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Sotto's Super Coolio Part

Ello! T'is moi, Sotto (otherwise known as Santa Claus) . How I became known as Santa is rather confusing, so I'll spare you the details. Actually, this is almost a joint account, as a good freind of mine isn't allowed to have her own account because of her demon mother. She writes mainly anime, so don't you dare confuse anime stories with my beautiful MASH ones. For the moment, I'm not a slasher, but I do NOT have anything against it... I hate people who constantly go, "Ewwww... Slashin s lyk sooooo rong!1111111111 teh bible's aganst t!111111111111" People who say that should die. Several times if possible. Ah yes... I'm also a distinct agnostic who happens to go to a very catholic school. Pity me.

A bit about myself (Why anyone would care is beyond me):

Name: Sotto (A good assassin never leaves a name!)

Age: 12 (Anyone who stereotypes my age should die, too... I am fully capable of understanding and writing an adult level story.)

Hair: Gold; Always knotted (I hate it)

Eyes: Chocolate brown

Grade: Sixth

Favorite TV show: MASH! Coming in for second is My Name is Earl

Favorite book: King Rat. PLEASE READ THIS! It is a fantastic book, and one that's very unappreciated. I'm not proud of it, but I was in tears at the end.

Likes: MASH (Only the early seasons... Once Chuckles comes it's crappola on a bun with lettuce, cheese and tomato), wolves, Led Zeppelin, reading, saying odd phrases like "Crappola", "Super coolio" and "Ubuler" (Anyone who steals these words of wisdom will be sued), writing, horses, horseback riding, black, beating people with sticks, singing, playing the piano, being rather random, boring the shit out of you, eating chocolate and/or pie andtrying to murder goths (Just because you like black does not make you one of the goths I hate. I love the color black. I hate the stereotypical goths... You know... The creepy ones with white makeup who go around scaring small children and saying, "Life is pointless." incessantly!)

Dislikes: Goths, stereotypes, chatspeak, Jesus bots, any other bots, sexists, racists, drugs, cliches, any Hawkeye/Margaret that lacks originality (Example= "Oh Margaret, I love you!" "Oh Hawkeye, I love you!" "Oh Margaret, marry me!" "Oh Hawkeye, yes!" "Oh Margaret, I've mysteriously lost the ability to use sarcastic comments, and will now give up the single life! Voluntarily, I might add!" "Oh Hawkeye, let's visit Trapper, who's given up cheating on his wife for unknown reasons and BJ, who just had another son he's named after you!" "Oh Margaret, let's have three children, all of whom will be spawns of the evil MARY-SUES and GARY-STUES of DOOM!"), Mary Sues, Gary Stues, pink, anime (no offenceto any lovers of it...My best freinds are obsessed with it! I just can't get over the whole cat demon thing...)and people who steal my super coolio phrases

Favorite pairing: Yes... I do actually like romances (LE GASP)


This is only if done with some originality. If you want to read a good one of these, check out "Faceless" and "A Hawk in the Shadows".

Conspiracy theories: Oh... There are so many... First of all, John Kerry is actually a emu disquised as a monkey. Second of all, the Trekkies (Star Trekkies, that is) are really what they dress up as... The human appearances they have when they're not at a convention is the costume. Thirdly, Captain Tuttle is a real person. Don't ask me how... He just is...

Things I say too much:

1. Super coolio

2. That's crappola on a bun with lettuce, cheese and tomato

3. Shut the fuck up

4. Patience is a virtue, but it's one I lack

5. If ignorance is bliss, no wonder I'm happy

6. Sticks and stones may break your bones but words will mentally destroy you

7. Ubuler

8. NYAH!

Plot to take over the world: I'm not tellin'! I do have positions open, so please to message me if you want in! It involves marshmellows, dancing monkeys and the cure to AIDs... Grins evily

Supreme Dictator: Moi! (That would be Sotto)

Second in Command: Erika (She doesn't have an account)

Third in Command: Jo-Jo (She doesn't have an account either)

You have to contanct one of use in order to join me in ruling the world, though, I'm guessing you don't know either Erika or Jo-Jo, so you're stuck with speaking to me! To bad... :-(

Special thanks of the week has been cancelled due to lack of interest and motivation.

I was just watching Cheers, and I HAD to add this... It's just so effin' hilarious!

Diane: (About Sam) Insight! From a man who's mental stimulation comes from counting along with Big Bird!

Well, that's about it! Tataa!

JK's Not Super Coolio Part

Hallo! I’m Jinzouningen Kitchi, known the not freaks JK. I’m obsessed with Android 17, swearing in German and anime.

Sotto: (Cough) Anime freak (Cough)

SHADDUP! (Whacks Sotto with stick)



Personal Profile:

Name: Kitchi

Age: 13

Hair: Brown and shoulder length

Eyes: Like a mood ring

Favorite TV shows: MASH, My Name is Earl and Dragon Ball Z 118-136

Favorite books: Too many to count.

Likes: Android 17 (I have four pictures of him in my mirror)

Android 17: CRAZY PHSYCO!

SHADDUP! (tackles him)

Dressing like said boy, black, bothering the bumsen out of you (If you want to know what that means: use an german to English dictionary), anime, swearing in German, Gir, giving people the finger, reading and writing fanfiction

Dislikes: Android 18, pink, girly-girls, any slash involving 17, any fanfics with him getting raped and anything from France.

Random French dude: Va te faire foutre!

(Flips through French to English dictionary) (GASP) HOW DARE YOU! (Gives him the finger) Just kidding… Me and Jacques are buddies!

Random French dude: (Puts arm around JK’s shoulders)

Get away from me, Frenchie.

Fantasies about 17: So many… (Drool)

Android 17: HEY! THAT’S SICK!

Plots to take over the world: Monkey Tamer in Sotto’s.

Sotto: We don’t even have a monkey yet!

Well, tschuess!


Sotto: In our stories, we often joke that JK is on crack... Notice the word "joke". Neither of us are drug addicts and we never will be. We're smarter than that!

JK: Heh... Pretty colors...


JK: Right now, I've decided not to contaminate Sotto's account with anime, so that's on the account "Jinzouningen". I share it with a kid from school, affectionatly called JM.

Sotto: (Caugh) Her boyfriend (caugh)


Sotto: Of course he's not. (Wink)


Sotto: Yes, JM stole her nickname. We now are in the process of suing. has taken down our "Know Your Stars, MASH Style" and "Oprah Winfrey, MASH Style" fanfics, so I am officially p'oed. I'd like to apologize for any future flaming that will come from how infuriated I am.

JK: I also have nothing against French people in real life... Only Jacques...

Jacques: (Sobbs)

Sotto: I'm working on changing our "Stars" and "Oprah" fics to story format, but I've been kept busy. Actually, I should be doing homework right now...

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