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(a sneak peak into the mind of swtimperfection21)

Age: 22

Status: Single and Straight Female (yay me!! I don't know thought I'd throw that in there)

Names: I go by a lot of names... Cas, Cassi, Cassondra, Cassi~ondra (which irritates the hell out of me), Casserole (only my mother is permitted to call me this), Sondra, Kittenprophetess, LeoPheonix, and many more.

Sites:. My myspace is up and running at www.myspace.com/locacas. If you want to leave a message or read some poems (which is all my blog truly is) just look me up. Or, you can also email me at www.swtimperfection21@yahoo.com. I can't guarantee I'll check my email all that often however. I am also on facebook and you can find me by typing in my name.


News: I've just updated my Pride & Prejudice fanfiction!!! Sorry it's taken so long!!! I'm a full time college student/employee/daughter and my strings are pulled every which way!

That's all in 'swtimperfection' news for now!!!



I am pretty much a well rounded author. I tend to lean towards happiness and romance... but I am completely capable of drama and horror. I think I finished a short story about vampires that was a little violence-happy. I love humor and sometimes I think I am funny... when really, I am just stupid. (i.e. my Harry Potter fanfiction that is still in the production phase) Oh well, if I laugh, I am set for life. I write short stories, long ones, poems, and lyrics. My longest story is currently my Pride and Prejudice fanfiction that is still in the works. It is currently my baby... which I say about my main creative focal points. However, that is just because I am insane. Oh well, people love me for it.


I am a huge fan of Anne Rice, J.K. Rowling (of course), Meg Cabot, BOTH Bronte sisters, and sheesh... countless more. My all time favorite author, however, is Jane Austen. My favorite book is Pride and Prejudice and I don't think that will ever change. As for series... 'Mediator', 'Harry Potter' (duh), and the 'Vampire Chronicles' are particular favorites. I'm always into reading new authors and experiencing new styles of writing. For instance, I am also a HUGE fan of Shakespeare. My favorite play is "The Taming of the Shrew". I happened to play 'Kate' in high school... I dug it.


I have recently delved back into the world of television. My number one favorite show is BONES. In a very close second obsession, GLEE is about the greatest thing to happen to American television since the Cosby show. (That was a joke... except for my love of Glee.) All in all, I still love House, Criminal Minds, my animes (OMG! Inuyasha finally came to a beautifully bittersweet end), Boy Meets World (FINI!!!!!!), Buffy the Vampire Slayer, etc. etc.


I am a lover of any and all movies. You can name one and I (a. have seen it and love it) or (b. will see it and love it). I know bad movies when I see them but I cannot still help but love them. For instance, Dirty Dancing is a classic... but some of the acting was T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E. I am a huge fan of musicals (Grease, Hairspray, anything Disney, etc.) I do not judge others for their tastes and I ask that they give me the same courtesy... besides, I probably like all the movies they like too!


I play music by song. I cannot choose any one genre of band. I love music as a whole and can only tell you some songs that I can't stand. All of which, I cannot remember at the moment. My playlist currently holds everything from Beethoven, to System of Down, to Britney Spears and the Spice Girls. I am however a firm believer that the classics should be played to every child as a part of their education (and I don't mean Mozart). You haven't lived unless you've heard the Beatles, Queen, Journey, Lynard Skynard, the Rolling Stones, etc.


Well, that is pretty much a generic view into my world. I'm insane and I love my family and friends. I am also a workaholic. I love any reviews and love to make new friends. I don't mind if you have different views than me... however, I won't be a jerk about my views... so I beg you not to be a jerk about your opinions. Until whenever, may your lives be blessed.



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