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Big thanks to Scifan & Camy on gateworld for making a pair of covers (scifan) and a desktop wallpaper (Camy) all from written words.

Further notes below for each story.

NOTICE TO CRITICS UNITED MEMBERS: If you plan on bullying me, save your breath, if you report any of my stories, I will report YOU as a bully on the site that bullies other writers. I do not like bullies and personally I'd love to slit your throats as you read this. Bullying other writers into moving from this site not only ruins a writer and hurts them, but also drives down the popularity of as a whole. If you know what is good for you, GET A FREAKIN' LIFE AND LEAVE THESE WRITERS ALONE FOR GOD SAKES!!! Now, back to mentioning of saving your breath, I am in the proccess of moving some of my stuff here to Deviantart, so saying I should move is a waste of breath in the first place. TO EVERYONE THAT ENJOYS MY STORIES: You can find me on under the same penname as here. I do not like bullies bullying other writers for mistakes. but doing it the way you have been is just wrong and mean. So do the decent thing and leave these writers alone.

Countering Counter Strike Source : The Atlantis team hits a MAJOR snag when Teyla gets stuck inside a Wraith Virtual Enviroment Machine(VRM), which is the exact same as Counter Strike Source computer game, Rodney cannot get her out because he never played CSS before in his life, nor can John get her out as Teyla is fighting alone against the computer itself, the newst member of the Team, Xaan, gets the go ahead to bring in a friend from Earth, Xaan arrives at Earth via the Apollo, and returns to Atlantis with Zack, his longtime friend and avid CSS player, things go from bad to worse to downright crazy as the Wraith arrive, and Teyla has to make a dicesion that will change the way she views other people from the outside. MAJOR Teyla Whumpage, you've been warned. Rated M due to blood/gore

Rogue Trader: Tales from The Spirit of Silence; season one : In the dark future of man, there are several that take to the stars their wares, they trade with others, and avoid battle whereever possible. This is one such story, the story of a small ship, the Spirit of Silence, and her nine member crew. A legit Merchanting firm, and a vital blackmarket smuggling operation that the Empire of man wants disbanded as soon as possible. Each chapter is one episode that spans a season, crosses over into Stargate, also has ties to Amann0407's story War of Gods & Men.
Season 1.0: Ten Episodes {All episodes uploaded}
Season 1.5: Ten Episodes {Episodes currently in progress}

The Master and the Demonblade : The master of the Five Rings, Kiriko, the only survivor of the attack on the homestead of Kakita Ashigo, the eleventh child of the family of twelve, and first of two girls. takes up her parents swords on ap ath of vengance, on the other side of the Burning Sands, Anko, twenty nine thousand years later, takes up Kakita Yotoshami's sword, The Desert Demonblade, and becomes the Demon of the Silver Sea. Both women, tied by fate and generations apart, join forces against the Shadowlands magian, Shendu. Story rated M for strong themes of gore.

New Story! Two Steps Kill Bill : John Sheppard makes the mistake of insulting two preancient women, a series of 'accidents' begin to happen on the Wraith's Bane, and a deadly game of Cat and Mouse has begun. Who will be the victor of this battle of wits. Rated M for strong violence and use of supernatural themes. Crosses over into L5R and Kill Bill along with Stargate Atlantis

New Story! Die Hard, I'm Not Dead! : Au version of Die Hard series. What if John McClane passed away peacefully, and he is succeeded by a genentically created woman known only as Lake, the Perfect Soldier, with his knowledge, his experiances, and above all, he knack for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. John McClane may be dead, but his work continues, and it is now far more personal as Lake takes onthe killers that destroyed her home and adopted family. John's spirit guides Lake on a cross country road to revenge. and only goes to prove that even the Dead also Die Hard. Rated M for strong langauge

New Story! Original Program Layla : Layla, an Original Program of the Grid, has stuck by Flynn, and later Clu, through thick and thin, and with Clu gone, Layla has no idea what to do, but to take another user into the Grid. Sam and Qorra both find themselves entangled with Atlantis, with Grid 3.3 goes live. And Program Layla becomes a hit combat program for the Atlantis crew... until that rift in spacetime...

The Crane vs The Hook : a hook fanfic that takes place 30 years after the events in the movie Hook, Peter Pan/Banning's two children Jack and Maggie grew up and never forgot Neverland, They had their own children, Maggie two boys and a girl, Jack three boys. Maggies daughter, Crane, the only grandchild of Peter who had the same mark that Hook had given the adult Pan during Hook and his fight during the movie. Crane, the only girl of the six grand children goes to Neverland to fight her grandfathers worst enemy. But what can a 18 year old chinese girl do against a bloodlusting pirate with a hook for a hand? Simple, never forget her happy thought! UNDER REWRITING

A Visit to Pandora : Rodney and Radek watch a movie, and get some ideas, after a few dozen weeks they're ready to test out their stuff. So far so good! Uh... where did Vipteri come from? Why did Radek faint flat on the floor? RODNEY!!

At the Lantean Academy : Written as a collab between myself and Amann0407 concerning past events to his story Golden Dawn, spawned mostly off a twisted yet totally fun dream I had after starting a thread on gateworld. In this story Amann is 17 years of age, and meets a Void Born girl of 15 1/2 years of age and becomes fast friends with her, and at the same time, earning the lifelong hatred of another student.. In this story also we see younger versions of many of the Ancients themselves before going to the Milky Way galaxy. Including but not limited to, Morgan, Merlin, Oma, and several others. AU universe of Stargate.

Project Icegate, Project One : A group of eight men and women from Alesian space visits New York City and are treated to a good two weeks of food and relaxation with General Jack O'Niell. However that fun turns to horror when, on the last day, something unexpected happens. And the Alesians meet the Autobots for the first time. So much for two week vacation. Rated T, Start of the Project series. {COMPLETED} MOVED TO DA

Pink and Black : Ironhide never expected to find two Autobots on a farm that was owned by Lennox's older brother John and his family, what he expected even less then finding comrades in hiding, was love with one of them. Rated T, Ironhide centeric, takes place about three months before the events of Project Icegate, Project One MOVED TO DA

Project Bayport, Project One : Lake One and the Autobots visit Bayport three and a half years after the events of Project Icegate, Project One, there they help find a missing person missing for almost three weeks, and also get into a lot of fun with the Bayport City Police and Fenton Hardy himself, and where did Lakes favorite necklace go ?? BLACKIE!!!! {Book two of the Project series} MOVED TO DA

Larger than Life : Lake runs afoul of Wayne Zalinski's shrink machine when Nest is sent ot pick it up to keep the machine out of the hands of the Decepticons, Swallowtail is pissed off at Wayne, and Lake is for the first time able to trust Wheelie with her life, But can Wheelie be the Autobot he is ment to be get Lake back to normal, or will Lake remain less than an inch tall for the rest of her life ? Crossover between Honey I shrunk the Kids and Transformers. Rated M for swearing, CRACK!FIC MOVED TO DA

Surviving Jumanji : Lake One of the Project One series is on her own, almost. The Stone of Song had transported her to 1969, before the Autobots had come to Earth, to Parriville New Hampshire. To the front doorstep of One Samuel Parrish. In need of money to try to get home, Lake takes the job as night watchwoman, given room and board and also a good ammount of payment Lake is able to buy a car for herself to use. However, Sam Parrish's son Alan is a wuss, and it is up to Lake to turn him around. But it is the boardgame Jumanji that will change them both, or kill them before they kill each other. Crack!Fic story, made to be funny as hell. Jumanji movie with a lot of craziness. Some mild langauge is expected. MOVED TO DA

Tigers vs Dragons : Trudy never expected that she'd fly the newest earth made Gunship. Nor did she expect it to be a former Decepticon Seeker named Thunderstrike, nor did she exepct him to save her life when she needed him the most. pre Avatar 'verse mixes with Transformers. MOVED TO DA

Poem of a Spainard : A short totally offbeat poem using quotes from the movie Princess Bride, it is Ingio Centeric, and made mostly for the hseer heckof it as i had nothing else to write. MOVED TO DA

So This is Snow : John takes Teyla on a trip to his home to visit his brother James in Flint Michigan during a blizzard. allowing Teyla to see snow for the first time MOVED TO DA

Dawnless Earth: Final Sunrise : The Atlantis team runs into trouble with time, and faces off against their worst, yet horrifyingly familar enemy yet. This story is the Prelude to the next three of Danwless Earth series, Rated M, crossover with Terminator series MOVED TO DA

Dawnless Earth: The End Begins : The Atlantis team fights with an enemy they thought only movie magic. But things aren't what they seem when Sian the woman from the future is something more then a woman with a terminator T-X class backbone, Magic once thought myth is all too real. Rated M, crossover with Terminator series, NOTE: takes a strong magical twist to the storyline due to my pentup imagination MOVED TO DA

Dawnless Earth: To End the End : The Atlantis Team struggles against a very powerful enemy and have to fight against their own city when Skynet inflitrats the systems of Atlantis. And Sian has a revelation that will change the corse of earth forever if it works. Rated M, crossover with Terminator series, currently under construction, Title may change MOVED TO DA

Dawnless Earth: The Last Night : With Atlantis all but lost to Skynet, the Atlantis Team turns to the woman that started everything in an effort to end the darkness. The only problem is, she's powerless against Skynet itself on her own. Rated M, crossover with Terminator series, This story concludes Dawnless Earth series, however it may continue, Currently under construction, title of story may change MOVED TO DA

Kingdom Hearts: The Kingdom Keepers : Unrest begins to grow once again at the Disney World Resort, however this time, there is more fun to be had in the two parks connected through monorails. Of which poor B.E.N. from Treasure Planet falls out of the people mover into Space Mountain, his least favorite ride of all the parks. Everyone from Disney movies makes an appearance throughout this story. Some friends of the author also appear under names of their respective characters! Rated M for mature themes and some gore, and a little language, This story crosses over into Kingdom Hearts game serie. MOVED TO DA

Kingdom Keepers, A Tale of Fate : Finn and the gan return to the Magic Kingdom in Disneyworld after going global. But once again the trouble is only in the Florida Property. There is a war on between light and darkness. The Faeiries are at war with one another. Devided. And the Keepers have only one task. Make sure the parks are intact, and they survive long enough for Maybecks wedding. MOVED TO DA

Vierna's Redemption : Vierna, the older sister of Drizzt Do'Urden flees her destroyed home in search of her brother, and her redemption. MOVED TO DA

One Last Hug : My first ElfQuest story! It is pretty much an "extended scene" of sorts of Kings of the Broken Wheel when Clearrook is finally at peace with One-Eyes passing.

Hidden Glass Spares no Feet : a modern fairy tale story set in a world fifty years and wars later wherein Magic of the Faerie has been released upon Fae kind, only one madman named Dr Pheonix Majere wants it for himself. and has captured many a Faerie to take their magic. But there are a few that have a plan to stop his plan, but will it work? based on a very zany dream i had a few nights ago. co starring many friends from Gateworld Cantina, as well as The Three Stooges, Larry, Moe and Shemp. UPDATED MOVED TO DA

Called Home to Heaven : John mourns his mothers passing and Teyla helps him though it, written for the one word challenge posted by Camy on Gateworld. Word used Grievance. rated T AU MOVED TO DA

Grieving the Young : Teylas version of the one word Challenge posted by Camy on Gateworld, this time around Teyla mourns her childs death and John aids her throu her troubled time, rated M for sertain themes related to a kiss at the end. MOVED TO DA

The Dream : John and Teyla have a dream of Forgotton Realms after a night of D&D, wrtten for the challenge by Camy on Gateworld and is rated for sertain themes in Drow armor. meaning, the rating is a big fat MMOVED TO DA

Sheppards Top Ten Things to make Teyla Smile : a short and sweet list of the top ten things John would do to get Teyla to smile, sure it is short, but it is a funny haha story, written for Camy's challenge on Gateworld Forums MOVED TO DA

He's Mine : What happens when you mix the White Witch from Forbidden Kingdom, her Master the Jade Warlord, Team Atlantis, and a arrow of Jade, made to be as a message of love. and when a friend falls, who takes her place? Rated M for safety reasons. May get continued to a second chapter! REMOVED

John Sheppard, Time Traveller : a Time Machine/Atlantis crossover After seeing his wife die at the hands of a Asrak assassin at the SGC on the night of their wedding day, John makes a Time Machine to change the past, and ends up in the far future of Earth well past the year 900,000. where he finds Teyla, his wife, alive and well in a nomadic version of his former world, she has no memory of John save for a old childhood dream of his eyes. Will John change the past to save their future, or with the world burn before his own eyes through time itself? Rated T-M for scenes/language MOVED TO DA

Feline Dreams and Stranger Things : within hours of a mission Teyla wakes up as a housecat with no way of returning to human form, John and the rest of the team have to come up with a way to help Teyla return to human form or she will be stuck as a cat forever. But to be able to come up with a way to bring her back to human form, Teyla must first go on a quest into the dark underground feline world of M1C-Z1A before returning to human form. rated M for strong language/feline terms

Pegasus News Network(PNN) Headline News : A CNN/Stargate Atlantis spoof that is to be read as if watching the news on TV (except for the latter parts out of the newsroom) Teyla is on trial for going with another guy(who WILL NOT be named) and Rodney, John and Ronon star as the NewsMen, With Rodney on the scene, the Jury is played by those of the JT thread and fans on Gateworld, and the Judge is none other then the Whumper (me)... rated (for safety reasons) M MOVED TO DA

When Worlds Collide : based on a really wacked out dream I had a few weeks ago, with myself as Teyilia, along with John Sheppard, Teyla, Rodney, Carson, and Ronon getting mixed up with some Wraith Worshippers, and ending with a very tense standoff, rated M for strong language in second chapter MOVED TO DA

Rourke's Revenge : What happens when a man cliaming to be called Vinny born in 1893 buys a car at a New York Dealership spawns a whole throng of questions, is he truly Vinny, one of the last three living people to live from the crew that lost one of the craziest men on the Earth? Was he really born in 1893 like his birth records state he is? and what are is earrings that he NEVER takes off really made of? Team Sheppard comes in to find out and actually seek out the famed lost Isle Nation, and helps save it again when Rourke returns from the dead, a living breathing mass of crystal, ready to kill everyone he comes across. AtLE/Stargate Atlantis crossover, this is all AU and has some very serious thoughts about 9-11-01 in it.

Over My Head : Songfic with the song "Over My Head" by Lit, John and Teyla scenes from rising with the verses of the song in between each scene, rated K no spoilers as this is all from Rising. MOVED TO DA

Big Mistake : John makes the biggest mistake iof his life by teaching Teyla to play Strip Poker, right after the game a CocaCola fight happens and they both get drenched to the bone with nothing on either of them dry. Rated M MOVED TO DA

War of Roses : John has musings of his old wife Denise before their split and seeks Teyla for some much wanted advice. Things go from sad to downright crazy when the Pegasus Replicators arrive. Who will save the city? Will it be McKay who is sleeping soundly and not knowing what is going on? When all hope seems lost only one thing will come to their rescue, Atlantis itself fights to save its two favorite people from harm, only harming them as well. rated M for a very senseual moments. Takes place one Atlantis week before Vengeance of season three(about the time of Return part 2) MOVED TO DA

Weaponless Love : Teyla and John sparr, and not only does John once again get the better end of the session but Teyla tells about her past and what happened to her father and the part she played in his death, only to leave the question, who truly killed her father? tag for "The Gift" as well as a tag for "Sieg III". Rated M for strong blood/gore MOVED TO DA

The Flowershop : as Vinny tells Milo about the flowershop at the camp the day before going into Atlantis, Vinny actually relives the moment as he tells the story. rated T

You Bet Your Life; with Groucho Marx! : John and Teyla are sent backwards in time fifty years in the newly rebuilt Time Jumping Jumper, or TJ as Rodney calls it, the only way home for John and Teyla though, is to actually get on stage infront of the live camra and actually meet Groucho Marx himself, (this story is posted here and on Gateworld Forums) Oneshot not rated This story is also not in script form however it is made for the sense that Groucho Marx is my favorite classic black and white movie star and figured a story with him would be nice as we don't get those types much these days.

The Broken Stargate : Teyla is left for dead by the Wraith on a ice covered planet, leaving her with only a broken Stargate, and a rusted knife, no way home, Teyla has to make the ultimate choice between Life and Death as she waits for the Daedalus or the Apllo to find her. Rated T for blood/gore, Unknown season

Kittens Melt Hard Hearts and Strengthen Love : AU, When Teyla brings home a black and red kitten from the mainland, she does not know the actual consequences of what she had done and who the kitten really true is, the kitten is a Ascended Ancient in animal form, and has a mission from the Ancients themselves for John and Teyla, who alone mark the death of the Wraith. Rated a big fat M for feline owner terms and some sensual moments concerning cat food. Season one just after Hot Zone, Altarnate Universe. MOVED TO DA

Missing Mirror Home : AU version of the making of Season Four, written with full premission, see story for AN. Teyilia, the only Felinus (known to humans of Earth as Furlings) on Atlantis is sucked through a Quantam Mirror to a parallel Earth that sees her home as a TV show, to get home our sweet natured Felinus must first gain the trust of a few Earthlings, Joe F, Rachel L, and Joe M & their famlies, all to get back home, but what if the FBI step in and want the poor stranded Felinus? Will Teyla lose her friend to a paralell Earth? Will Rodney finally focus on the job at hand and keep his mind off Carter for an hour or three? Will Teyilia ever get back home? Will John keep the Law of the SGC and bring Teyilia home alive? Will Teyla make it out alive? MAJOR S4 spoilers. Joe Malozzi & Joe Flangain guest star! Fully Altarnate Universe MOVED TO DA

Lost and Wounded : On a visit to the mainland John and Teylas jumper is damaged, causing them to be split up before it crashes, sending Teyla into a swampy area and John into a thornbush, thankfully Rodney and Halling are on hand for John... but where is Teyla? rated M for themes related to water and mud. Season Two, right after Michael just before Exogenesis (SGA book)

The Ascension War IV : Fuller Brush Man/Die Hard/Atlantis/BSG Xover. Book four of the Ascension War series. Teyla, John, Ronon, Ford, and Rodney are back, in the past, the far future and everywhere inbetween in this newst romp through the Atlantis Stargate. Rated Mature for strong langauge and some sexual themes ENTIRE SERIES MOVED TO DA
Chapter titles as of now...
I: Cylonii Attack! [part 2]
II: Cylonii Attack! [part 3]
III: Enter Layla [part 2]
IV: "McKay Did It Again"
V: "When are we ?"

The Ascension War III : Fuller Brush Man/Die Hard/Atlantid Xover : Takes place following the events of The Ascension Trilogy part 2 New Birth. Things heat up when the Ori arrive to avenge the death of their former crusader Adra, and Teyla gets a visit from someone she thought she would never see again. Things go from crazy to total FUBAR when a teammate starts a Starship Stargate Team, John & Teyla Sheppard's daughter Kiro finds love. Rated M for strong language/scary scenes and blood/gore : Chapters 1-3 in progress at this time :
Chapter titles as of now...
I: The Pattern
II Enter Layla [part 1]
III: Endless Winter
IV: How to take down a Basestar, [part 2]
V: Truth behind the Ori
VI: The difference between Death, and Life
VII: "Get to die, Another Day"
VIII: "The Mother and Child Reunion"
IX: Ford's Return
X: Meeting Ronon; the Hard Way
XI: Multitasking
XII: Atlantis Under Siege
XIII: That's plan F right ?
XIV: W.A.R. - Weapons and Revelations
XV: Blasted, and Loving It!
XVI: Red Retuns once more
XVII: Bad Dream John ?
XVIII: New Beginnings/Married Children
XIX: Snowmane's Gambit [part 2]
XX: Why us?
XXI: Cylonii attack! [part 1]

The Ascension War II : Fuller Brush Man/Die Hard/Atlantis Xover : Takes place approx ten months after the events in Ascension and is centered on Teyla as she searches for her child. A pair of new Races are introduced and Teyla finds out more of her own past on Athos before her fathers death by unknown hands. and she once more Ascends when she is locked in combat with a Wraith Hive Council. And John gets his promotion to Bregadier General, much to Carters dismay. Rated M for very strong language/themes/blood/gore Episode completed

The Ascension War : Fuller Brush Man/Die Hard/Atalantis Xover. : Teyla is taken prisoner by the Wraith, when asked how the mission went John answered, "Oh Shit!!", on the Wraith Hive Ship Teyla meets The Fuller Brush Man in a dream, then wakes up as John lands inside the ship in a jumper, Teyla leaves her cell to find that the other Wraith leave her alone, stopping at a mirror like glass Teyla finds that she has started to change into a Wraith because of her Wraith D.N.A. slowly coming to the fore, most likely because of how close she is to the main engine area of the ship. John knows Teyla's problem and is now againt the clock to find his wife before time runs out and he loses Teyla forever.) For an idea of Teyla's bloodied up clothing think latter two thirds of Coup D'Etat in season two of Atlantis. COMPLETE: Final chapter leads to Episode two. NOTE: This story is rated M for strong language/blood/gore/themes. Episode completed

Prisoners...Again!! : John and Teyla are taken prisoner by the people of Rethala, a small planet that orbits Rethalla, the planet Rethalla is actually the planet that John and his team left Max, the Wraith from Common Ground within half a day after Common Ground in season three, Koyla however has nothing to do with it...or does he? Rated T. REMOVED

Meeting the 'Red Devil' : a SG-1 fanseries of how ChiYou finds solace with the Tok'ra and joins in the battle against the Replicators, and the growing threat of Anubis is going on behind the scenes. This has now become a series, the series is called Stargate SG-1/Atlantis, and features both teams, and many new allies and enemies. Will be rated M for strong language in later chapters, current rating T updated once per week. REMOVED

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Top Ten Ways Y2K Will Affect Disney World

10. Accidental switch back to 19,000 Leagues Under the Sea.
9. Screwed up computers report EuroDisney turning a profit.
8. Air traffic control glitch causes Dumbo to smack into a DC-10.
7. The "It's a Small World After All" creatures go on a rampage.
6. The Hall of Presidents keeps chanting "Kill Clinton, kill Clinton."
5. When you wish upon a star, nothing happens.
4. Unexpected power surge brings an angry Walt Disney back to life.
3. "Main Street Electrical Parade" becomes "Main Street Two Guys With Plastic Flashlights Parade."
2. Ticket machine accidentally dispenses day passes for less than 600.
1. Two words: catapulting teacups.

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