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Name: Sorge and Baku (There are two of us so MANY collaboration fics!)


Sorge: (real name: Damien) YAOI: Yes, I like yaoi, Baku's damn fault...he's a fan gurl...and he's dragged me into this spiral of yaoi-doom! So yes, I'm a boy, write yaoi due to my slavery.

Irvine is my favorite anything, he's the shix! Anything with him, I love.

I live with Baku in indiana, that's all you need to know

I like Ramen noodles and Dir en Grey (Kyo Rules!)

Baku: (real name: Vincent...Valentine...I WISH!)YO! I'm Baku, I'm a yaoi fan gurl...who is a boi...who likes boi's! YEY! I live in my best friend's apartment in indy as he said. I luvb him! I write along side with Sorge, all yaoi! Sorry, I do not allow heterosexuality main pairings! Sorry!

Vincent is the uber-smexy-yum-yum-goodness! (People say when I'm in my school uniform I look like him in turk version!)

Sorge is my best friend and Keey (her account is DaKeeYcHaiN at ff net) is OUR master despite what Sorge says

I like Ramen as well and my favorite Dir en Grey boi is Die...yummai boi! (drools) Him in threesome with Kaoru and Kyo is like, my dream! (to watch and participate and then drag Sorge in the mesh to make orgy!)

Favorite Anime Couples: (seme/uke)

Sesshoumaru/InuYasha, Naraku/Sesshoumaru, Miroku/InuYasha, Hughes/Roy, Havok/Roy, Roy/Ed, (we love ROY!), Saitou/Sano

Favorite Video Game Couples:

VINCENT/Sephiroth, Squall/IRVINE,Vergil/Dante,Seifer/Zell, Kiros/Laguna, Zak/Cloud

Favorite Movie Couples:

ENIS/JACK! (Brokeback Mountain),Haldir/Legolas, Jack Sparrow/Will Turner, Hector/Paris, Achilles/Paris

Random Fav. Couples:

Hyde/ Eric, Murtagh(?)/ Eragon, Lucius Malfoy/ Severus Snape ( preferably young)


Sephiroth/Vincent/Irvine (luvb)

Sorge: Okay, now that we've rambled through that, first I'd like to announce that most of these fics will be Squall/Irvine, because I love (not gay like ) Irvine and Baku and I both agree that Rinoa is a bitch so Squall gets the sexy cowboy.

Baku: And also all flames will be deflected with Sorge's bright pink thong which he DOES have in his closet.

Sorge: wtf where you doing in my closet?

Baku:Looking for you. (insert pun here)

Sorge: . . .


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