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Just a heads up to all my followers and viewers. After putting in some thought and discussing options with a good friend of mine, I have decided to deactivate and/or remove my account from I am now posting all of my works on Archive of Our Own and have found it to be easy to use, view and post.

I will still frequent this site but only to read certain fics I am a follower of. I will no longer be responding to PMs or Requests from this site.

My AO3 account can by found on my Tumblr blog -TheRagingTransfan is my blog name-

Once I have catalogued and deleted my stories here, I will reupload them to my AO3 though some will remain unposted as I have found they aren't to the level I am currently working at (ei. I think they were written very poorly and don't wish for them to be viewed by the public.

If there are any who are displeased with this move, I'd like to ask for your understanding - media platforms change and a new, better platform was offered to me. I spend most of my time on AO3 now so having an account seems redundant to me. If that isn't satisfactory, then I ask for you to deal with it. This has been my choice, it is my account.

Have a great 2017!