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Author has written 4 stories for RENT, Naruto, and Across the Universe.

September 2016: I have not written here in over five years now. I think it's pretty safe to say that I'm not coming back. If you ever read anything I wrote, thank you so much! I have appreciated all the support that this website gave me. Now, as an homage to the past, everything beneath this line has been left exactly as it was the last time I updated this profile. Thank you, FanFiction community!

August 2010: I would just like to point out that my avatar is the sexiest thing in the entire world. If you do not know, it is a picture of Joe Anderson, the guy who played the wonderful, sexy, gorgeous, hilarious Max Carrigan in the movie "Across The Universe." I love that man. I want to marry him and have his babies, even though he's nine years older than me...damn.

So yeah. I've recently realized that I belong to several different fandoms. (Or at least I read several different fandoms. I mean really. From Naruto to Across the Universe, and anything in between.) So, as a result, I have changed my penname. But I promise I'm still me! I will now prove it to you!

About Me:
~I have another penname on this website, It contains strictly Scooby Doo stories. So yeah.
~On the Internet, I go by Seal, Sponge, Li (pronounced Lee), Weasel, Muffin, Sille, or Auntie Violence. But only the Flamingo Bandits can call me the latter three
~I am the VP of the Flamingo Bandits
~I get bored with my hair color, so I like to change it
~My original hair color is light brown...I think
~I'm a writer
~I'm a reader
~I'm a singer
~I'm an actor
~Soccer's pretty fun. Except on really hot days when you're standing in the goal doing absolutely nothing.
~Boys are fantastic. Except when they have cooties
~I love my family
~I love my friends even more
~I love Jesus most of all
~I like animals. Except for bugs, which are icky
~I wish I was better at stuff
~I hate awkward silences, so I fill them up by laughing
~I always knew that Jack and Kate were gonna get together on LOST
~RENT is amazing
~Spring Awakening is the greatest thing. Ever. Ever ever ever in the history of forever
~"Walking Her Home" by Mark Schultz is going to be my wedding song someday, no questions asked.
~I like to say the words "pants", "muffin", "waddle", "awkward", "nachos" and "manamana"
~I like to give people hugs
~I cry a lot, contrary to popular beleif
~Reality is for squares. I live for nonsense and fantasy
~The Beatles rule. Nuff said.
~I love Across The Universe sooooooo much
~The Packers are the best
~I get bored easily. Like right now. Maybe I'll update this more later.

My Original Characters:

Across The Universe
Name: Magil (Maggie) (and last name is to be revealed at a later date...)
Age: Nineteen
Description: Small, with medium length wavy, chestnut hair, and blue eyes
Background: Um...not sure yet...I'm still waiting for that subplot to unfold itself haha...

Funny Quotes from Freinds, Family, Teachers,and Myself:

Me: Human Shrimp Boat? What in the world is that?
Sagal: That says Hunan Shimp Boat!
Me: Oh
(a few minutes later)
Sagal: Okay, that sign says "acupuncture", but for a minute, I thought it said "porcupine".
Me: Okay, I can understand how I can get Human from Hunan, but how in the world did you get "porcupine" from "acupuncture"? (driving to All District Chorus)

Dayna: Yogurt! (seventh grade)

"Hi, Bakura’s dad." –Sagal (Busch Gardens)

"I love you, Betsy." -Sagal, about Seth’s horse (Busch Gardens)

"Seth McChesney and the other kid abuse flamingos." -written by me on Lisa's arm (bus ride back from Busch Gardens)

"Flamingo Bandits!" -our slogan (bus ride back from Busch Gardens)

John: When you look at it from this angle… (Busch Gardens)

Seth:Yeah, stop crying.
Me: I’m not crying!
Seth: Yes you are! (bus ride back from Busch Gardens)

""Shut up and turn around." -Seth (But everyone thinks it said "Satan and your mother.")

"I’ll give you this basketball for 20 dollars." –Seth (bus ride back from Busch Gardens)

"That was in my shoe." -Lisa (when Seth stole her 20 dollars.)

"The flamingo is staring." -Every boy that sat behind us (bus ride back from Busch Gardens)

"She’s hiding the Liberty Bell under her skirt." –Cassie (bus ride back from Busch Gardens)

"I swear, it’s just sugar!" –Lisa (bus ride back from Busch Gardens)

"Get out the quoting markers." –Lisa (bus ride back from Busch Gardens)

"So this is the famous flamingo I heard so much about." -Mr. McChesney (when we got home from Busch Gardens)

"It’s his fault. You should ground him." –Lisa (when we got home from Busch Gardens)

Enrique: Our science teacher is giving us advice on how to get a girlfriend...? (Science in 8th grade)

Madame van de Kamp: Why are more things masculine in the French language? Men are more important! Men rule the world. That's the way it is. Don't fight it. (looks at the rest of us girls) So let them blow up the world with their bombs.
All the other boys: Hey! (French class in 8th grade)

"Like father like frickin genius son!" -Lisa (sometime during eighth grade)

Scene: The cafeteria on the second to last day of school. The cast: me (Liesl), my friends Joey, Sagal, Maddy, Gabi and Emily.
Me: Wanna hear something really amazing?
(whole table leans in)
Me: Penguins only get to have sex once a year
Maddy: That sucks!
Joey: So how many times a year do YOU have sex, Maddy?
Maddy: (shapes forefinger and thumb into the shape of an O amidst the table's giggles)

Rebecca- If my dad wore a dress, than he'd say "Gotta blast!" (If and Then)

Mr. D- Did you know that underneath polar bears white fur, their skin is black?
Enrique- So polar bears are like Michael Jackson? (8th grade science class)

Lisa- Not moof, foom. (chorus in 7th grade)

Seth- Well... it looks like a disintegrated Mr. Peanut. (chorus in 8th grade)

Me- I would like to thank the earth because it gave me life! (theatre class in 8th grade)

Dieter- I need a new wife! I mean, a new life! (while he was playing a computer game)

Me- Hey person. How goes it?
Serena- Pretty good, muffin
Me- ...?
Serena- Oh sorry...I was thinking about a muffin...
Me- HAHAHAHA (instant messenger)

Me- I'm telepathetic!
Dad- I think you mean telepathic. (summer '05)

Me- I'm going on a wonderous, glorious adventure!
Dad- Where are you going?
Me- I'm going to get the mail (some Friday afternoon)

Dad: The pelican sang that song to Dumbo in the movie.
Me: Dad...That was a stork. Babies are delivered by storks...not pelicans (dinner)

Lisa: In the new episodes, the Pokemon TALK. In ENGLISH. That can't happen.
Me: Yeah, seriously. If that happens, then birds will stop flying, rivers will stop flowing, and Sawyer will end up with Kate
Lisa: Hey! (instant messenger)

Patrick: Fine then! Leave me alone and NOT listen to my music!
Dad: I can't even HEAR your music
Patrick: Yeah...because it's not ON yet! (church)

Allie, Jennifer and me: GOLDFISH! WOOOOOOOO! (the canceled soccer game)

John: You should have told me what you wanted.
Aria: YOU STOLE MY QUARTER AND RAN! (after school)

Aria: Hey! An orange plane!
John: Oh! Is it Hooters Air? (after school)

Aria: So in the High School Musical parody, they're talking about bulimia and pregnancies and abuse and after-school loving with Janitor Joe...
Me: ...Oookay (after school)

Aria: Now I feel ed-u-ma-ca-ted (tech interest meeting)

John: (in a really high voice) Oh no! You made me drop my penny! (after school)

John: I was acting perverted.
Lisa: ...I thought we cured that. (after school)

Lisa: I only solved two of the eight problems in math
John: Solve my problems, I have several. (after school)

John: Please? I'll be your best friend!
Aria: You are my best friend
John: YAY! (after school)

John: My twine's twisted. (after school)

Aria: I need to put cough drops in my backpack for when people need them. It's winter!
Me: ...It's October. (after school)

Phil: (acting as James Bond): Quick! Have sex with me! (9th grade theatre class)

Lisa: You want that calorie, dontcha? (instant messenger...LONG story)

Scene: Youth group
Cast: Me, Brian, Steve, and a bunch of other kids
Steve: (looks out window) Hey guys, it's snowing pretty hard out there. You may want to call your parents and have them pick you up now.
Brian: Okay (gets up)
Everyone else: (follows)
Brian: (picks up cellphone, dials it, begins gathering up stuff. Suddenly looks confused) Hey, where's my cellphone?
Me: Um...aren't you using it?
Brian: (takes cellphone away from ear, looks at it, grins stupidly) Oh yeah...
Me: (laughing hysterically along with others)

Danielle: If youth group were an explosion, I'd be a the first bomb dropped
Me: What would I be?
Danielle: You'd be a cherry bomb. Charles would be your echo. If even that. He'd be like, the aftermath (instant messenger)

Me: What would Steve be?
Danielle: He'd be the one to drop the bomb
Me: That's true. He is, after all, the "hot terrorist"
Danielle: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (instant messenger)

Me: Dude, we have "special powers". We should be on Lost with all the other people with "special powers". (instant messenger)

Mr. Deegan: If someone elbows you in the lunchline, knock him down. And then I'll send you your homework when you get suspended (history class)

Scene: History class in ninth grade
Cast: Me, Mr. Deegan my history teacher, and pretty much everyone else in the class
Mr. Deegan: Okay, who can answer number six?
Me: (is totally not paying attention)
Mr. Deegan: Liesl? How about you?
Me: (looks up) What, Mom? I mean, Dad! I MEAN, MR. DEEGAN!
Class: (laughs hysterically)
Mr. Deegan: (also laughing) You know...I like to think of myself as a figure my students can trust...but I can see that here, I've gone too far.
My face: (turns beet red)
Class: (snicker snicker snicker)

Daniela: Sorry, I haven't read in a long time (9th grade theatre class)

Shivani: Hey, what's that coming out of your head?
Me: I-I don't know!
Shivani: It looks like--oh my God! It's a horn, and it's one, so let's call it a unicorn! (9th grade theatre class)

Lisa: It's okay. Your dad's cool
Me: Come again?
Lisa: Well, aside from the beanie (instant messenger)

Mrs. Ruddick: You shouldn't throw stones inside your glass house
Bennet: ...I don't
Class: (laughs) (8th grade English)

Mr. Kogut: John Walsh is a man of few words
Lisa: Since when? (chorus in eighth grade)

Tyler: (over the phone) So I got a new guitar
Kelsey: Really? That's great! (to us) He says he got a new guitar!
Laura: Really? Is it blue? Is it shiny?
Kelsey: That's what she said (my trampoline)

Scene: Youth group, when we're playing a game where you have to give each other a doughnut while keeping it on a straw
Cast: Me, Danielle, Will
Danielle: (drops doughnut)
Will: Oh, wait to go Danielle!
Danielle: It wasn't my fault! It wouldn't stay on!

Gus: Why is America so stupid? (9th grade Spanish class)

Phil: Do German people have religons? (9th grade history class)

Julia: So when you go on a cruise you stop at hotels, right? (9th grade English class)

Julia: Mrs. Rapp, who's this? (points to a picture on her Lord of the Flies title page for her English notebook)
Mrs. Rapp: That's Ralph
Julia: Ralph's hot!
Lisa: (to me) ...Ralph's twelve (9th grade English class)

Srta. Salamone: Karen wouldn't want to see you dressed like that
Dylan: Karen wouldn't want to see me dressed at all! (9th grade Spanish class)

Peter: (comes into the room)
Us: Merry Christmas, Peter Hawes! (gives him the finger)
Peter: Fuck you all (Charlie Brown rehearsal)

Dan: And lo, the angel of the Lord came to them, and the glory of the Lord showed round about them...
Us in the background: (titter titter whisper whisper giggle giggle)
Dan: ...And they were so afraid. And the angel of the Lord said to them, "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" (Charlie Brown rehearsal)

Lee: (entering) WHAT'S GOING ON HERE?
Us: Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown!
Us: (groan)
Us: ... (Charlie Brown rehearsal)

Dan: Okay I'm back, and I brought a real Jewish person
Sarah: Okay Lee, what do you want to know?
Lee: Is my penis normal?
Sarah: ...Um...I don't know, I've never seen it
Lee: (starts unzipping fly) Want me to--
Everyone else: NO! (Charlie Brown rehearsal)

Sarah: If it's flabby, it's not a Jewish penis (Charlie Brown rehearsal)

Scene: The bathroom right before our second indoor soccer game. The cast: Me, Brittany, Elissa, Mariana, and some random lady
Elissa: Mariana, how do you pronounce your last name?
Mariana: Ze-kee-nee
Brittany: Zuchinni?
Mariana: No!
Elissa: Okay that's it! So I'm bitch, Brittany's hoe, and Mariana's Zuke! Wait wait, we need a name for Liesl!
Me: No, that's okay...
(random woman enters)
Brittany: Wait, what was my nickname again?
Elissa: Hoe
Lady: ...Well, okay then...
(Mariana and I crack up and Brittany and Elissa turn beet red)

Laura: Rub a dub dub, thanks for the grub, yaaaaaaay God! (youth group)

Austin: Well, I'd like to go to Cuba.
Mr. Cox: Okay...why would you like to go to Cuba?
Austin: Well...Cuba's near water, right?
Mr. Cox: ...It's an island.
Austin: ...Ohh... (10th grade history class)

Lisa: During the fire drill today, John and I were standing like in the parking lot and these older guys come by and point in our direction. One of them said, "so-and-so rides that." And I have this bewildered look on my face and John and I are like, "...?" And I'm thinking: "Um... no one rides me. NO." And then after about like thirty seconds of COMPLETE obtuseness, I realize they're pointing at the shiny silver car behind me (instant messenger)

Me: We should all write a Naruto fanfic RENT style. Haku could be Angel. (instant messenger)

Me: Do you ever get strange fantasies?
Lisa:...Like what?
Me: See, I always get these strange fantasies where I become best friends with Sasuke Uchiha, and go out with Ryou Bakura, and discover that Kurama is my long lost brother. (instant messenger)

Scene: The Bulldog BBQ. The cast: me (Liesl) and my friends Lisa and Joey
Me: Dude, there's way too much lice in this burrito
(Lisa and Joey stare at me for a while)
Me: I mean...rice. There's too much rice in the burrito.
Lisa and Joey: (crack up laughing)

Mr. Deegan: Marcellus, what can you tell me about the Ottomans?
Marcellus: like, Muslim, right?
Mr. Deegan: Oh, they speak like, Muslim? Like the French speak like, Christian? (9th grade history class)

Jessica: I just realized that was a shopping cart
Me: What was the shocking part?
Jessica: ...? (9th grade PE class)

Me: I just made an amazing discovery!
Jessica: What?
Me: MY SWEATPANTS HAVE POCKETS! (locker room in 9th grade)

Jessica: I think that's a fingertrap
Me: No...that's a shoelace
Jessica: ...Damn, I'm stupid (9th grade PE class)

Julia: What do you mean? How do you "start over"?
Mrs. Rapp: Well, you got a man and a woman. Need I say more? (9th grade English class)

Alex: Someday, I'm gonna take your little dinger
Daniel: That's what she said (High School Musical rehearsal)

Laura: Revalations, Revalations
21:8, 21:8
Liars go to hell, liars go to hell
Burn burn burn, burn burn burn
(sing to the tune of "Frere Jaques")

Mrs. McGlinnen: What goes on at your house anyway, Drew?
Robbie: I'll tell you...Dad goes on couch, Mom goes upstairs, Drew comes to my house.
Mrs. McGlinnen: So then what happens at your house?
Drew: Oh I'll tell you what happens at Robbie's house! Robbie hits sister, sister cries, Robbie gets grounded, Drew goes home! (9th grade science class)

Cassie: Originally, you could not fly
Me: Yes
Cassie:But now you can?
Me: Yep
Cassie: Ummmmmmmkay
Me: I can't really
Cassie: Don't lie, I know you can
Me:...How did you find out?
Cassie: I STACH YOU (instant messenger)
(And STACH is pronounced like, STALK. It's a long story)

Cassie: I've only had an apple and chips to eat today
Me: I've had...soup. And yesterday I had nothing. So go eat, Cassie.
Cassie: That's not cool
Cassie: Um, I mean...eating is cool
Cassie: Not eating isn't (instant messenger)

Storm: I've often wondered what would have happened if Harry Potter had been sorted into Slytherin

Glenn: So, like a midget at a urinal, we have to be on our toes (9th grade theatre class)

Mr. Pafumi: Everybody is Russian, especially when they are in a hurry (10th grade theatre class)

Danielle: We have just created youth group as a soap opera (instant messenger)

Nick: That's why condoms = yay (instant messenger)

Dieter: We sing Christian songs when we play our video games (while he was on the computer)

Scene: Youth group
Cast: Me, Will, Laura, and random others
Me: (says something mean to Will, as usual)
Will: Ouch. That wasn't very nice
Me: I'm just kidding! (hugs)
Laura: Is that some PDA over there?
Me: No, Laura. It doesn't count if it's consentual
Will: Oh right, Liesl. Rape is okay at youth group

Scene: The end of youth group, that same day
Cast: Will and random others
Will: Aw man. Youth group is over...I can't rape anyone now. I MEAN...I love Jesus!
Random others: O_o

Cast of We The People: MOOSE! AHHHH! (opening night of We The People)

Charles: (shouting) WE ARE NOT LOUD! (youth group)

Danielle: Yeah. I sometimes call Brian the teenage Jesus (youth group)


Me: I do not care how much I love a man. I will never rub his butt (Christmas '07)

Dylan: It's midieval because there are no domes (10th grade history class)

Mr. Cox: Marcellus, what was the effect of mercantalism on Europe?
Marcellus: (reading off paper) Towns and cities grew?
Mr. Cox: Okay, good. Now how about on the Columbian exchange, Austin?
Austin: (also reading off paper) ...Rowns...and cities...grew. Oh wait, no. Towns and cities grew!
Mr. Cox: ...Marcellus JUST said that. (10th grade history class)

Me: (shivers)
Jessica: You okay?
Me: Yeah, I just got the chills
Jessica: No thank you
Me: ...What?
Jessica: Wait, what did you say?
Me: I said I just got the chills
Jessica: Oh, I thought you said 'nachos' (10th grade Spanish class)

Jonathan: SIR! NO FORNICATING IN THE CLASSROOM! (Summer stage '07...during a performance...-_-')

Mr. Cox: One guy who participated in the Boston Tea Party was named Samuel Adams (silence)
Devin: BEER!
Mr. Cox: Thank you! (10th grade history class)

Kelsey: Mom, I was plucking my eyebrows last night and the TV wasn't on!
Mrs. Grainer: Congratulations. Did you finish quicker?
Kelsey: No, it took me longer, actually
Mrs. Grainer: How did you manage to pull that off?
Me: HAHAHAHAHA that's funny. Cuz it's like, "how'd you pull that off" and you were plucking your eyebrows...
Kelsey: ...Liesl, you've been hanging around Mr. Cox and his corny jokes too much (Kelsey's house)

Mrs. Sotchiros: This one is genitalia free! (10th grade Spanish class)

Mrs. Sotchiros: Will you shut up, Penis Man? (10th grade Spanish class again)

Mrs. Sotchiros: You would show your English teacher your penis paper? (10th grade Spanish class yet again...basically what happened in these last three quotes was that Mrs. Sotchiros had copied a student's work onto an overhead paper without realizing that the kid had drawn a penis in the bottom right-hand was pretty epic)

Mom: Liesl! Kelsey drove herself and her mother home from school today!
Me: ...In a car? (February 08)

Mr. Cox: So Marcellus, why do you think it was important for Russians to know geometry?
Marcellus: So then they knew where all the outher countries were in reference to them?
Mr. Cox: ...That's geography (10th grade history class)

Scene: The speed run for Romeo and Juliet
Cast: Me, Daniel, several people backstage, a chair, and a curtain
Me: (is behind the curtain)
Daniel: (is on the other side of the curtain and doesn't see me)
Me and Daniel: (run into each other)
Me: (falls over chair)
Daniel: Oh my God!
Me: I'm so sorry! Are you okay?
Daniel: (cracks up) Am I okay? You're the one who just fell back like, ten feet!

Scene: Rehearsal for Romeo and Juliet
Cast: Eden/Benvolio, Jeremy/Romeo, Daniel/Tybalt, Dan/Mercutio, the "lusty gentlemen", Mrs. Dillard, Melanie, Serene and me
Jeremy/Romeo: (kills Daniel/Tybalt)
Eden/Benvolio: (kneels at Daniel/Tybalt's side): Romeo! Away, be gone! (insert monologue here)
Jeremy/Romeo: I am fortune's fool! (runs offstage)
Eden/Benvolio: Why dost thou...stay?
Dan/Mercutio, Daniel/Tybalt, the "lusty gentlemen", Mrs. Dillard, Melanie, Serene and me: (crack up laughing)

Video: When molecules of a liquid get excited, they move around rapidly and vaporize into a gas.
Me: Wouldn't it suck if every time we got excited, we vaporized?
Melanie: Hahaha! (10th grade chem class)

Melanie and me: Romeo- Death by vaporization! (10th grade chem class)

Alex: Liesl! Your name starts with an "L" and begins with an "L"!
Jenni: Ummm...don't you mean starts with an "L" and ends with an "L"? (Disney Dazzle rehearsal)

Dieter: God in heaven, what is John Protractor? What is John Protractor?
Me: ...It's John Proctor, Dietz. (when he was helping me memorize lines for "The Crucible")

Scene: Tech run for "The Crucible" when the director would stop us when she needed to get the lighting right
Cast: Me/Elizabeth, Alex/John, and Claire, the director
Claire: Okay, Liesl, why don't we take it from your line right before the kiss?
Me: Okay (says line) Forgive me...forgive me, John! I never knew such goodness in the world! (cries)
Alex: (lifts up my face, wipes away my tears, kisses me)
Claire: Freeze!
Me and Alex: (remain frozen in kissing position and wait uncomfortably for a few minutes before we crack up laughing from the awkwardness)

Mrs. Watkins: You're safe here, my little knitter!
Marcellus: What?!
Mrs. Watkins: My little knitter.
Marcellus: Oh. I thought you said something else... (10th grade English class)

Mrs. Watkins: What instruments do the Igbos play?
Andy: Gong!
Hailey: Flute!
Austin: Electric saxaphone! (10th grade English class)

Mr. Cox: English muffins are NOT from Great Britain!
Austin: They're from England! (10th grade history class)

Mr. Cox: WWI ended in 1918. Can anyone tell me the exact date?
Austin: 1921!
Mr. Cox: ...I just said "1918", Austin. (10th grade history class)

Scene: The hallway, walking back from lunch
Cast: Me, Sagal, and three anonymous, oblivious Asian boys
Me and Sagal: (walk right behind the Asian boys and talk loudly in weird voices)
Asians: (do not turn around)
Me; I guess they're too absorbed in their conversation to pay attention to our strange-ness
Sagal: Yeah. Well, maybe they're talking about like, the cure for AIDS or cancer
Me: Or...well, you know...
Sagal: What?
Me: Well, they're Asian. They could be talking about something
Sagal: (laughs) Yeah! Rice and math!
(I'm sorry if you're Asian and you got offended by this stereotype).

Mr. Cox: Switzerland is everyone's favorite neutral country (10th grade history class)

Mr. Cox: So what are some popular songs out there today, anyway?
Austin: "Low."
Everyone in class who knows the song: (groans)
Mr. Cox: And what is "Low" about?
Kevin: A girl who's low on moral standards. (10th grade history class)

Laura: And no, we will not be using Liesl's GPS. (youth group)

Melanie: Hey Eden, how many miles are in a kilometer?
Eden: What the fu--I'M IN THEATRE! (11th grade)

Greg: HOLY FRANCISCAN FRIAR! TO THE BAT CAVE! (Romeo and Juliet '09)

Dieter: If God can be a sandwich, we can be a waffle. (youth group)

Jon: My phone is not's like a piece of poop that flips open. (youth group)

Funny Quotes from TV shows and Movies

Colin- Hey, we'll be right back to your movie "Crouching Tigger, Hidden Pooh" in just a moment! (Whose Line)

Neela- I think your ankle's broken.
Lady- I don't beleive you. I want a second opinion!
Neela- Okay then. Abby, would you give a second opinon?
Abby- Sure. Your ankle's broken, and you're a bitch (ER)

Ming Ming- This is sewious! (Wonder Pets)

Ming Ming- I'll point da waaaaay! (Wonder Pets)

Tuck- What's driftwood?
Linny- It's wooooooood... that drifts (Wonder Pets)

Tuck- I thought chimps lived in forests.
Linny- Usually they doooooo. But sometimes... they get sent up to space. (Wonder Pets)

Charlie: What are you going to do if I don't? Beat me with your Jesus stick? (Lost)

Charlie: Jack, no one on this island knows their blood type. I don't even know my bloody blood type! (Lost)

Hurley: Dude, it looks like someone steamrolled Harry Potter (Lost)

Sawyer: There's a new sherrif in town. Y'all best get used to it. (Lost)

Kate: Where'd that come from?
Sawyer: Probably Bear Village. How the hell should I know? (Lost)

Sawyer: I took the gun off his ankle, thought it might come in handy. Guess what? I JUST SHOT A BEAR! (Lost)

Hurley: 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42, 4, 8, we're dead, 15, doomed and dead, 16, 23, 42... (Lost)

Charlie: The Frenchwoman is missing a bloody wing nut, you know. (Lost)

Hurley: Why'd you do that, man? Why'd you light the fuse?
Locke: Why wouldn't I light the fuse?
Hurley: Maybe because I was running toward you, waving my arms and shouting "don't do that"? (Lost)

Sawyer: Hey, I've been knocking those things down for 20 minutes. Get your hands off my damn mangos (Lost)

Charlie: Someone dropped this. (holds out a shirt)
Kate: It's mine. It was full of bees.
Charlie: Actually, I thought it'd be full of C's (Lost)

Hurley: Dude, nice hole (Lost)

Hurley: They didn't have Say Anything in Baghdad? It's awesome. This dude, like, gets his boom box and he holds it over his head outside this chick's window and he plays some Peter Gabriel song for her and bam, the girl's, like, his. I mean, after her dad goes to jail. But then he gets her. (Lost)

Hurley: Oh, wine. Groovy. Hey, maybe if I get drunk enough I'll remember where I know you from. (Lost)

Sawyer: Hey, Han and Chewy, could you keep it down for a second? (Lost)

Walt: Hey! Those are private!
Sawyer: Hell yeah they are.
Walt: You shouldn't be reading them. What if I read what you wrote?
Sawyer: You can't because I didn't write one
Walt: Why?
Sawyer: Because the only letter I ever wrote is to the man I'm gonna kill.
Walt: Why are you going to kill him?
Sawyer: BECAUSE. (Lost)

Sawyer: Where the hell's my stuff?
Hurley: DUDE, YOU'RE ALIVE! (Lost)

Caretaker: Yes, this is a castle, and we have many tapestries. But if you are Scottish law, then I AM MICKEY MOUSE! (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade)

Elsa: You're wasting your breath. He won't tell us. And he doesn't have to... it's perfectly obvious where the pages are... he's given them to Marcus Brody.
Henry: Marcus! You didn't drag poor Marcus along, did you? He's not up to the challenge.
Donovan: He sticks out like a sore thumb. We'll find him.
Indiana: The hell you will. He's got a two-day head-start on you, which is more than he needs. Marcus's got friends in every town and village from here to the Sudan. He speaks a dozen languages, knows every local custom. He'll blend in, disappear. You'll never see him again. With any luck, he's got the Grail already.
Marcus: Does anyone here speak English? (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade)

Henry: I ought to tell you something
Indiana: Don't get sentimental now Dad. Save it till we get out of here.
Henry: The floor's on fire. See? (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade)

Knight: He chose...poorly (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade)

Sallah: Why do you always call him "Jr."?
Henry: That's his name- Henry Jones Jr.
Indiana: I like Indiana
Henry: (aside) We named the dog Indiana
Sallah: The dog! You were named after the dog! (laughs) (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade)

Hippie: So learn French. Learn French or die. (Across The Universe)

Favorite Across The Universe characters:
Max (omg. How can you not love Max? He's freaking spectacular! He's got an incredible voice and he's a god. He is seriously the sexiest being I've ever seen)
Jude (again: sexy man. I want him to be my personal teddy bear so I can hug him whenever I want)
Prudence (she's such a sweetheart)
Sadie (WHY DON'T WE DO IT IN THE ROOOOOOOAD! And her hair is amazing)
Lucy (she and Jude are too perfect)
JoJo (I love his guitar playing. It's awesome-tastic)
Basically, I love everyone :)

Least favorite Across The Universe characters:
Paco (basically I only dislike him because he was bugging Jude, otherwise he's all right)

Favorite Naruto characters:
Haku (dude...he's pretty! What more can I say?)
Hinata (I stutter too, lol)
Sakura (I know a lot of people don't like her, but I think she's cool)
Sasuke (He's hot...and sometimes he makes me laugh)
Naruto (Yeah...he's loud and has whiskers but so what?)
Shikamaru (Troublesome, troublesome...)
Inari (He's cute. I wanna hug him sometimes)

and Lee. I love that round eyed kid. He's hilarious.

Least favorite Naruto characters:
Zabuza (HE'S EVIL! Taking advantage of poor Haku all those years! -tear- Oh well, at least in the end he was finally appreciative sort of...ish)
Itachi (He's evil too. He made Sasuke cry. I'd kill Itachi...but then I'd have rabid Itachi fangirls plus a revenge-less Sasuke chasing me around with pitchforks and torches probably wouldn't be the best idea)
Temari (I HATE THAT CHICK! Probably the only reason for that is because people keep pairing her with Shikamaru when he should OBVIOUSLY be with Ino.)
Gaara (I don't know why I don't like him. I just don't)
Konohamaru (I don't know why I don't like him either. He's eight and annoying, and disrespects his grandfather. Well, until the Hokage dies. Understandably.)

and there are times when I don't like Ino. I don't like her when she's mooning over Sasuke (cuz that's Sakura's job) but I like her other times

Favorite RENT characters:
Mark (I don't know why he's my favorite but he is)
Collins (He's high in like, every single scene.)
Mimi: (She's the only straight girl in the entire movie. I think that's hilarious)
Roger (Can you say CUTE?)
Angel (She's so pretty when she's in drag!)
Joanne (She's got the coolest solo ever in "Seasons of Love". I wish I could sing like her)
Maureen (She's funny. She makes me laugh. Hahaha)

Least favorite RENT characters:
Benny (He's a meanie-face. He tried to kick Mark and Roger and all the homeless out of their homes.)

Favorite Lost characters:
Daniel (He's freaking awesome. I love the fact that he mutters and stumbles around. I cried when he died.)
Hurley (Dude, I love that guy. He's so loveable. It's friggen impossible to hate him)
Charlie (Um, hellooooo? Ex-heroin addicted "rock god?" Who happens to be really good looking with an incredibly cute accent? What more could ya want? I'm so sad that he's dead )
Sawyer (He actually comes and goes. There are times when I just wanna hug him and other times when I just wanna freaking STRANGLE him)
Juliet (Another who comes and goes. I don't like her with Jack or when she's lying, but she's cool by herself)
Desmond (I don't know why I like him. He's just uber cool)
Claire (Claire-Charlie forever! Plus, she's cooler than an ice cube)
Kate (She's a rebel cuz she has a mug shot)
Jack (I only like him when he's with Kate. Otherwise the whole heroic docter thing kinda makes him obnoxious)
Arzt (I know he exploded. He's still cool)
Boone (He was hot. Need I say more?)
Walt (He's got "special powers" and therefore he's cool. Plus, his birthday is six days before mine!)
Aaron (He's a cutie. Well...cuz he IS a baby but yeah...)
Alex (I miss her)
Karl (I miss him, too)
Lapidus (He's cool)

Least favorite Lost characters:
Ben (stupid manipulative bastard)
Keamy (he keeps kiling people!)
Locke (he's creepy, plus he tried to steal Claire from Charlie in season 2)
Miles (he's annoying)
The Others (they're weird and I'm scared of them. Plus they don't wear shoes and they kidnap random kids)

Favorite Scooby Doo characters:
Basically almost everybody...everyone in the gang is so loveable!

Least favorite Scooby Doo characters:
Mary Jane (ew)
Patrick (ick)
The villain, no matter who they are

Favorite Harry Potter characters: might be easier if I just list the characters I don't like
But I especially like Luna, Sirius, and Mrs. Norris (haha)

Least favorite Harry Potter characters:
Voldemort (duh)
Umbridge (duh again)
Umm...I think that's it

Across The Universe pairings I LOVE LOVE LOVE!
JudeXLucy (um...DUH)
SadieXJoJo (yay!)
PrudenceXRita (this is one of those rare homosexual couples I'm okay with)
Umm...I think that's it

Across The Universe pairings that I'm not exactly in favor of:
Pairings like MaxXJude. Nothing against them because I love them both. Just...not together.

Naruto pairings I LOVE LOVE LOVE!
SasukeXSakura (This is an amazing pairing)
NarutoXHinata (So cute!)
ShikamaruXIno (Love it!)
NejiXTenten (Squeeee!)
GaaraXLee (this is one of the only slash pairings I'm okay with, thanks to my friend)

Naruto pairings that I'm not exactly in favor of:
NarutoXSakura ( I'm sorry, I don't like this pairing)
SasukeXHinata (Uh...where did this even come from? Random...)
KibaXHinata (Nope, not seeing it)
ShikamaruXTemari (Uh...NO with a capital N-O)
SasukeXIno (No, no, and no again)
ItachiXSakura (I HATE THIS PAIRING! BURN! Sorry, ItaXSaku lovers)
KakashiXAny of his students (Ewwww...he's a teacher, for crying out loud. Do you honestly think he'd be interested in one of his students? Okay sure...he's perverted...but I still don't like that idea.)
Yaoi/Yuri (i.e: SASUKExNARUTO! GAG ME WITH A SPOON! That kiss meant nothing. It was an accident. No one secretly enjoyed it. Niether of them secretly have their undying love for each other buried deep in the bowels of their hearts, and besides, Sasuke said part of his goal was to "restore his clan". If you are a dude, YOU CANNOT RESTORE YOUR CLAN WITH ANOTHER DUDE! The only exception I really make is for GaaXLee)

RogerXMimi (T'was meant to be)
JoanneXMark (It's a long story why I love this pairing)
MaureenXMark (I like this pairing, too)
MaureenXCollins (Yes I know, I'm strange)
AngelXCollins (DUH xP)
MaureenXJoanne (rare for me haha)

RENT pairings I'm not exactly in favor of:
MarkXRoger (Yes I know that in the first chapter of "The RENT Songs" I was all, "MarkXRoger! Yay!" But that's not how I really feel. That chapter was more of a parody-type-thing. I actually don't like gay pairings, though CollinsXAngel and MoXJo are exceptions. I don't know why)
RogerXMaureen (Yeah sorry, I just don't see it)
RogerXJoanne (Yeah, don't see that either)
MimiXMaureen (See what I wrote in MarkXRoger)
MimiXJoanne (See above the above)
MimiXBenny (Mimi OBVIOUSLY belongs with Roger) that I think about it, I don't like BennyXANYONE. Sorry, Benny

Lost pairings I LOVE LOVE LOVE!
Jate (Sorry Skaters. You all know Jack's gonna get her in the end)
Sawyette (I think it'd be cute)
Chlaire (Obviously. Though he's dead...sob. Geez they really need to stop killing people!)
Claywer (Only because Charlie died)
Jun/Sin (Yeah, they're married so they're a couple already but I still like them, they're cute together)
Shoone(I know they were stepsiblings, but I think that pairing was better than the ShannonXSayid one)

Lost pairings that I'm not exactly in favor of:
Jana (Nope. Sorry. He's for Kate and Kate alone)
LockeXAnyone on the island (He's too creepy to have a girl)
Shayid (He's too old for her and that relationship was kinda scary anyway)
Slash pairings (i.e JACKxSAWYER? Can you spell EW for me? Don't even joke about things like that, that's just sick. Sorry SawyerXJack shippers, but I REALLY dislike this pairing)

Scooby Doo pairings I LOVE LOVE LOVE!
DaphneXFred (Aw, how cute and canon)
ShaggyXVelma (Come on. They were so meant for each other...and now THEY'RE canon too!)
Scooby Doo X Some Girl Dog (ha)

Scooby Doo pairings that I'm not exactly in favor of:
ShaggyXMary Jane (I just don't like her)
VelmaXPatrick (Ugh...he's so below her)
Slash pairings (ie Fred/Shag. Ewww...)

Harry Potter parings I LOVE LOVE LOVE!
Ron X Hermione (Yes, it's canon, but I like it)
Harry X Ginny (see above)

Harry Potter pairings that I'm not exactly in favor of:
Harry X Hermione (they're just friends)
Draco X Hermione (they can't stand each other! I know Draco's hot, but come on!)
Slash pairings (ie DracoXHarry. Eww. Or RonXHarry. EEWW again!)

Fics I Am Working On:
Here, There, and Everywhere: It's a post ATU story. Basically, Max is still all fucked up from the war and everyone is worried, but he may be able to find solace with the help of his friends and Sadie's newest tenant. I just thought up a huge giagantic plot twist, but I'm not putting it up because then it would be spoiled. I think I'm gonna rate this story T because of mature-ish content later on. It will have twenty chapters. Status: Chapter 6 of 20 is up. On hiatus.

Finished Fics:

Secret Tickle Spots: It’s ShikaIno fluff. I got bored while camping one time and wanted to write fluff, so I came up with that. It’s rated K, and it’s a oneshot, as I mentioned before. Status: Complete

Across The Universe: The Abridged Version: It's basically a parody of ATU, but it's not mean in any way, shape or form. It's rated T for language and such. Status: Complete

The RENT Songs: It’s just a collection of songs about the eight main characters from RENT, all to the tune of the ever-popular Llama Song. This is rated T because of drug references, slash references, and all the other random non-childrenesque things that pop up during RENT. It has eight chapters. Status: Complete

Thank you and have a nice day, courtesy of your friendly neighborhood Fandom Jumper!

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Yu-Gi-Oh - Rated: M - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 28 - Words: 547,886 - Reviews: 1482 - Favs: 755 - Follows: 355 - Updated: 8/6/2016 - Published: 10/9/2003 - [Anzu M./Tea G., S. Kaiba]
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