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Author has written 3 stories for Final Fantasy VIII, and Final Fantasy VII.

Update (07/03/07): I finally updated Mismatched. My bestfriend told me that the chapter four was "lacking". Well, expect it to be edited and re-uploaded soon. I'm sorry it had to be such a terrible update guys. =( I'm really trying my best to write as much as I can, and to the best that I can, but school's terribly been keeping me occupied. Not only am I physically drained at the end of the day, I'm mentally drained too. Thanks for all of you who are still supporting me. =) I really appreciate all the time you guys waste on me by giving me thoughtful reviews. I'll make it up to you guys, I promise.

Update (03/06/07): I am the type of person who hates breaking the promises I made. And I told you last month that I'd update Mismatched in a week, right? Maaaan! I hate my computer. I think it's glitching because every time I try to update the next chapter there's some sort of error. No worries though, I'll be sure to try and try again till I'm successful... or I can go find another pc to upload from. Sorry for making you wait. -sweatdrops-

On a side note, I gave 1 DeathGoddess a wrong review for her story, "The Baker". That review was for Daughter of Helba's humorous Death Note fic, "Yagami or something else?". It went like this:

Lol at your story. Never before have I thought about Raito's name backwards, and DUDE! You're so right! I-M-A-G-A-Y. ARGH! Your friend's way cool, he noticed that teeny detail. It's a Humor fic though so I can forgive the characters being OOC (I hate OOCs) and also, I understand since you haven't read DN yet. I strongly advise that you do!! Good day. =)

There! I hope that clears everything up.

Update (02/25/07): Please visit my collaboration account with Emma! (mouseter) It's Undercurrent; right now, we've uploaded a Spiral fic on it and we've got 3 Naruto fics in process. Review, okay? That's all for now!

I have a couple of new fanfic ideas though, I'll be listing them below.


I'm 15.
I'm a girl.
I can be a bit harsh with my reviews but they are always given with the best intentions.
Don't worry if I say your writing is bad and you think that mine's not any better... in the first place, I didn't state that mine was in any way superior - I actually hate writing Mismatched, as of the moment.
I don't know.
The inspiration's just not coming to me... or I'm just procrastinating and giving excuses, which I always do.
Because of TheCherryOnTop though, I regained my faith in high school fics... I'm thinking of updating Mismatched OR uploading a SasuSaku fic. XD
But don't worry, dear readers, I always have you guys in mind.
I don't want to leave anyone hanging.
Be well, guys.
See you on the my next update.
Reviews are great encouragements you know. ;D
Oh, and yes, constructive criticism is ALWAYS welcome.


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I also have a very descriptive bio in that piece of art. (Is a blog even an art?)

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That is all!

Upcoming Projects...

Gils and Roses - (CloudTifa) (Genre: Humor/Romance) A humorous fic for a change, Tifa has to raise money because of Barret and the group's extravagant usage of their 'electrical utilities' (I quote Cloud, as he used that as an excuse to play Mario on the GameCube). So what does she do? She makes Cloud do 'special services' for 7th Heaven AKA accomodating disgustingly wealthy girls who will pay a lot (think 6-digit numbers) just to have dinner with him. What's the twist? It's Valentines day! Is this just Tifa's elaborate plan to surprise Cloud because it's Valentines? Or maybe it's the other way around. By the way, taking place after "Advent Children". (For the first time, Nicole's the writer and Jayne's the editor! YAY!)

Final Fantasy Summer Olympics - (FF8 and FF7 crossover) (Genre: Humor) The title has said enough and anyway, as you will read when I upload this, I can't think of a decent summary. Just think of the following situations: Cloud falling off his jetski, Squall's dark secret, Vincent fights for Yuffie's hotdog, a fight between Cid and Barret... and Cloud's pants. I think I let out too much information already. (Haven't started writing this yet, except, well, the summary...)

Thinking twice about submitting this one...

I Don't Want To Wait In Vain For Your Love - (Kyo Kara Maou) (Genre: Romance/General) Yuuram. This is my super-belated Valentine gift for everyone who's encouraged me in my writing. By the way, Yuuram's my current obsession right now, so yeah, my mind's in high gear writing stuff about them. =P So it's Valentines here on Earth and Yuuri asks his mom what gift she'd like. Guess what she asks for? That Yuuri bring his fiancee to Earth.

Her reason? "Ne, Yuu-chan, couples should enjoy themselves on this special day! Ne? Ne? Bring him, okay? It's going to be fun, teaching him all about Valentines!"

"... Yuu-chan, does Wolfram have wings?"

I Think I Love You - (Kyo Kara Maou) (Genre: Romance/General) Yuuram. As Maou, Yuuri still has a lot to learn; like dancing. Wolfram, having decades of practice in the art, would be the perfect person to teach him, ne? This was inspired by a Yuuram AMV on Youtube; cruyske's "I think I love you, yuuri". I really love that AMV! Check it out!

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