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Hi. Welcome to my profile. :). Since I have absolutely no idea what to put in it, I've decided that I'll just give you all my screen name and hope that you contact my if you'd like to know more about me. -- OMFGZ its mare. So don't be shy, because I love to talk and be friendly. Meaning, yes, there is such a thing as a friendly Goth. (duh) Talk to me later...

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Never There - Strata

"I am patiently waiting here to see
Which of us survives
When all of this collides with reality"

Listen To Your Heart- D.H.T.

"And there are voices
that want to be heard.
So much to mention
but you can't find the words.
The scent of magic,
the beauty that's been
when love was wilder than the wind."

Vampire Heart - H.I.M.

"Hold me
Like you held on to life
When all fears came alive and entombed me
Love me
Like you love the sun
Scorching the blood in my vampire heart"

Echo - Trapt

"Do I except you change, the past I hold inside?
With all the words I say
Repeating over in my mind
Some things you cant erase
No matter how hard you try
An exit to escape
Is all there is left to find"

Then End Has Come - Ben Moody

"Now to drive away the pain
I'll destroy all I distain
I'll become what I despise
Living someone elses life"

Anywhere - Evanescence

"Forget this life
Come with me
Don't look back you're safe now
Unlock your heart
Drop your guard
No one's left to stop you"

Iris - Goo Goo Dolls

"And you can't fight the tears that ain't coming
Or the moment of truth in your lies
When everything seems like the movies
Yeah you bleed just to know your alive"

It's Been a While - Staind

"It's been awhile
Since I've seen the way the candles light your face
It's been awhile
But I can still remember just the way you taste"

El Tango De Roxanne - Moulin Rouge

"His eyes upon your face,
His hand upon your hand,
His lips caress your skin...
It's more then I can stand!
Why does my heart cry?
Feelings I can't fight?
You're free to leave me, but just don't decieve me
and please, believe me when I say
I Love You!"


'Of Veela and Vampires' - (In Progress : Harry Potter : T)It's 7th year at Hogwarts, and Hermione has been made Headgirl. Over the summer, however, she has learned the truth about her heritage, that is to say, she isn't a muggle after-all. What happens when she has to bunk with Draco Malfoy, the I-Hate-Anything-That-Isn't-Pureblood Headboy? And what happens when Draco finds out her secret? DmHg w/ some HpGw...R & R, I need motivation!

'Measure Of a Man' - (In Progress : Phantom of the Opera : T) Kay/2004 Movie Christine DeChagny is discovering that life as a Vicomtess is not what she thought it would be. When a son is born to her, she discovers in horror that it resembles none other then the man who has been haunting her ever since she left him. When Raoul finds out her secret, he falls into a pit of depression, drinking to calm himself. What happens when the drinking takes over and he begins beating Christine, all within the knowledge of a certain masked man who has kept watch on his Angel of Music throughout the years? EC, Raoul Slashing...R & R! -- not posted yet --

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Love of Music by Kagome1514 reviews
[AU] Christine is in her senior year in high school. Erik is the new accompanist. What happens when Christine begins taking music lessons from him? EC.
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Veela!Harry fic with HarryDraco slash. Rating will go up in future chappies. Lily Potter wasn't what everyone thought she was. Becoming an Elemental Veela just might give Harry the power to defeat Voldemort forever and possibly fall in love in the process
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I was born the day you kissed me...I died inside the night you left me...But oh how I lived while you loved me....
Harry Potter - Rated: M - English - Romance/Mystery - Chapters: 24 - Words: 71,799 - Reviews: 129 - Favs: 128 - Follows: 61 - Updated: 3/10/2006 - Published: 1/8/2006 - Hermione G., Draco M.
Two to Tango by dracofan22 reviews
Hermione's passion is dance, but she has never told anyone about it since it isn’t offered at Hogwarts, but then in her 7th year a new class is added: Ballroom Dance! And who is to be her partner, but the handsome Draco Malfoy of course
Harry Potter - Rated: M - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 37 - Words: 70,243 - Reviews: 182 - Favs: 581 - Follows: 159 - Updated: 2/5/2006 - Published: 11/2/2005 - Draco M., Hermione G. - Complete
Of Veela and Vampires reviews
It's 7th year at Hogwarts, and Hermione has been made Headgirl. Over the summer, however, she has learned the truth about her heritage she isn't a muggle afterall. What happens when she has to bunk with Draco Malfoy, who finds out her secret?
Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 6 - Words: 22,585 - Reviews: 122 - Favs: 197 - Follows: 227 - Updated: 4/19/2006 - Published: 2/19/2006 - Hermione G., Draco M.