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Sabado es el6 de Mayo, 2006

“Don’t you mean, ‘I’ll be damned if you think I won’t do anything about it?’”

“No. I mean if you think I won’t do anything about it, I’ll damn YOU!” Rama roared.

Demitria Miriam (Out of the Womb)

I'm a total, if not complete Fanatic of Yaoi-Although I do love my fair share of HET, as you will see once I get down to writing it that is-basically how I see it, I probably won't have a full blown Het fic, because I love Yaoi too much, but if the main pairing is Yaoi, then yeah they'll probably be a lot of Het strewn throughout it!



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Writing, Graphic Artist, Voice Actor

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Loves Stays (In Progress)

It's hard having a lover that travels all over, because he's in a famous J rock group but you can't just sit around and mope about it, sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands, and make it bearable. AU.



This story is a hard story to define, there is like so many thoughts running through my head on how I want this story to be-I just have to will myself to write it. I have like Tours planned out, Videos there going to shoot, Interviews, Appearances, the whole nine yards. I like this story because I use to want to be a singer, and I also use to be in a group. Making it in the music business is hard, asour three bands are going to find out.

I mean there going to be basically going head to head, forced to be rivals in every aspect of the words. Who cares if their your lovers, or your husband. If you want to be successful, your going to have to stomp all over the competition.

Do not fret however, I'm going to be working on Chapter13 soon enough, I will not forget it~

Boyz Don't Cry(In Progress)

Iruka was never the strongest boy, but maybe that won't be much of a problem after he makes a wish, a wish that he had at first thought was foolish. AU.


1-5 (6 Up Soon!)

I really like this story, I don't really know where it came from but I've been wanting to write a KakaIru fic for ages, I just love how they look together, they are a really cute couple and I simply love, love how they compliment each other-

This story is basically your typically older person lusting after a younger person and vice versa, but with a twist. There both men!

However, who ever said the road to love was a easy one-Iruka will soon find out, 'cause not only will he have to cope with his feelings for the sixteen year old silver haired Adonis Hatake Kakashi-but he'll have to try to get over his fear of the 'Snake Gang's' leader Arashi, who has a fetish for little boys with exotic skin-he'll also have to get over the betrayal of a close friend if not brother-and...Death.

Final Distance (Coming Soon!)

Naruto has finally achieved his dream of becoming the Sixth Hokage, and the strongest Ninja in the Village-Not to mention the respect that was long overdue-and yet Naruto is not happy, and he is not fullfilled-Sasuke is still out there waiting to be found by him, and waiting to be brought home- Naruto is going to have to make a choice, stay in protect the Village who shunned him, or go out and find the only person to ever aknowledge him-



Oh man, writing this is going to be hard-since there's going to be all the cool ninja fighting you see in the regular Naruto series, and I so suck at being overly descriptive-but I'm trying.

This is of course the whole NarutoRokudaime and SasukeANBU-Yes Sasuke is an ANBU, but he's ANBU in another Village, a Village that isn't mentioned in the Naruto world, because I have made it up. There is also no Orochimaru (I find him repulsive) but there is Itachi-as well as all the other characters we adore in love in the Naruto-verse!

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