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IMPORTANT: okay, so i guess you've kind of noticed that Losing Soul has been on a long and dragging haitus (sp?) but I came back from my sister's (yes, yes, an overused excuse on my part) and I was like, (warning, word over PG) shiiitttt, I should probably get back to giving love to my readers, who have been utterly and gloriously patient with an undeserving me. So forgive, forgive, forgive and lets move on. I will have a new chapter up, I promise. I actually finished it! Yay me! I will get it betaed once I see if my beta is still around, I may need a new one (for those who LOVE to edit and correct other people's crap) if anyone's up for it. Once again, THANK YOU, loviesss to every single one of you. I will return!



Okay, hey you guys, I'm back after a long time. I kind of became a drifter since i basically had no time to log on and my internet connection became as slow as ass...

Here are some things you may (or may not) want to know about me:

age: 19 (and going strong baby!)

hair color: chestnut brown

eyes: blue

height: 5'7

foot size: just messin' around, you guys dont need to know that

favorites: my friends (girls for LIFE and guys for ALWAYS), my dog 'Chicken', my lil sis, saturday nights, clubbin till 2, the fizzy pink drink that we discovered last tuesday (rocks ass!), my hot boyfriend (formely known as 'hot neighbor upstairs', I actually got the nerve to talk to him)...that's it for now

Favorite New Phrase: "This kiittecchenn is bittchheenn" "checka checka ya"

Fav. Hot Celebs (Male): (Well, this is going to be a long list) Jensen Ackles, Zac Efron, Kevin Zegers, Stephen Colletti, Chad Michael Murrays(in his old days), Justin Timberlake (you can cry me a river any day), and lastly (this may be a weird addition) Michael Cera (who is the cutest nerd ever in Superbad)

Fav Female Celebs: Naomi Watts, Sophia Bush (my fav), Kate Hudson, Nicole Richie (I love her attitude but not her look, i guess her bones are her new accessory), Sandra Oh (she's hilarious), Katherine Heigal (not sure if i spelt it right), Scarlett Johansson

Fav. Books: Shopaholic Series, Twighligh, The Pact, Undomestic Goddess, Can You Keep A Secret, The Nanny Diaries


but from my time gone, i have changed folks...i have a new celebrity crush with the name of...Zac Efron...

I know, i know...some of you out there are like..."zac efron?", but you have to admit, that boy is fiiinnnneeee!

I was a chad michael murray person before, but hey, if he cant keep his gifts in the gift basket, he cant share the love with me...y'all get what I'm saying (sorry, had a sort of ghetto moment there)

Anyways, I'm back and better than ever...I think i might continue writing again, or even start up some new fanfictions. I've been reading around and there are some pretty great ones out there, so watch for mentions here and you can read them...

So far, my ABSOLUTE favorites are:

1. chemicals react (its hot)

2. his beautiful destruction (its so sad, and the writing is amazing)

3. sht, i cant remember what my third fav is called. I will when i update my profile though, promise!



I've started a new fic for ya'll, its called Losing Soul. Its a High School Musical. What can i say, I've been hooked?

Anyways, its more angst and romance than any of my others, its a TroyGabriella pairing, if any of you arent too sure. But if you want, scroll to the bottom and find out what its about

and for those of you who did scroll to the bottom. Thank you. ;p

I am thinking of reposting Shooting Sparks, but as a Troyella instead, so if you guys can do me a favor, read it and pm me if you think i should

I just put out a one shot as well, its called Your New Beautiful. Its a sad but sweet story about Gabriella and Troy. Read it and review lovelies



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The church lay in front of me, almost beckoning for my entrance, maybe it too knew who I was. Who we were. Troy and Gabriella. Inseparable. In love. I can't let this happen to us.
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Sorry guys but i'm closing this story because i've suddenly become aware of how inappropriate it is to write cast fics,so i've officially stopped this one.XOXOsophie
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