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Sasuke: You're really acting like an Asshole in Naruto!

Neji: You're HOT!

Kakashi: Take off that Damn mask.

Sakura: You really need a life, no offence, but you're really acting a bitch too. And stop obsessing with Sasuke!

Jiraiya: Stop being an irritating perv.

Yuki: Y'know you're hot too!

Kyo: Stop getting pissed off so easily. You're easy as hell to read.

Shigure: You stop being a perv too!

Akito: Dude, you've got serious problems.

Ayame: I love you!

Inuyasha: You gonna get killed one day if you keep acting like a Class-A Dumbass.

Miroku: Geesh, WTF is with all these Perverts?

Sango: If you really love Miroku, Kill him now.

Sesshomaru: I love you more...

Naraku: You suck!

Hojo: You're as stupid as Inuyasha alot of the time...

Lantis: I heard Hikaru cheated with Eagle. You still got me!

Eagle: You're hot but run-off somewhere with Hikaru and leave Lantis with me!

Zagato: Shame you're dead. Oh well life goes on.

Ferio: Keep Fuu, I still dont like you.

Syaron: Sakura's waiting for you!

Sakura K: You are so cool!

Eriol: Did you know I love English boys?

Touya: You are hot but I don't dig gay dudes.

Yukito: Same goes for you.

Yue: You're not gay so yay me!

Clow Reed: It's a shame that hot guys die huh?

Gokuz: Why do you get yourself killed so many damn times again?

Vegeta: You definitely got problems with being egotistical.

Trunks: Well you're hot, strong, and sweet as hell. Yes!

Gohan: You were cool but then you just became really lame dude...

Hayama: You have perfection in my eyes!

Naozumi: NIce hair and eyes...Pretty boy...

Rei: Nothing TO say...

Ed: I Love you so much!

AL: You are a such a sweet boy.

Ranma: I'll marry you any day.

Kenshin: I love you and the Battousai.

Sanoske: Nice punch tiger!

Capt. Sagara: WTF! Hot guys are dying!

Enishi: You damn physco.

Hiko: Age is nothing but a number...

Soujirou: You win the award for a smile that creeps me the hell out dude.

Aoshi: I love you Aoshi!

Saitou: You aren't all that volatile, right?

Yoh: Y'know I love you more than Anna ever could.

Hao: I think I can arrange something.

Ren: Why the hell does your hair rise when you get pissed?

Marron: You are unappreciated by others... But not me!

Negi: Even though you're younger than me, you still cool. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


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