that, I'll continue on with a multi-chaptered "filler" fic that will take place over the time between the first movie and Revenge of the Fallen. During this fic, to be called Cross My Heart, Sam and Michael will break up on bad terms, but will make amends and become friends again. Sam/Bee will in the meantime build up and be official by the end of Cross My Heart. Also, I'll be developing Will/Ironhide at the same time, and perhaps a Michael/? if it interests anyone. I See You will be the third story and include Revenge of the Fallen, where Sam/Bee, Will/Ironhide, Michael/? and others may be more prominent. I might throw in some Sam/Bee/Michael moments for the heck of it. The fourth story, yet to be named, will cover the aftermath of Revenge of the Fallen and have more shippy goodness. Beyond that, there is a tentative plan for a third Transformers movie.

So, it comes down to this: Initial Sam/Michael in which they break up, are at odds, but make amends and are friends by the end of Cross My Heart/beginning of Holding Out For A Hero, with eventual Sam/Bee. Other ships will include Will/Ironhide, Michael/?, Simmons/?, and perhaps a few others that haven't been decided on. Input for these additional ships are extremely welcomed!

Before I sign off, have I told you guys that you are absolutely awesome? I mean it. 95 votes with over 50 contributors. I'd send e-hugs and e-chocolates if I could. Much love!


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