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How are we all on this fine morning/evening/night/whatever? I hope everyone is well. If not, well my love is with you all.
Now, down to business. If one can call mundane details about a sixteen year old schoolgirl "business".
Yes, as said before, I am sixteen. I live in Australia on the coast near all the nifty beaches - unfortunately I don't visit them as much as I would like, but I do when I can.
I work in a bookstore and get loads of free books which is fantastic! I could seriously live there.
I watch a lot of films, read a lot of books, go to many concerts and spend a little too much money on music.
I can sing a bit of jazz and folk if you're lucky...or if I've had a long night
I wish I could play guitar...
...and not start every sentence on here with "I". Maybe I'll switch to the third person.
Emily (yes, the name is Emily not "Stella" as the username suggests.) likes to sleep, eat and drink...a little. She enjoys photography and art...even though she's not that good. Her work may be described as "expressionist".

Bold= Major love. :)

She listens to the following music:
- The White Stripes
- Sarah Blasko
- Fiona Apple
- The Cat Empire
- Bjork
- Shivaree
- Laura Veirs
- Kidneythieves
- Sufjan Stevens
- Martha Wainwright
- The Mountain Goats
- Pretty Girls Make Graves
- Decoder Ring
- Little Birdy
- Emiliana Torrini
- George
- Holly Throsby
- Goldfrapp
- Jewel
- The Mars Volta
- Morcheeba

She watches, and is obsessed with, films by the following directors:
- Tim Burton
- Quentin Tarantino
- Alfred Hitchcock
- Robert Rodriguez
- Jim Jarmusch
- Terry Gilliam
- Michel Gondry
- Pedro Almodovar
- Alfonso Cauron
- Francois Ozon

Her Favourite films are:
- Pulp Fiction
- Coffee and Cigarettes
- Y Tu Mama Tambien
- Todo sobre mi madre (All About My Mother)
- La Mala Education (Bad Education)
- Sin City
- Babel
- Chocolat
- Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
- Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
- Swimming Pool

She loves books by the following authors:
- Joanne Harris
- Gregory David Roberts
- Hunter S. Thompson
- Jim Butcher
- Vikram Chopra
- Zadie Smith
- Tom Robbins
- Jean Dominique Bauby
- Tobsha Learner

Her Favourite books are:
- Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
- Fierce Invalids Home From Hot Climates
- The People's Act of Love
- Shantaram
- Seven Ancient Wonders
- The Diving Bell and Butterfly
- Chocolat
Gentlemen and Players
- Sleep, Pale Sister.
- White Teeth
- The Rum Diary
- The Dresden Files

She frequently views the following television shows:
- Lost
- Black Books
- The West Wing
- Little Britain
- 21 Jump Street
- Absolutely Fabulous
- Extras

Her style gurus are and why:
- Johnny Depp: He has extremely good taste in vintage clothes and hats.
- Keira Knightley: Class
- Sofia Coppolla: Not because she's stylish...just because she does great things.
- Sarah Blasko: Has the best dresses and vintage stuff.
- Helena Bonham Carter: Just stylish AND the girlfriend of Tim Burton...what else is there to say?
- Herself: No, Emily is not up herself. She just likes what she wears.

Words to describe Emily may be:
- Random
- A Freak
- Goth (at times)
- Hippie (at other times)
- Odd
- Nerd
- Dumbass
- A living, breathing and walking contradiction.

If you see Emily on the street before running for your life check it's her by called outone of the following:
- "Cooktop" - a nickname from early high school.
- "Em!"
- "Oi!"
- "Look! It's The White Stripes!" - If yelled, this phrase will prompt a severe case of hyperventilation, drooling and hysteria followed by extreme sadness when she realises that The White Stripes were in fact not there.

Disclaimer: In no way does Emily apologize for the length of detail of this page. It was your fault for reading it!

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