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Woah *looks at empty space* I guess it's about time I should write something about myself...

My name is Aisya but my friends call me Sya (Pronounced as Sha...I come from a country where 'y' is pronounced sort of like 'h'). I love books, anime, movies...I hate tv series because for some odd reason I can't seem to be dedicated to one (please don't even mention Glee to me -_-'). I know all of my stories here are boyxboy, and yes I admit that I DO love shounen ai animes...but I hardly know many yaoi anime. Junjou Romantica is my first and I'm absolutely in LOVE with it which is why I'm starting a series on it. So how did I get into boyxboy anime stuff? Well it all started with Tokyo Babylon by CLAMP. It's pretty old and not that popular anymore but it follows someone by the name of Subaru Sumeragi that reminds me a lot of myself. It's not yaoi, it's shounen ai so you won't get much boyxboy action but it's definitely a good read so please check it out if you can! I am of course in a mission to paint the word with my crazy imaginations. I truly hope I can captivate you readers with my ridiculous fantasies that I decide to put on words.

Yes! I know my pace is VERY slow and I do apologize. I swear I'm not doing it on purpose!! BUT hopefully as I settle into university life (a freshman wooo), I'll get back to writing here. I do hope you all understand.

But IF you don't *bows down in apology*...I'll make it up to you by telling you the statuses of my stories (:D) :

Kyou Kara Maou:

For Both Worlds

Now this was written waaaaay back in 2007 so will I be going back into it? Quite frankly, I'm not too sure...the inspiration to write that story came due to my stress for this major school exam I had so once THAT was over, I can't seem to go back to it. I HOPE no one actually cares (doubt there are people who care about this story though...since it has been a while back). But hey, I am still obsessed with I maaaay go back to this later on when I'm struck with inspiration for it.


Like A Porcelain Doll

YES! This WILL be updated! Honestly I've got loads of ideas for this story...and I will go back to it! Just maybe not that soon since I'm going to dedicate myself more on Tale of the Prince and the please bear with me. :)

Tale of the Prince and the Hunter

I'm actually working on the next chapter as we speak. :) So expect an update soon enough.

Junjou Romantica

Adopting A Monster

Working on the next chapter. :) BUT be warned JR fans! If you want a fluffy love story then let me just say that although there will be some fluff, it's a horror story. I actually got the inspiration to write this from watching the Orphan movie. Will there be smex? Unfortunately no but of course there will be slight clip bits of it. Why didn't I turn the status into an M one? Because I've never written a smex scene before (and that goes for heterosexual pairings as well) *bows down yet again* sorry. Even if I did write it, trust me it'll end up like crap. :P

Anyway! That's it really! :) I hope I've made this page more personal than it was before! Please come back here again for updates on my stories :) .

OH!!! AND reviews are deeply appreciated. :) It makes me happy to see that people enjoy what I've created so please if you've got some spare time, review my stories :) .

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