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Hello, my name is Lydia. Okay, Instant Star is my favorite show of all time. I like to write Tragedies. Don't ask me why, but it's a lot easier to write for me and they always come up unexpected ya know? I also love to write romance. I have been writing since I was 5 and wrote my first song when I was 7. I'm learning how to play guitar and the it's all cool. Anyways, I also think I'm the most talkative reviewer ever...because I give ideas, suggestions, tell you exactly what I think and everything like you have been warn.

I also take suggestions, ideas, and CHALLENGES (where you give me a challenge to write a story). So if any of you have some...PM me!!

Age: 20

Location: Florida

Favorite Fan Fics

Cherry Red/BlueBerry Blue by NaturalDisaster (actually anything from her!!)

Picture by Momma M

Pushing the Limit by xtaintedxlovex

Frobidden Love by Minela310

Blackout by starfan88

Partners in Crime by starfan88

Her Angel of Music by Midnitewishez

Bury Me by Monsterchild

Surviving Fate by an addict

That's just some...not all. But those are my top 8...but not in order...

Books: Twilight Series, House of Night Series, Blue Blood Series, Cirque du Freak Series

Authors: Stephenie Meyer, Stephen King, P.C. and Kristen Cast

Movie: Twilight, Final Destination Series, Peter Pan, Bring it On 1 and 3, Phone Booth


Alexz Johnson,


Rascal Flatts,


Breaking Benjamin,

System of a Down,



Ashlee Simpson,

The Veronicas,

Jon Bon Jovi,

The Beatles,

Three Days Grace,

Boys Like Girls,

Goo Goo Dolls

Motion City Soundtrack,

Tom Petty,

Three Doors Down,

Avril Lavigne,


Favorite IS Songs: Unraveling, Skin, That Girl, Don't You Dare, I'm in Love with My Guitar(b/c it explains me so well)

I have to say something which is one of my BIGGEST pet peeves. The lyrics to That Girl is...

I'm the smoke from your fire
I'm that LIE you can trust

It's not, "I'm that GUY you can trust." I went to this website that had the lyrics for the CD Songs from Instant Star by Alexz Johnson and that's what it said. Also it makes A LOT more sense...because she's not a guy so why would she say that she's that guy you can trust. Now, it makes sense when she says she's that lie you can trust. So yea...I don't care what ya'll say...I'M RIGHT! -lol-

Favorite Show Pairings:

Instant Star- Jude/Tommy, Jude/Kwest, Kat/Jamie, Kwest/Sadie

Smallville- Lana/Lex, Clark/Chloe, Clark/Lois

Danny Phantom- Danny/Sam

Degrassi- Ellie/Sean, Marco/Dylan, Darcy/Peter, Paige/Alex, EMMA/SEAN!!(YES!!)

Life With Derek- Derek/Casey, Sam/Casey, Derek/Emily

Hannah Montana- Miley/Jake, Lilly/Oliver

What I Like About You- Holly/Vince, Tina/Gary

Favorite Qoutes:


Rihanna: Call it.

Sierra: It's a quater


Sierra: Shut up Winnie. Wait, did I mean to say that? Yea I did. Shut up Winnie


Winnie: Watch and learn.

Brittany: Ok, show us what not to do.


Kwest: Listen man, I know you, alright. You're falling for this girl. Now I wouldn't blame you if you wanna hit that in another few years.

Tommy: Look that's not even what this is about. Kwest man you think I'm okay with this? Huh? That the coolest chick I know, the girl who gets me the most is 16? Give me a break man. She's out of bounds and I'm not that guy.

Kwest: Good. But if she was 21?

Tommy: In a split second.


Tommy: For what is worth. Shay's a kid and an idiot.

Jude: Yeah.

Tommy: And he made the wrong choice.

Jude: That's not worth much coming from you.

Tommy: What's that suppose to mean?

Jude: I'm so tired of falling for guys that don't fall back. It hurts.

Tommy: Jude I-

Jude: You all say the nicest things. "You're so great, you're so nice" but none of you wanna date me. So you wanna help me, Tommy? Tell me what I do wrong. Tell me why I'm so easy to give up and then maybe I can fix it.

Tommy: You are asking...the wrong...guy. (grabs her and kisses(!) her)


Tommy: Wanna talk about it?

Jude: No, with you? I don't want to yak as it is.

Tommy: Well, I'm kinda all you got right now so...

Jude: How do you kiss somebody who just dumped you? I don't think I can handle it.

Tommy: The way you told off Darius, I think you can handle anything.

Jude: Okay, but what if--hypotheticallly--this is my first real kiss; with, with somebody who's...uh...who's kissing me back. I just, I want it to count, you know?

Tommy: Then will, but this won't be it. Look Jude, a real kiss, it isn't in the lips, it's in the heart. And if yours isn't in this one with Shay...then it doesn't count.

Jude: Thanks...Tommy.


Tommy: I just talked to Darius. I mean were you gonna tell me that you're doing the Shay tour?

Jude: Were you gonna tell me that you're doing my sister?


Jude: So you wanna date the whole family Tom? 'Cause mom's single now, and gram's kinda cute.


Eden: Just admit it. You're jealous of me.

Jude: Why? You're not as nearly as hot as you think you are.

Eden: Funny, that's what Shay said about you.

Jude: Okay it's on. (tommy pulls her back) Tommy I saw this on Law and Order it's justifiable homocide.


Tommy: Miss Harrison.

Jude: Mr. Quincy. Or... producer person.

(Go for a hug but bump heads)

Jude: Okay, yeah, I think I left the sophisticated part of me back in Moosejaw.

Tommy: Famous for sophistication.

Jude: What, me or Moosejaw?

Tommy: I think I'm gonna go for an even split.


Tommy: I'm just looking out for us, okay?

Jude: Right. Okay, well, I'm just going to go home and put on a dress that your ex-wife has chosen, and go sing a song that Darius has picked out that I'm going to be singing after the kids who are replacing me. So, I say what?


Kat: This is for making me fall for you're dumb cute earlobes.

Jude: And this is making think you're the sound of music and saying you loved me...(looks at Kat's shocked face) Oh I didn't believe him for a second.


Tommy: Last time I checked Saturday morning was still friday night. This better good Harrison.

Jude: It is actually. I have a 4 month hiadus, two parents tearing each other apart. And now that you're coorperate king of all music everywhere, no you.

Tommy: It's a promotion, but you got me now. So...what do you wanna do?

Jude: I wanna scream.

Tommy: The booth's soundproof.

Jude: Okay, shake it off a bit. (screams) How about you huh? The new tense Tommy at the new tense G-Major could use a scream too? C'mon let it out. (they both scream)

Spiedermen: The lord Spiedermen demands you pay a fee meer mortals.

Kwest: Don't touch the board ill, not unless you want to loose that hand.


Tommy: It's fine. Jude and I are just wrapping up.

Darius: Yea, I've noticed. Remember T, you're still her mentor. And she's only 17 man.

Tommy: She's my co-producer, and she'll be 18 in less than a week.

Darius: So what's that supposed to mean?

Tommy: That I've done everything you ask! That I spent the last five years trying to make up for what happened! That Jude and I...we're none of your business.

Darius: Listen, I just don't wanna see anyone to get hurt, alright; like Angie did. And my artist.

Tommy: But she's my girl.


Tommy: You know that use to make girls cry; not cackle.

Jude: I don't cackle.

Tommy: Or maybe you're not like other girls.

Jude: Ooo, it's little Tommy Q, and your parachute pants are just so shiny!


Chloe: Clark I might not ever see you again.

(goes up to him and kisses(!) him)


(In an elevator)

Chloe: Lets reanact the event. Okay so lex had Eve up against this wall here...okay c'mon big boy for the cause of truth and justice. Now push me up against the wall.

Clark: Well I don't...

(grabs him and makes him push her up against the wall)

Chloe: So, she had her hand here, and I think he had his hand here. And they were...

Clark: Maybe he knocked the earring off by mistake.

Chloe: Yea, and she pushed him up against this wall here. (realizes there position) Hi.

(Elavotor Door opens)

Woman: Oh my.

Clark: It's okay, you can come in.

Woman: No, that's okay we'll just take the stairs.

Chloe: But nothing was happening. We weren't doing anything.


Clark: Chloe, before I left...there was this moment when we...

Chloe: You mean when I laid one on you? (he nods) Don't worry Clark, it was the end of the world. It's not like I was expecting us to hook up or anything.

Clark Uh, yeah, yeah. M-me either.


Crazy Man: Deep down, do you love this man?

Clark: Go on Lois, just tell the truth.

(Lois looks at him scared)

Crazy Man: Do you love this man?

Clark: Just tell the truth.

Lois: (starts crying a little bit) Yes.

(Clark gets ready to be shocked but notices the lie detector says she's telling the truth)


Lois: Oh, sorry to interrupt your orgy. Looks like I scared your date off.

Clark: Where'd she go?

Lois: I don't know, you find a motel room for you two.

Clark: You don't understand.

Lois: Of course I do, you were doing a 9 1/2 week in the elevator. It might not get you into the mile high club but, hey, you gotta start somewhere.

Clark: Hey just calm down.

Lois: I am calm! Why wouldn't I be calm!? Dial the ego down smallville! I don't care what you do with your love life!!

I have plenty of others but none of which I can think of right now.

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